Not My Sister, Man!

Tuesday, September 12th

Tommy Mule continues to shock the world.


Not only is he on the wrong side of this "date my sister" debate, but he even surprised Duffy and Kimmy with this story.


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Terrible idea or no good can come from that in fact it can ruin your social. And family life house or so of course Tommy B latest on this multiple poison Newton and until we just brought this up. See easy. You don't combine you keep your friends and family separate when it comes to Asian ships so if you have a bloody. At once to eat your sister your sister starts asking about your body you shut it down stat. There's only so much you can do. Now it is like I I'd put his sister twice. About it. What you do now. She's an haven't. The breaker red Isaac Ike that is X back UC have this on Friday we are deals in her views on global for a doctor Jack Austin buffalo bills' defense of I ask you questionable players this year. Of all the guy. Guys in the team the last one you want to teach your sister Jackson LeSean McCoy talked about it but it was out he had a good friend is that date his sister. Our partly yeah apart so far I've had a through college on our attitude. Was close but the reason we provide broad review dame reform. You brother. And land like it was right Umar old problem of Veoh could you play the same. So I'd so it did it was Dane in Apple's coo you know you a nice guy blew it. I don't know it. Yeah it all worked out. If it. Is this now like every guy's a scum bag down deep so I give this don't really want any guy you know date uses. Your area or certain you. Association actually. Are you blown up this. Piece of dynamic field goal or you yeah. There is no way it any circumstance and at Tao on the planet we're letting the body teacher sister is OK that you difficult. Ties so I sort reduced duty was a the live above me and in the pace scale it worked great in the stock room. And he was a married guy and he was at southern smooth duke rape Zain and it's a river to get guys name's Dave Cornelius. News from Jacksonville really funny really smooth in the ladies loved a good looking guy Aaron and he nailed everything in the store recent calm corny corny. She recorded history. He breaks up what his old lady and the you know so were birds hanging out and I go. A my sisters single. You should go all of my sister. So my sisters were given the bakery rate and he's working and a stock room and I kind of set him up. I sell should they go out a couple of times. Doesn't work out. What is your thesis it didn't work out what's he was breaking down. They they went up to use the heat and we have an apartment yet it was X economic counters the worst you know I go to and particularly take her anywhere. So old they wanted to have beaches caller. Hang out they started screwing round and he's. Found in my system basically for. Lee shakes you not want to know any of this technology life. It's why you see. Yeah they're pounded it checked that was related to somebody it's life it's called actual footage but it's nothing you'd wanna know. Sexual pyramid has put your sister yes. Shame if somebody guessed it a case she's bag sister he's banged embrace this to her Newt I think Europe while we're at this week looked at each other. So he could Selig might face I. So I served at a story of so many levels and I don't know where it's definitely what it's like heck he would do this but any intent to her base but few days. It might or might lady Chris it's so he bailed out my sister. But that's at the Y and the other one I didn't sell. Until an open Mike at ya hey we had comedy buddy trip back and that we'll get a ran around and Republican for work and some. So had to set a comedy buddy was really down on his block him Anke is nothing was cooperate produced. Soul. Again my sisters single. I called those two up. So it's doomed one night and he's a candidate my sister them I told the story but I in related to. So I got a call from my sisters saying hey did you know so and so's in the hospital. Aniston now what have received on that stadium. Against disease is too much. He was to do they got drunk at the comedy club. And nobody went to drive them home. So he wouldn't look that far from the comic and so he's drunk and we walked home couldn't walk through a road construction site. Stepped in and an open manhole. And fell and it ruptured testicle OK and then he would have screaming sold well the pick somebody finally. In one of these houses hurting and the cops had to pull him out. Of manhole or IKEA one leg and went lake out ruptured testicle he was passed and now from the pain. And it's so weird that you have a body like you that nasty political mantle. To poll which shows that two people as an assistant. Should befriend the scope Matt read this article forty dollars on the yeah. Well nobody was like well let's do this shouldn't have sexual but the bigger scumbag. You. Think Joseph OK I can lead married. I'd kicking passively keep got these are good guys for your sister are monitored be happy bit. You literally just looked guys up who. Wanted to obtain some body else to tell her what her act as she went out she was lonely and she was an unattractive sewn into it she quickly view. It's only okay so I'm trying to help broaden its past your system not hassling me. Speaking earlier. Stack rose talked everybody gets promoted or pounds. I mean it's a ridiculous at that late. Although my