You're Going To Hate Your Neighbors

Thursday, April 20th

Duffy says don't bother introducing yourself to the new guy in the neighborhood


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The worlds change and man driver down here. Community used to be communicating it to edited a village to raise a couple of idiots let us now and that village failed mr. all of credit which is OK with taking the stand then I have been taking B Matt. It was into the show and you don't need to do what our fathers and grandfathers once did with the people that live around you cook it because what should do something like this you started. At a clock. To Haiti this person finding out how insane it you also open your door. Today I hate. In insane compared to have a break and that's quest grant managed by the BBC MF so much side on Saturday MM what's working on the garden. And Michael let's bring error glass of water which was hey he pulled his. This is people there's a house has been empty forever aren't behind our house. And looks exit legal advice to lose you need to be the man of the house. And go introduce yourself to the. Was she given an opportunity to say no she may end on it right away. Easy regulate let's just say hide Iguodala you know you're the man out such it is Manger Reyes to shoot straight man while face man. And second body slammed lights all I'm not to do meg good at anyway. I can beach despite the fact that you can't very charming what do we do what I see you lump on a cross a street some home. Carty said yeah let's do that kind of stuff like you know except like bringing. Cookies or something to say it any time any time we have any issue in the neighborhood. My wife goes. Is that what it can soft sell anything right anything why would you want to see me coming up to your door now it was that you don't. You have an attractive wife that's that's their job most NASCAR work chili does that she knows you'll scare people and children let's buy dot all of. Can you imagine. I'm your next door neighbor. And all a sudden now I move man and you similar children in my house to say hello you big behemoth boy from I think he's coming order. Pop me in a mouth about something I'll see him. Here's my period might be awaits theory too if they come say hi first and kind of makes you guys look. Like jerks should I care about. I don't care about that. In what might dump I don't agree totally on that hi first which it welcomed them girls sit dual hi cramp let's let your immune team what. Happened naturally I'm gonna go smug did he doesn't look good. And I don't know who. My neighbor. I am right I was here but you know you my neighborhood revenue I can get. Did you did you look within the rules and neighbor or Tuesday and an announcement. It's an extremist waive these CMA look at here you drive by his getaway or sorry that's it. And there that it's on him doesn't look like they have kids that are miked means I'm the gonna have any interaction with the people ultimately he said. The way for an I don't wanna know new people will be in my neighborhood because the second that you meet these people and it starts the clock where you will eventually hate. Bold. Preserve you meet them annualized gonna wanna meet them in the US can invite them over. I want that now your host and strangers I don't want to that's basically what a bar is it host strangers. That's just it and is that something totally everyone of us is a little but there's something in every one of personalities in our past that other people don't like Kenya I'm fully everybody including myself as that so why. Wanna get that exposed to be with the people that I'm now living behind. So what did you do nothing dating or does she pictured listen Amanda educators say hi that's fine I'm cool with now. I don't really care is I mean let's let's face it it's up 1950s anymore and you don't have to show with a jello mold to shake the hands of the people would next it's only gonna create problems I am fine not knowing my neighbors and finally. And did didn't hear other neighbors go. Not that I know repairs on them neighbor has a FaceBook page. Darden that he's put paged through the neighborhood neighborhood that I do it industry basically has a FaceBook print yeah what the cul-de-sac so easily to little socialite whose door what you got it and oh just a heads up this and by the way this week ever going to be having a double lives and. Wishing you never like when layered fence fell down and tree fell down on stuff so we had a huge mess in the yard and it was a pain and he has to neighbors to cause the jocular cars. To general cleaned up from away. Goes and bonus sort of make cupcakes. There's Raymond. She made cupcakes in the neighborhood to apologize for the mistake and god did torture. Aren't. That's cheered people looked OK guys that's and we are doing it was like it was push trees down I. Out that apology cupcakes they were just here yet they aren't your cup can remain immense it was an inconvenience I'm sorry food guide to tournament. So I put in a bit and two in the world of manhood. I would be the one has to bring Sid cupcakes over to subdue a cup cake for me and you don't know what I want to earned his opponent and we do and attempting Raikkonen in the now amid this cook it we knew that these McKay I don't touch aren't so that's what the women should do all this stuff. I'm I life going on there I don't auto miner I don't know I'd be partly to make peace you're not gonna stop that now it opens up the gates of hell raised the gates of hell did you wife just had a boost. I'd eventually you're gonna actually gonna have some kind of relationship for conversation of these people now but it's not a they'll get a little right. Host Brian Billick to buy things that historic that you can do host and with rain yet they give you share Catan board and an historic. They'll redo it that I make a sailor John. Okay where she's become bored here he served cheese crackers on this have people come all want that be ninety's were blind. I'm exit which is my driveway man and you cut more sandwich but it just. It. What you said don't wanna compete you rank and Madonna Greece hey Donnie Kelly about it. Margaret dot Q you mentioned welcome mat is a lecherous little. Rep child left footer rep tells three foot taller receipts shrieking for a I couldn't see it herself so I brought up this ethnic and out. The way they are all welcome it and paper we will look past it and I important