Big Day In Rock and Roll History!

Today, August 15th is a major day in Rock and Roll History! The Beatles played Shea Stadium in 1965 to a crowd of over 60,000! That show was called the Birth of Stadium Rock! On August 15, 1969 The Woodstock Music and Arts Festival kicked off for 3 days! The great Richie Havens welcomed the crowd...
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McCartney will play Drums on the New Foo Fighters Album!

The Great Paul McCartney will be playing Drums on the new Foo Fighters Album called "Concrete and Gold". Mac and Head Foo, David Grohl are major pals. They've treamed up before and are at it again. McCartney is so talented, he can play every instrument ! That's why he is- and will always be The...
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The Beatle Alarm Clock!

In a Beatles Twisted world, This is quite a way to wake up... Is it a dream? or are the Beatles in bed with me? Look at George Harrison! It's just "A Day In The Life." Video of The Beatles - A Day In The Life
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