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Kane-O! (Dave Kane)

Middays: 10:00 - 3:00

Can't Afford to go to No Concerts!

Van Halen tickets: $165 (top ticket price) Roger Waters (top priced) tickets-$215 (!) Roch. Int'l Jazz Fest Headliner shows-$85 & up...
Is there a recession still goin' on? Are people still struggling to pay for necessities and gas and food and stuff? You'd never think that by these outrageous ticket prices...Years ago, I used to be able to snag free tix (a benefit of the job...) but these days, I have to buy concert tickets like everyone else, or I should say, NOT buy them because, I can't rationalize spending that kind of money for a concert.  None of these performers are hurting for cash, but many of the people who might like to see these shows are excluded because of the exhorbitant prices being asked.

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01/30/2012 1:57PM
Can't Afford to go to No Concerts!
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01/30/2012 2:11PM
Can't Afford to go to Concerts.
Well Kane-O. I wish I could justify the cost of going to a concert. We all need to have some fun but it's not at concerts. I don't know how anyone can afford it and I'm with you it's not right but we have to live with it and go to the free ones that Rochester has..It's the only way we get to see them. Enjoy your day.
01/30/2012 2:32PM
Can't Afford to go to No Concerts!
I agree with you 100% Kane-O! There's no way I could afford to go to concerts at those prices. The only one of the shows above I'd even be interested in seeing is Van Halen, but at $165 - are they crazy?! Greedy too! The only act I'd consider paying $80 or more, if I had it, is Metallica (I paid $80 to see them in Buffalo in Nov. '09).
01/30/2012 3:32PM
Selfish & Greedy Musicians!
We have spent thousands over the years to see our bands of classic rock......BUT THE BUCK STOPS HERE! We decided after last summer we were done with the ridiculous jacked up prices for these guys, all of them can kiss our rock n roll arses, oh, and when you ever get the chance Kano, tell them thanks for OUR thank yous, of being dedicated fans while they did what they love, and made millions doing it! Enough is enough.
05/08/2012 3:59PM
We need to win tickets
Everyone does not have texting capabilities.I can't afford cable, a cell phone, gas or concerts. The people that can afford fancy phones and fast computers win everything...they don't need to win ,they have money. We should have other ways towin tickets.
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