Young Doctor VS Old Doctor: Choose Wisely!

Friday, May 19th

Experience is everything... Until you become stubborn.


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How he could happen now reaganism new issues. So you had to have the whole optical and we can't put on dress shoes in that. Dress you couldn't even needed jacket. Well as I didn't know how cold it was gonna guess was ago when you're excused for addressing a I'll let you legitimately at them where to go out and Africans midshipmen. Or processes that resulted. Maybe do. It's like yeah next. Though any women that even. Normally do and I. He dresses up to go to the doctor. Mean I don't water slob. There are guys I know that will put on T shirt made the belief is the better address the better carrier and again that's. The effort that theory so it's Sutton because we had a discussion a couple weeks ago about. Who do you want to experience. Service that you get do you want. One seed guy that is the age of fifty that it definitely knows what he's to America the one that you brought up was doctor yes you want your doctor to be an old white guy knows what he's wise old man yet here's the thing that's like the opposite actually which you should. Wine Utley did massive study thousands of doctors three quarters of a million people. He's Oscars and they found that the older your doctor. The better chance you have to die while under their care there saying that doctors over fifty almost one per 77 patients more die. I'll tell you why and how did that's a skewed thing because think about it. Their clientele is older. Like have you been what that guy who sit in new Vizio 65. You're probably 6570. You could see this guy forever so again like. Young guys go to young doctors I get it makes you practice is new people come and MI my doctor. He's not taken any more patience trade the sold out chair so the new guy gets the young people coming out okay so they affected. Yeah main factors. Then back to that in. They said they then have to look at the numbers and check for mistakes made. There were a bunch of more mistakes made by older doctors and doctors under the age of fifty these fifties the caught up which is odd because most doctors don't start doctoring to X 32. 330 well. Right immediate medical school that my wife's dermatology she didn't start like privacy and a prime pregnant she was third. So that's only really twenty years of doctoring until you get to that cut off point resort soccer and bullets. Because there could be something. My doctors my age. Oh but LA look at the end through the exact actually converse with the guy OK I converse with Brent. I don't I can't think of anything more personal outside of make you love your wife. Lake but that is plenty of pretty cozy there you're you're stripped down and he's told you jewels it is as you know cough. Do you wanna have a personal relationship with somebody's. Giving you a medical exam yeah I would Hugh I want him to know what I'm doing and what I'm doing a night. That's probably more important in you telling your wife you don't feel better things wrong is your doctor. I guess mice might. Peg goes too if I'm able to have a conversation with this Madden BBC's on my levels right. Well it's a comfort level to echo what about that conversation your immediate not immediate America. If I'm able to talk to has gotten we can go back and forth it means that he also I don't want him to be able to relate to me I want him to be okay no carrier yeah him. You confused here OK so on I have a conversation with him a salad or mattered conversation or you what you want to bet that dead. Played while I'm at my doctor I don't say oh yeah man your mom was actually let. Did you say it is at this thing in my dog looks kind of weird to months that you should check it out. Let's get you for not cutting back that led to open is that station earlier this dog leg general. And niceties you know being just familiar. Stuff. Do you think the weather's nice today has cited okay casual ain't. You dig out of a doctor's office if you said you ball checked yourself that's. Yeah I think so. Hippocratic oath do no harm treat everybody needs help live music a little thing at the bonuses no mom jokes. I just should be little more openly. You're getting defensive because of your age and in this discussion and and maybe it would be better to go to someone that's younger and it is fresher school more fresh out of school. The other thing I talk about it and we also knew which means you can make mistakes accused that he hasn't practiced long enough you got. You bring that up and down the other TV imagine this article to say that the older your doctor is about a huge better chance to have to dot net odd that. Older doctors less receptive to EU were techniques like that. Casey it's not. As if he says like coming drinks have been I'd say between two and four. Like older Geigy ads by. OK but it isn't yet I feel. Food ogle good Q do you lose to Brooke it's moved dude man it's we get to medical school talk like that are you. Knowledge. But I goaded doctored to keep dumb ass there. Our debates at all all read articles quote is I believe it or not there are several things that can be dangerous for you that doctors disagree on it was founded to study the younger doctors erred on the side. Of the newer techniques that have proven more effective recently in the older doctors who continued to do with it. I'm sticker on my let's say shame to say it's he should maybe think about me and be open to a younger. I because it's not necessarily bet on FaceBook he's twittering and is your turnaround I don't need doctor jerk around doctor Janice is. Yet after route as well. Its superpower. Concede to those digital age as the savior they've