Alice Cooper

ALICE COOPER's 27th Studio Album (!) Coming Soon!

Veteran Rocker, ALICE COOPER , who is like the damn Energizer Bunny , has a NEW album coming ( his 27th overall) in July! The new album, the Rocker's first since 2011, is titled, "Paranormal," and features guest performances from ZZ TOP 's Billy Gibbons , U2 Drummer, Larry Mullen Jr . , and as...
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It's "Reunion Time" For ALICE COOPER & Former Bandmates!

Before ALICE COOPER embarked on his (successful) solo career, he did very well, Thank You, with the band members that he enjoyed much of his early successes with. Alice Cooper has been a solo act since 1975, after a number of great albums with band members, MICHAEL BRUCE, DENNIS DUNAWAY, & NEAL...
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7 Of The Greatest Golf Handicaps In Rock

Sometimes even some of the world's greatest rockers need a break from their busy schedules of debauchery. Some invest their off time in fine wines, businesses, acting, or other arts, while others will happily try to take each other down in the calming sport of golf! Adrian Young - No Doubt,...
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