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The Break Room with Tommy, Duffy and Kimmy is...well, what can you say about this show? This is the show Rochester turns to when it wants to laugh, to look at the real world situations going on all around us and get a real perspective. How they get away with some of the things they say and do is something the FCC is still looking into, and a reason why their boss has gone prematurely grey.

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Don't Mock My Rewards!

Thursday, August 17th
Tommy is proud of all his membership awards he's earned... but it gets to a point where it's a little too much, right? What person under the age of 60 is...

Break Room Hate Mail - Kids In Bars

Wednesday, August 16th
They're hand written letters we get every week to tell us just how much the Break Room sucks! It's what Wednesday is known for! It's Hate Mail of the Week!...

Don't Call Me "MOM"??

Tuesday, August 15th
Is it disrespectful for your kid to call you anything other than "Mom" or "Dad"?

Taking In Family On Vacation

Monday, August 14th
There's a man whose assumption left him without a place to stay... Where do you find a hotel for your wife, kids and dog last minute?