The Beatles

Imagine John Lennon

OTD in 1975, John Lennon's Final Public Performance Makes TV Debut

Once John Lennon left The Beatles , his solo performances were few and far between, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t happen. Lennon appeared on the made-for-television special A Salute to Sir Lew Grade: The Master Showman at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in NYC. And, sadly, this was what would become...
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Big Mac Time!

The awesome Paul McCartney turns 75 on 6/18. Nobody looks and sounds like Pauly! It's almost alien like? On Zeptember 23, Paul will play The Carrier Dome in Syracuse. A must see show. You won't believe your ears and eyes! Here's part of Mac's set list fom the last time I saw him in Nash....Crazy...
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The Beatles cutout

These Kids Have A Lot to Say After Listening to The Beatles

Today, we’re throwing it back to 2013 in honor of The Beatles . A 2013 Kids React To video centered on the Fab Four, where kids listened to “I Want To Hold Your Hand,” “I Am The Walrus,” and “Hey, Jude.” The good news? While the reviews were definitely mixed, a lot of kids loved the music and knew...
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Acoustic guitar

This Little Girl Does Incredible Covers of The Beatles, CCR, & More

Callista Clark is one talented young lady. The thousands of Facebook , YouTube , and Instagram followers are proof of that. The guitar she plays may be just about as big as she is, but don’t let that fool you. This old soul sings with more heart than people twice (maybe even 3 or 4 times) her age...
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BEATLES Reissues "On A Roll!"

BEATLES music never sounded so GOOD ! Whether albums from the Fab 4 are reissued in Mono, or in "Deluxe" fashion as the upcoming 50th Anniversary "Sargent Pepper's ..." set will be, it's giving Beatles' fans everywhere another chance to listen to, and experience the incredible, ground-breaking, and...
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Beatles Sgt. Pepper Documentary Coming to PBS

In celebration of the June 1 50th anniversary of the iconic album from The Beatles , Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, PBS is set to air the BBC ’s Sgt. Pepper’s Musical Revolution documentary on Saturday, June 3. SGT. PEPPER’S MUSICAL REVOLUTION premieres Saturday, June 3, 2017, 8:00-9:00 pm...
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On This Day in 1970, The Beatles Released Their Final Album

On May 8, 1970, The Beatles released their final album, Let It Be , shortly before releasing their movie bearing the same name. The album came together at a time when tensions were high and the Fab Four were in a constant state of disagreement, finding it difficult to be around each other. While...
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Celebrate May the 4th With Sgt. Pepper Star Wars Parody

A fan-made video’s been making its rounds for May the Fourth and gaining attention for combining two of the greatest things of all time: Star Wars and The Beatles . The video, called “Princess Leia’s Stolen Death Star Plans/With Illicit Help From Your Friends” is a Star Wars parody set to The...
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U2, Grateful Dead, The Doors, The Beatles Lead Pack in Record Store Day Sales

This year’s Record Store Day fell on April 22, and while we celebrated Mother Earth, it was also a day to celebrate independent music retailers across the country, where consumers could purchase limited-edition and exclusive vinyl or singles. According to a recent Billboard article, industry...
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LISTEN: Unreleased Sgt Pepper Outtakes Surfaced

In honor of the impending Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band 50th anniversary , the classic Beatles album will be reissued with tons of previously unreleased gems. And earlier today, one of these previously unreleased outtakes were released by Capitol Records and premiered exclusively via The...
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