The Worst Prom Idea Ever

Monday, March 20th

As exciting as prom is for your kid, it's also one of the biggest worry nights of the year for parents. One local school is thinking of different ways to prevent all the dangerous stuff from going down... but it sounds like the worst idea we've ever heard!


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If we teenager if you've ever. Had a teenager and if you were a teenager. This is one of the most socially important times we are high school junior and senior. The ramp up to prop OE eight stresses limos the money that I the anxiety when your kid you as a parent worrying about what your kid is going to be doing their safety to drinking this act. One local school district is looking at picks all of that for you parents. And it's got to make a lot of parents that are going to benefit from this slipped Al. Order I have a great group on CNET so that nobody important he is a teacher at a local school district. And he's also one of a couple of teachers in charge of the senior ball comedic. Progressives that misery on top of misery to enjoy. Not so I didn't look out over the weekend earned at least tell you plan that the teachers have come up with next year to try to eliminate the exorbitant cost. Helped put the safety of the kids and get rid of things I eighty for the dates election when it comes to prop Korean. Sign the prom dates yes aren't this school locally here in Rochester ESP at that fixed marriage are. I promised I wouldn't tell them bloody school but. There are toying with the idea of having to sign on dates for all June agency what my girlfriend doesn't matter this is how we're gonna do I gotta let some ails bang my girlfriend legislatures that's just it. Well there's nobody gonna prom no. What are we do is they have a big ceremony and it all of the girls' names in a bucket and one I want these guys who choose and it. Many out there this is social it happened. I guess the label auction winners to get a creepy Amish what is weird so after I gal she all I don't know voters don't pick you so you do depicting and then after it's over after promise over all the kids go to lock in at the high school until 6 AM to keep the country let's say I got I gotta smoke and not Earl yet and I've pulls. Fogel the don't be broad okay are gonna go to prom but don't be brought given my hot Grover to somebody ultra. With a how we want to or don't everyone's parent school that if you're Smart parent you that of the dump negros navigation got a date but what about the guided rude. He's got a date to. And now he's got a fat they linearity had a hot girl for me was taken dogs get. Anytime he wants. Can't that's all he wants okay he doesn't want this thing is I thought he was not at first. Stuck out about like that just got hooked up anyway let it just because you're getting I sure do like their Hank. There's a lot in after the prom there is speed dates tied together conflict prison. It was not a sounds creepy I thought he was against it but apparently it's been happening high schools across the country fat. Act he elite in article a school is doing in Chicago this year this school there always drop names out of a bucket six point. Aaron did it come up what they created may tell the girl that they're going with that they're going to. I think about it the better idea I think it is. At this is a horrible idea yulia. Emea 2226 I already got the scenarios in my head to DD 6000. Parent and your biggest concern with alms the safety of your kid for a well this the Greek white south the odds that you can be exec I reserve bank in new chair okay you call it. But dreading I get still these. All the stuff still lines up the same way you're gonna know what about the kid. Bet he's going to be it go with this chick anyway night that you just put it together like it is it is double IDs and again and her little kooky but it's totally random and it's severe drops this exchange attire they know this week they still you're statistics. Tell us. Stead. Now the odds of your kid having sex with someone they know for a long time way higher it's the biggest round and with upon troops early. And a I at a high school. What long term relationship is their heart kidney. This this sets up. In this scenario where somebody's gonna be really mean to somebody like I get paired up like weird smelly kid and the try to ditch weird smelly kid. All right and I thought this how about this how about you have a boyfriend. And now he gets hooked up with some other chick and says he doesn't Jala and how about pay that kind of headed off and you broke up. Oh that little princess governor home whether flowers in dresses can be a real treat to be around she's going to be night. Man you are thinking about high school kids when we were in school I could be different and I'm telling you guys polian accepting all that stuff I think these kids are different. Except this man. Every guy's got a Boehner and he's gonna wanna park at some place and mostly you dollars it also know that hasn't changed at all this whole scenario he's just look at applauding kid. This whole scenario also takes brewers out of the equation with a lot right after right no drunk driving coaching it's related nobody ever gotten into prom. A funny seeing it if you offices in my buddies afraid to tell anybody outside of the school wide. It's apply optional because of people like you'll look this is a the cuts and cash is the girls cares much outlook that Michael was are okay they relocating to yet I. Were Ed I. Oh they don't really care regularly its own weird universe were girls to dress up the shot at a growth out of luck girls look. Or to prom their whole high school girls play my dress up when their school years old for whom no Slidell all. According to my body your buddies on that