Is It the BEST Play In Sports?

A lot of sports have cool plays, but you could argue which is the coolest play. What is the coolest play you ask? I am talking about home runs, slam dunks, a touchdown off a long pass, even a crazy bicycle kick for a goal in soccer. First, I will start with the home run. When you're at a baseball...
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Ted's Blog: Catfish, Ya'll!

In sports, there are so many different and strange traditions that involve fans, but catfish on the ice is new to me. In Nashville, apparently throwing a dead catfish on the ice is not strange, but for the rest of us it is a bit odd. Now, up in Detroit they have famously thrown octopus on the ice...
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Ted's Blog: NHL Fever

This blog is really just to say how fired up I am about the NHL playoffs! And the Washington Capitals have a chance to undo so much pain at the hands of the Pittsburg Penguins. As I have stated in past blogs, when you grow up in the Washington DC area, you kind of get used to the Caps being good...
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