Tony Banks

GENESIS Keyboardist TONY BANKS Reconsiders Reunion.

ANY time a reunion of Prog-Rock/Art Rock Giants GENESIS is mentioned, it gets their fans salivating...Well, break out the bibs again 'cause GENESIS member TONY BANKS recently mentioned that after seeing his friend and band mate, PHIL COLLINS perform recently, the original member of the heritage...
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35 Years ago, 'World's Collide' on "3 Sides Live" From Genesis

The GENESIS album, “3 Sides Live,” released 35 years ago in 1982, can best be summed up as an album that shows a band “in transition.” On the one hand is the ‘Progressive’ past of GENESIS , and on the other, is a peek at what lay ahead for the talented, English band. For die-hard GENESIS fans tho,...
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