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Chan-Tastic! (Bills-Skins Preview)

Hey Bills fans,

How about that bye week!  I hope you guys had as much fun watching the Sunday games just like a fan as I did…wait a sec that’s every week for you guys!!  I’d love to share what I did for the bye week but that might give me away real quick, so let’s just say I had a good time getting away, clearing my mind and getting ready to start the remainder of the season on a good note.

Before we get going on the Redskins and answering some questions, I promised to give my perspective on why I think we got off to the start we did.  I believe one excerpt from a Q&A of our Head Coach will suffice:

Reporter: "Chan, two months before you even were on the Bills' radar - before even Buddy Nix was hired -Mike Shanahan was being courted by this team. Does that mean anything, or - ?"

Gailey: "No. Doesn't mean anything to me."

Reporter: "Well, you weren't the first choice in some ways..."

Gailey: "We've got a bunch of folks on our team that are that way. I feel right at home."

How awesome is that!?!?!?!  Coach Gailey wasn’t the first choice for the job and he couldn’t care less - he just wants to make the most out of his opportunity too! Exactly what I was saying last time, and now you see our coach is just like us!!  Couldn’t be happier to read those words, and honestly, wouldn’t have expected a different answer from him.

You see, it’s much easier to play together and be on the same page when we are all friends having a good time, players and coaches included.  Freddy said it best at a Play 60 event in front of 3,000 kids, he goes outside with 50 of his closest friends and plays football every day for three hours or more and encouraged the kids to do the same.  Sounds like a lot of fun, right?  Unfortunately not all NFL Players see it that way.  Just like anything, when you rely on something to support your family, the stress, monotony, and hard work you put into it makes it a job, which usually takes the fun away from it.  Luckily for us, Buddy Nix and the front office have brought together a group of guys that get along great and each bring something different to the table.  I think it’s safe to say that everyone in that locker room is truly friends.  That’s not easy to do when you have 50+ guys from 50+ backgrounds together in the same room spending 60-plus hours a week together.

I think the city of Buffalo plays a big part in shaping us too.  The stadium being located in Orchard Park is away from downtown, and most guys live in these parts.  It’s not a big city where guys can go a million different ways and not see each other away from the field.  When we go out after work, it’s typically with each other. 

This is one aspect as to why I feel we are playing the way we are.  Next week we’ll dig a little deeper to continue identifying who we are from this player’s perspective.

So how about them Redskins?  We have them this week at home….well not exactly, we’re going to our “home away from home”.  We are headed to Toronto and are hoping we finally have the same excitement and just sheer loudness we have had every home game this season.  We really need to start having our local fans travel to Toronto and show our Northern friends how to make the Rogers Center as loud as the Ralph.    They always say lead by example!  Yes that’s a challenge, are you up for it?

Don’t let last week make you underestimate the Skins. On any given Sunday - anything can happen.  And that’s why this week we have had a great two weeks of preparation making sure we are ready.  You can talk all you want about the Playoffs, but we can only get there if we win the next game, and then the next one, and then the next one.

Top 3 Questions:

1)      Hey man. So how is losing Shawne Merriman going to affect the locker room? Or ARE YOU Shawne Merriman?  - Greg in Henrietta.

I’ll answer the first part of that question ONLY! Anytime you lose a player it hurts, but when you lose someone like Shawne it really throws you a curveball.  Whether he had the sack numbers at this point that everyone wanted to see or not, he brought a lot to the table.  He was a hard worker who led by example and really got everyone fired up on game days.  He brought some things here that even though he won’t be out there, it will still be used the rest of the season.  Luckily, we have a group of young guys that can play and will step in to fill the void.

2)       JP Losman just signed with the Miami Dolphins. Do you think it's weird he beat out Trent Edwards for the same gig, after Trent beat him out in Buffalo? - Frank in Webster

I don’t think it’s weird strictly because it’s a “What have you done for me lately” league.  Yes, Trent beat JP here in Buffalo, but most recently Trent got released from here after 2 games where the offense performed poorly and then he has bounced around some without much opportunity.  JP on the other hand was, if I’m not mistaken the MVP of the UFL league.  I guess they saw more upside with the production regardless of the level of play it was at.

3)       Is it harder to game plan for two quarterbacks instead of just one? For example: John Beck AND Rex Grossman may both see action on Sunday. - Peter in Pittsford

Anytime an offense does something unique and has a wrinkle to their game it takes extra preparation.  I wouldn’t say it makes it tougher, I’d just say it takes more time to prepare.  However, it does make it tougher on guys that don’t spend enough time studying because then they don’t have all the answers come Sunday.  But in this particular instance, these two guys are fairly similar in that there isn’t a huge difference in the Skins game plan based on their QB, its more or less learning tendencies and knowing where each guy would prefer to go with the ball.

Alright guys I’ll catch back up with you on Tuesday and we can all celebrate our first Toronto win!!


(For Now) Your No-Named Buffalo Bill

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10/28/2011 10:55AM
Chan-Tastic! (Bills-Skins Preview)
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