A Trough of Meat and Football, Texas Style!

So I went to Dallas, Texas last weekend for the Red River Rivalry which is the annual match up between Texas and Oklahoma. College football is one of my favorite things in the world and I love a good tailgate. Years ago, my brother and I decided that once a year we get together and watch a iconic...
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An Alice's Restaurant 'Primer'

The 'Alice's Restaurant Massacree' is based on actual, true events that befell a young Arlo Guthrie and his friend, Rick Robbins, during the Thanksgiving Holiday in 1965. The rambling, 18-minute epic takes up all of side 1 on Arlo Guthrie's debut album, released in October 1967. The movie based on...
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Sides For Thanksgiving

For thanksgiving this year, WCMF is skipping the turkey and going straight for the sides. Classic Rock Album sides. Beginning at 9am Thanksgiving morning - at the top of every hour we’re serving up nothing but sides – Album sides. Stuff yourself full with The Eagles – AC/DC – Van Halen – Tom Petty...
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