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The Break Room
M-F 6:00 - 10:00am

The Break Room is Rochester's funniest, best looking, smartest and most interactive morning show. Here, the comedians are actually funny, the scotch is always flowin', the Guiness is always on-tap and the day's events are always covered. And mocked.


M-F: 10:00a - 3:00p

Bono. Cher. Madonna. Sting. Kane-O. Admittedly, your Midday Work Force Supervisor is not as world-renowned as the others who are known simply by one name. However, he doesn’t much care for worldwide popularity and recognition. No, Dave Kane prefers to be where he has been for the last 31 years :  Living here, playing here, and on the radio in Rochester NY on the Mighty 96.5 WCMF where he gets to play Classic Rock & Roll for the Work Force. He loves the music, he loves the town, he loves his job. Apparently, you all must like him a lot, ‘cause you don’t last in the entertainment biz if people don’t like what you do. Fortunately, management does too or he’d be back delivering newspapers.

Kane-O. Rochester’s Work Force Leader and Classic Rock Master


Church of Crowley
M-F 3:00p-7:00

Crowley holds service in the Church weekday afternoons - Sarcastic, Sardonic, and a pain in the ass, Crowley will talk about some things that matter, most things that don't and will make jokes at everyone's expense. Including his own; self deprecating humor is a staple in the Church. We asked him to describe himself and this is all we got back - "Contrarian; lover of alcohol & schadenfreude." We're not even sure he knows what "schadenfreude" means and we know he used spell check to spell it right.


Breakfast with
The Beatles
Sun 7:00-9:00am

Spend 2 hours every Sunday morning from 7-9 with Kane-O! as he spins the timeless music of THE BEATLES as well as the solo efforts from PAUL, JOHN, GEORGE, & RINGO.


DUDE! It's the 80's
Sat 9:00pm-11:00pm

Spend 2 hours every Saturday night from 9-11 with WCMF playing your favorite hits from the 80's!


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