they relate to what these kids are so stupid in school at the does comments. He finds some schools of them as there and they did research into what kids respect as any normal problems and 30% less money spent when they did. Apparel date because kids just wanna have fun it's not a big impressive that it's going after the kind of not really a prom anymore than it's more just like it soaks into it and nothing so it's saving you money is a pear Ing. You are so can't be having sex most likely that you hate it. I would NATO allies are Arabic and Aaron Skinner gave advocate but I think as a young guy. It's really good crappy this thing ever unless it's the funniest thing ever consistent pressure OK always fun is abundant drunken atom bangs chick. That's fine. The or the punch tool and the cookies you know being served. Cares 2226000 phone calls coming in was talked to Steve Steve. Prado and editors are much ordered that this the worst night he did all he needs you. Would wholeheartedly you got it all the little boy that are aren't at these are checks Ira port prop. And I can call those male. Kids bail on prop man I'm telling you I think this is one of those important I. Have to go it's a lifetime of memories of. She ruined it is that even a price QB says that in the probably. I got halting a hunting down a broad giving her go to that next season we've freshly scrubbed in shape is ready for you yet take yes help families like basically providing new. With this delicious dinner served up on a plate enrollment even paying for you grew at least this is as Joseph said. I doubt there. Re ready to go with a lot of burden or stretches read this article it aboard a picture doesn't wanna and now. Yeah that the kids are gonna like get bullied Elmo I fix a steep bank to culminate it takes particular appreciate it yeah I know our ancestors bro. Read more girls and boys that going to probably can't figure that they're thinking about doing to make it even juniors and seniors one big thing which seemed even more money in tech. Boy this really medical all the gross is that it is torn disk for themselves are anywhere to Arkansas to sleep at night against rilya. This idea nobody in my local school district he runs the prom committee they wanna do a signing dates on leave but. Had this idea and other schools twenty arranged marriage it's got to have a big bucket the boys can in the ticket name sensitive to do like India. Erica oh from and instead of the anxiety of finding a date in all the money to spend approximately a potential that there will be sex at the end of the night your kid. Is now going to suddenly picked out of a bucket and it's more fun day then the all the pigs idea money you're gonna spend even a few assign me check that out probably one a try bang and hurt solutions. Even remotely hot papers she's even like him. I am I banging of five to get these are random people that you're just meeting for the first time why don't we as you know make double yet you keep casually notably go to. I can tell the little guys are still would you guys who could vehicles GM longest relationship be at your member. It. Sixty months OK I just such a Becket yeah apology late. Six months okay who. So all it was a key EU EU and that you never gone out with. Before came and then when I know you're going to prom with him which you bag ticket now. Let's say ice appear Rupert the and as we say and I give a rule I gave you some boos. I give you little happy polygamy I gave him a 'cause we pill meant actions all David yes. OK again why this is too huh. Latest case of the locket and the words how long does that last six to six hours did you. Hear about it place they have prompt yes the public can't and after their lives up like that daughter and then it a lot of pressure on the school votes Ewing to really get something happening there. Then there are why Ryan Howard oral. It's go bang off campus right don't have to control released the latest from rob got him brothels immediately you'd think I. Hannity yes you idealists ever did to autism strange did. Get that the big grubby hands an opponent that it's the opposite of that actually it takes care of the gratitude to hands what did you think it's the winner kid. Something you don't goes we we are catering totally fabricated and what what smells like Hinkle. Tommy you might personally ankle thing. 2226000 icu folks appalled that you've been here both a senior prom yours mine every model is old school it was a big deal. What's at the time well it was Alito is that a few greatly aided is the 2000. This time you like scared and didn't care I. It took Christian school that didn't have proms considerably even dancing and all this stuff right so they had banquets you just went. To have this dinner and India have this gospel music and and you went home. Regis went to one of our bodies houses and banged her girlfriend's like what they were trying to avoid actually made it more convenient for us it just fed us. To board us. And now we're gonna go bang and what is gonna go hang out of the woods the beach were written kits are going to be kids are gonna. They're gonna figure this stuff out man it's like water's gonna find every little crevice in new daughter and seek them. Well as a school you Donnelly can he did he could and a big one out in the do you know today and he is at hand relief but here's that they. You life and is what makes this the big east SE deal for your son or daughter memories last a lifetime money they used to be spent on weddings now going to your daughter for that special night or the reason for this bill which are gonna have on prom or. Or that you had is not your kid. It's your. Whites telling your daughter would we can yes she's special and we'll take care of it you know you know we can go with a bigger thing we shiny