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The Break Room with Tommy, Duffy and Kimmy is...well, what can you say about this show? This is the show Rochester turns to when it wants to laugh, to look at the real world situations going on all around us and get a real perspective. How they get away with some of the things they say and do is something the FCC is still looking into, and a reason why their boss has gone prematurely grey.

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Would You Do THIS for $100

Tuesday, May 22nd
You know what Tommy always says, "Never leave money on the table" Well he changed his tune after hearing about this offer.

Time VS Safety

Friday, May 18th
It's a question with a simple answer, or at least that's the way it seems. What's more important to you, saving time, or making sure you're safe in everything...

Meeting the Parents

Friday, May 18th
If you're over the age of 40 and dating someone, is meeting the parents still a priority?

My Kid Doesn't Know What I Do

Thursday, May 17th
If at this moment someone sat down and asked your kids what you did for a living how correct would their answer be? And is the wrong response due to the fact...

Final Exam Pampering

Wednesday, May 16th
One bad day could shape your kid’s future. So how far are you willing to go to make sure they’re relaxed and ready to go when it matters most?