Ratko. It. It definitely does present. What you know your life. Goes to meet these people in front of the guys really cool he's got some awesome sweet man Katie and is said and and hang out and I'm not gonna like them. You know it doesn't happen though yet and I'm not gonna like and I guess his wife was a former Playboy bunny that still keeps a JD you never know should Carolina Thong and nice usually in delay got topless or Roberts. Thanks Lisa Beckett then. That scenario of soft core Portis is not gonna happen here's what's it by the Shia groups and oh yeah. You know it's adorable I can make season she's playing adult right now in the with a boyfriend lives in them fantasyland. She doesn't understand the dynamic of living next to somebody and you can't go right right sends us resonate during the cell next era there's a reason why people are very few friends and because you'll get along with certain people and you finals people throughout July if you say I like that person can be near baton. Lee does that guy show up at your neighborhood right it's it's a friendship of convenience. Maybe French above obligation to and I know there are people out there right now 2226000. Who made a mistake or your wife made the mistake of inviting people over and down the road you found out something that you did not want to know in ruined it for her. Brighton. It's gonna happen it's a matter of time. Hi this is a packet they have every you know what it is people wanna go back in the day like I'm my parents when they moved in to a new neighborhood in the fifties and everybody knew everybody. Everybody was on the same page back then right. Hello guys studied when everybody smokes cigarettes everybody enjoyed a good cocktail you through burger on the grill. Put the did transistor radio outside news. I'm out right beverage at different agendas down their base open about stuff everybody was it to talk about things others and to basic stuff. And cycle Mike that hung out when another guy generally breakdown like these days. And problems so what they do they just kind of hung out enjoyed a cocktail and they Indy didn't that it has reached. Every second of the day does that to be filled with your words. Like you can enjoy the moment without you flapping your gums about what you don't like about chebaa. Us here's what happens it starts with the kinder gentler time it's the covers exactly all see orcas and engineer a bubble bubble block and it ten minutes later ends with. Say it's a couple of good ideas. Why did I Hitler had a couple of good idea current. I understand Mack folk all the Taliban. There's no need to reach neighbors anymore I got it and I'm just setting up erode I'm going to hate you would start to Frankie Frankie. I don't my first 2009 never met my neighbors. Aren't those days were were having their house Marty meeting the neighbors all recently as supple lightly than that the retired teacher that's sort of one shoulder driver owner you know that's not done she's by herself time and wondered at the try to do that if she gets stuck in a thousand. This color break don't agree neighbor you are right now Palestinians haven't. The thing is that you talked about that FaceBook page I have not gotten invited FaceBook. What page. Are out. Looking and great. The guy who can only on the. Crazy guy percent reading to them like the work I do stuff all day. I'm on an extreme diets I can't invite anybody over to have. So remaining at the cool thing is you never bring any of that up with their names. An idea I am and I'm dieting and and so cool most of your driveway. And then they which we called his well we just got. Irrefutable as well. Or cut to Adam Rosen your nursing a temple in enormous man knows what peoples temple so nervous no. Actually that's is that part of birds and rescue when we used to be that way to do so we're trying to socialize or water all around the neighborhood W Brothers and my wife walking around. Do you realize it is about time she is right now. Keep an eye out for a woman into range but I don't I'm not really sure period outs. Stick so I wouldn't let. I think it's doubles we get divorced I don't know crowd as the easiest school that you woman who's gonna porky welcome during football. Fred's always. I look right got it right freckles show time I don't wanna know Franken really did they ever have been right now are really don't wanna know. I as I did Jim hey Jimmy what's going out but it. Tim and I don't want anybody that lives in one of these state neighborhoods in. Tell sugar because he can't have a cup of coffee on a porch. Because he'll get a text message from the Duke Lacrosse a tree that's an argument at a meet. Z 813 year old girl shot. Yeah. That's the state and it's house. Because she's terrified there's neighbor is gonna be mad at him but he doesn't invite him over to read the paper have a couple coffee on the court shall go out. My advice stay away. And I Jimmy takes buddy I appreciate it got seemed to get this and men understand this it's the Wikipedia like that you have to explain to say this and they like to get their mom Margaret your funniest part to kids together relief fund on a play date. But the most erotic partner of all of this is what I am not introducing yourself to do neighbors I want to northern neighbors I've new neighbors I don't care I don't care what an honor. Men can not like each other but we can be civil pitcher you screw Willits hit Chile hate that woman she introduce yourself duke it willow he's at eight. You can't is then she'll rearrange your schedule around women she hates. You would go to wegmans now right now I can scale goes around right now I don't wanna run whenever I can't stand her. One earliest go to the coffee shop win on echo accomplish out because so and so goes there and she's got an attitude and her daughter works that are now and she's just like the mother. You don't have to get to know your neighbors you should avoid your neighbors Willie you got the last words my friend how aria. Hey you know at bella my wife at me today you know what I would do. I would go to the UN pulled the door by the tight herb yellow actual record by. And it really don't look at sure I'd order a topic here like I hope I'm not popular home. He's probably wouldn't. It never about what was his problem but just that you assured suddenly seemed to be solved your neighbor India blow him up our. And they don't let it preaches a lot of guys they exploit. I'm. Hi. Within a.