Thrill's Big Brown Blog is Ready to Fest It Up!

Hola, I didn't totally forget to write a blog today as much as I just remembered now. Lets get to it...Redfestival! We've been asking for ideas of what you'd like to see or do and the response has been tremendous! And believe it or not, there's a really good chance that most of the ideas will...
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Thrill's Big Brown Blog Wants to Bang Steins with You

Hola, Today we FINALLY announced the return of Red Fest! This year it will be bigger and better and that is why we are now officially calling it The RedFestival. That's right, we've added some "ival" to our Fest. That sounds dirtier than it needs to. Anyway, Red Festival will be on September 9th in...
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EAGLES & FLEETWOOD MAC To Play 2 Shows On 2 Coasts

Taking their cue from the huge success of last Fall's 'Desert Trip' concerts that featured 6 of the world's top Heritage Rock performers, THE EAGLES and FLEETWOOD MAC have decided to try it themselves with the announcement that both bands will headline 2 'one-off' shows in Los Angeles and New York...
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