gone over this many dads. Kerio K because didn't utter meltdown editing of the show because there's something that you say over and over that you can't say QBs as you say it like that's it like forty times you just ignore her. And it took. Tiger has Arroyo who has. What you did well here the dump it out as we don't use what to open. And your old as doctor brain but the you got there the better you ravaged the better chance you have of heightened under his care. Doctor that though you said that guy at Home Depot would be old crusty new best friend. Pilot a wine. I wanna Sully Sullenberger type. Guided those that are really flip playing OK thank a day OK these boys just push computers and but it he'd have been smoked a marijuana. In the play in the planet's weird and a bit later on their. One on entered Janice will. That if you want Jeff and that's all right yeah. And I guess they suggest sort of shots. And they're really think about who's go to my food. A younger guy but I have a public debt you see the guy a cooking you. Your nearly blew a TV magnetic on night. Talked everybody loss went to. Went to brunch from other. Who did you doubts it plays a violation for a guy then got its cut your roast beef is not really the ship no Dick they had an all lit and eggs Benedict bar. On station yes it would it would and improvements about the guys to show us he went out had a guy that wanted to. You can. He's an omelet Dick. All three guys were you guys in the thirties and the reason I had like stealing my chest like who's going to be good. Exit of the new ways of Britain to exit of Bryant and and stir animal I was eight. All to relate to hate that I went into Baghdad. They got their height to me. Regulate foreign do it like little Mexican cook and I'm like. I'm with him too as an excuse Cooper as soft I think you like younger guy because you think. Let's get probably likes the same food I do so he's probably got my same tape yet I think you sullied me you Sully Sullenberger meet one on old guys food because they take like all guys in the fifties yet. Recruitment subtle quote there ticket via healthily and impeached today. Two pitches. You'd you'd think at eight PI. AA. Like the a couple of barely hear you go. Yeah today and folks that question their doctors yeah these guys went to medical school I never pushed my doctor and I don't let it would do. College. Friends to question their doctor and ask question should do well like Fred did say I heard that might be like disease leg again think of the doctors telling me something. And if I have the audacity to say are you sure. Blake. He could tell me anything. And I believe them because he's a doctor I don't have any backed up information stories telling me you shortage Rory. There's I don't know. We're Mike going with the neighbors get to six points is doctor right aren't I had to do these mysterious ailment sutra. And my wife would come with me today appointment because my wife is convinced that your tip for you to the doctor she says that when you have someone else in the room Mika the doctor feels more accountable should you get better care I don't know if that's true of my wife always was the comment on what went for. It makes me aware that my way but particularly nice hearing my mommy. I was like OK that's what they are and it's my wife would come and be in the medical profession email like that it's like them. She questioned. What the doctor said and it was very embarrassing for me. Like it just that we let the man dues to build is that you're gonna this is a guy off by its army as Ortiz do so these ridiculous on purpose. Waving the he would remain like you like dotted urgent. You're doctors like you. Well I want to give me the full treatment and I he might have facet like Adam checkered jerk of the doctors do I don't well. Their reputation any what do these root around and in Aries you buddies got a checkered as you know last. May get a letting it touches prostate today and I'm don't discuss that you will be devastated. All of my prostate cancer. Yeah and my penis falls are sure that's that you were thinking about the prospect that we know the relationship that you have with your Crocs I'll just look at that as a good guy his leads are older guys to doctor gross. These are good dude did. Apart told this is grant gross is not. Ditty changes that we took Q and as of aid shipment. These herald gross let's go to desperate. I have to go to that I don't work when an Israeli. I'd agree get those Sasha line. Predators grows. Of Minnesota and there is one of the doctors that do the second race. Although what it does a guy named doctor stop yea games from Toronto he invented some kind of like procedurally but he was he touts a bunch go see doctor stop and remember pretty funny. We hear that when I was younger thinking it was like a joke net and other sexual Dave. I got a what does he ducked to stop and have a ball thrown to get out with the start talking about the older your doctor the better change you have. To die they see that the age of fifty is where it starts sliding see that these older doctors move to patients faster that they don't. Observed newer techniques and a proven to be safer and more. Lives effective Ingraham your chance of dying every 77 patients doctor over 51 more dies in the one. You know this girl you send OK and did it on dvd information and we'll win it but we did talk about how life Eden. He talked I'll just what ways month you have what's been you're never checked knock it gives check it for you but it's less time we checked we had to subway's now for your part apologist. Yeah. Ski trip that's S. So on March 4 polls show them to call. It was weird to call back about the known but I have been blocked a little forced. I.