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who's better looking ?

We had a debate in The Break Room on who is better looking  Robinson or myself. Are you fuckin' kidding me!2639_1026964806547_1598106016_30095168_2579771_ns1591091671_59472_5297

10/06/2009 11:20AM
who's better looking ?
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10/06/2009 3:02PM
james mcnair
of course tommy the well dressed (black man)you get my vote.your brother from another mother,Tommy the mule rules.
10/07/2009 6:42PM
Tommy you look like Jimmy Neutron
10/08/2009 8:06AM
I think the gas pump is the best lookin thing in either pic!
10/11/2009 3:33AM
hand down Tommy....what the hell is the gas pump even in the picure for? It is a good looking gas pump but the dork holding it up...not so much. Tommy rules!
11/03/2009 4:51PM
Justin Andre
My observation... The picture of B-Rob looks like he's working the pump - like a Flying-J promotional photo where they show a typical employee. No comparison man.
02/18/2010 12:01PM
WCMF » who's better looking ?
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03/26/2010 1:25AM
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