Grateful Dead

Another Aspect of The Grateful Dead's Legacy

In 50+ years of the cultural phenomenom known as the Grateful Dead, there has been music. Inimitable, boundary-stretching, unique, compelling, original MUSIC. Not everyone likes/appreciates their art and that's okay. Their legacy is about MORE than just the Music. Even if you are not a fan of the...
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Strawberry Fields of Central Park in New York City, in the memory of John Lennon by Ono Yoko.

Paul, Bob and...Gronk??

Sir Paul McCartney played Boston this past Sunday night, and was joined on stage by Bob Weir from the Grateful Dead and...Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots? Uhhhh...OK. Sure. Why not? Video of Paul McCartney - 'One On One' with Bob Weir and Rob Gronkowski Video Categories...
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