dress eagle at the big limo to lead saint. Have a problem with the latest poll. Off prompting watts guys could there at. Like is a get to dress up to daughter's like the little balls and Cinemark to have fun and that's very princess protection say hey all. I'd say in relationships are insane weddings are insane. I got the whole systems insane. Yeah. It's like. 8 AM. I take all these concerts they came up with great tradition jive things like Madison avenue came up with Jamaica's do these things. But women think if you don't do like this you don't love me so if you don't let your daughter go to prom bluish what you wanted audio which regional. Exactly so you have to do with the traditional way but the night here that you knew slave auction to did you six dollars Davis down throated dual Paul. And some guy get it's like putting a little. You know it's like those creepy dance halls these to have in the forties that internal war but again we come in and you know they're just be brand of women naked dance was so ago they'd have a 47 devoted. It that this sailor we apparent match. I like your mother was and why you're here among those of us 4700 at this I was tired your mother was 69. Blow it all got the company addicted to 6000 on a local school district but he might it works there they wanna try a off prop. Where that sounds creepy they put the girls and about all the boys Jews at the teacher they got this other schools across the country the 25 basic touchdown Acosta prop eight cuts down on the chance kids are at XX cuts on the jets get what they don't notice they claimed me I mean they. Well I mean did you have. Stats and kids it's either brutal sex drive as I jive it was a regular Urich did somebody records. They taught how recession haven't followed Norton. That would but the truth. Well what should tortured. American. In line pretty mother that Stockton Dave Dave your teacher. I got where it got about a. I'll let me as one of my personal. The dumbest idea curt. Why is that it is he's in this is to be that those also like covered in action. I teach I teach seniors. And that's that's the only problem it first pop up helicopter out and get duke it'd be it. So you ease at which you're supposed to like 62 year old kids. So you stupid these kids are and you know the potential to hurt themselves. So you have alleviated any that you just talked about but that are kids. Could still decide how I can get your. Schools like it's all due to look at something else yes. But pretty it'll return to competition goat I girl who gets. The quote quote ugly girl and then it's gonna turn into a competition and the feeling and speaker but. Props anyway Dave guessing you haven't solved anything that's his point. There's still get laid distilled to be mean to each other you've done nothing and now except except Credo pull bullet numbers. Because they don't want it don't they just. Don't go. Why did they just call I appreciate it it's over parenting and it's gonna from a teacher and said the system you're Tulsa OK all right I would not like let's just. The teacher doesn't he's a good teacher has all of the top guys that date. Desktop teacher based on the top guys really he won the gold apple warned last week it's yeah. It's like somebody who teach college class looking divides its iconoclastic Tommy Tommy tell everybody should do for broadcasting advocates take dead as gospel. They should know they should. On the professional broadcaster RU and you are needed to using 2000 as a microphone and I get paid Stucco that's in Iraq tomorrow are you. And our reward what planet are you rob good I mean what sold one reason guides everybody on our ZLA. Absolutely yeah regulate her and I thought you got a problem plotters are. Let me put you admitted the magnet for your merit. You know what these guys are all political thought would go to the rubble are that they get that a problem or Auburn or switch off the gardener so upper rooms are. The most ridiculous thing I've ever. And before you dub him back all fired a ran a culprit for or required user ordered these here around. In the deck of cards that are low in one example or my. Under the re delighted go to word there's not a fact is. That idea I ever. First of all this degree he's calling him now he's tilted up. It's gone in the states has triggered like Beck guest each to lead it. You have to daughter who otherwise don't now. You're going to be in big trouble what Nader or the unit you'll figure it all out. I told him to IBM hour here. Brooke. Get as they've approach. That I doubt I'd been around their role losses in your group looted and all that and we're sure. It what blazer eggs. Well you know out but just horny eggs. It got at all about what's gonna happen then I let Robin the live a little bit of good as. What are your roots and I didn't out one thing in mind. One thing in mind admit that there be dry cat used the drug entitlement that whoever the heck why they're they're gonna but was well they're gonna wanna. You might get a better number would have broad red. Bicycles buddy appreciate it. Listen to go all the kids and upgraded to utter (%expletive) you're just repeat as the district ought to be described as spear and she was an attractive girl not where she was an excuse that he'll. She's fourteen to hook for a downtown for. It freaks me out all the du fifty year old guys and they pour his re. All of this ice at least they robust features. Jews due to date with certain school. All finished it died August options flicks like OK it's all right. It's not new it's different it's different now that was. How are you know you have. How did you know what high schools like now you're thirty years arguably better high school I have to be emotional and mental capacity to settle and I don't. I did you like to buy immaturity.