Classic Rock Albums

BOB SEGER (Finally!) Makes His Music Available On-Line!

NOT all musicians/bands do it. Some artists say they’ll NEVER do it, and some are considering doing it. It took The BEATLES a while before they did it. The music of PRINCE is now doing it. And just recently, Heritage Rocker, BOB SEGER has agreed to do it. What is “It?” Digital Streaming of music!...
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30 Years Since LOU GRAMM's Solo Debut, 'Ready Or Not!'

In the period following the release of FOREIGNER 's mega-successful & career-defining album, ' 4 ,' and the 3 years until the next album, 1987's ' Agent Provocateur ,' Singer LOU GRAMM decided to venture out on his own, and get some music done without Foreigner and band 'Svengali,' Mick Jones...
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FLEETWOOD MAC's 'Rumours' Released 40 Years Ago.

FLEETWOOD MAC's 'Rumours' album, one of the most popular and best selling albums of all time , is legendary for its incredible array of singers and songs as it is for the back-story of the singers, which begat the songs on the album. Now 40 years since it's release, 'Rumours' has endured very well...
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‘Start Your Ear Off Right’ - Reissues Coming

Looking to brighten a seemingly “barren wasteland in the world of new music releases,” Rhino has unveiled the “ Start Your Ear Off Right ” campaign, which will see a bunch of reissues dropping on Jan. 10th. 'Start Your Ear Off Right' with Cheap Trick’s Woke Up With a Monster on vinyl, Foreigner's...
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TRIUMPH's 'Allied Forces' Album Turns 35!

TRIUMPH's "Allied Forces" album, released 35 years ago in 1981, shows what can be done when a band is NOT "under the gun" of deadlines, expectations, and ultimatums set by their Big Record Company. Following the disappointing (and rush-recorded) "Progressions of Power" album in 1980, TRIUMPH knew...
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