sister would never get pounded everybody gets a good pal that's what they want to think about my sister would eat right I got to talk not abstaining over them with a flashlight watching a no war. T. This might image was on its. You're bloody day your sister is a deal let this happen or not I would. You get the more likely deceased happened tour dating pool gets more shallow but you can probably do yourself a little bit Burrell bang and I don't know man. Team at least election hell before he takes your sister up for the first time. And public recognize we don't is don't eat it settlers are obligated at all I would be very setup I've got a friend of mine took out one of my sisters without saying the beavers. But I have to think that happens more than not like it was how are you. It is your brother you aren't funny first reason keen to get her to titles with nothing to back it up or just dame yeah boy. Again as desert named it means not protect their heads. I mean mother father yes brother bloody Powell being snapped a shot terrible strategist loyalty. You. Wanna make love to your sister. It has nothing to do with you and by the way I am being loyalty ought until loyalty you'll unwilling to date your sister above any literature that's not true. Your options. Thousand times. Right it's gonna buddy batches sister what's the big deal but that you do to six that she if you are going to dish. My sister your buddy's sister you need to at least give it adds up if I had to Bruce's if I have a problem with it. You need to back off our outcome it broke head out of your not cool I was cool according Corey. And testicle guy Richard terrible. About a weight she had nice experiences I mean did she she never complained. Glad to talk to you about a few weeks is about sex nobody generic you notice at all he did this or did that demeanor was mean to me. She is light with multiple women. That he got the wars and Dave my sister who cares about like if he won a good data while he was married that's on them but you would have looked up. Expressed my sister Mary I mean if he came out to me get a payment payment date your sister and yourself elements and in my business analysis in the breaker mansi MFA Alice how are. Am at our yeah I wanted to point out that I'm listening to rock about. Fixing his sister would this guy and that guy article that I have a Charlotte in May. Not. Allen admitted what. Women like to XP yeah. So hey Tommy Hunter thank. What he's saying notes in it and your girls. Your. Well according violent buddy he did see a lot of my sister my face and my sister's face some new moderate. Would you date a friend of you word your brother Dallas. It out. I I went to prom with my. The elder Brothers spratt. Yeah thank you Ben Curtis who has got Nadal now noted I would get area. Since. The end everything that goes along with that OK I. That you political matter to. He was a vegetarian. You can with a mate. Agreed to further. He's set before the show the only reason your buddies exists TU. Is to bitch about year old ladies and Annika drug tell dirty jokes well. You can't you idiot that any more I hear my sister in the sack her be reaching pitch which he's taught wrong the you're doing wrong you cheating on my you guys you've got so much family shame. And so much family. Yes that's been laid on you it's like shackles. Men this might actually be another reason why guys don't hook up there sister. Tweet coming in from triumph GO. I'm looking up from my buddy by not letting him my sister is a disaster and would ruin him financially and mentally okay. Well it's gone the other way yet saying I would do it but she's horrible OK they're good but either way looking out for your friend or your honor. It is it works out it's getting. Arie your body your sister right and after all marriage and divorce that means there's a pretty good chance not to work. You closer with when it's over you without thinking about that when somebody just started to date don't regulate marriage in the ball just pick it should be enough sports problem whatever. Let the body came back it's that the sex was unbelievable. I don't like your sister's like an animal the sag best non buy ever had was from uses like we did you consider that it not be freaked out. I can't believe how tight your sisters and she does which is don't you little that's that's discussed here you joking. Which creditors she's gross and discussing it is not easy get sloppy knob I don't hear anything. When he anything about that from a body or anybody else and I don't think I'm a lot of pick. Here about the ways this is a sloppy knob. Exactly yeah sorry about that what does she what does he said it's the best piece of essays ever edit your prototype you just not a compliment. This is we did put up a Twitter poll would you be OK with a buddy dating your sister and pre outs at 5050 really meant. Yeah appointments kitty widget let me Freddie or ST your brother would you would be happy about how it went set it up. I what we should be happy about it what if there have loved it they are so OK it's happy than fight I would. Be OK with that at that point but I'm definitely not going out of my way to dictate to date my brother to Debra. Dating year what are your friends okay. And because how laments his man that chick or mine as. Up less than I can walk this one counsels like always and I get our I don't want to wait wait wait we are really message and we've Edwards has it's not what it's all done yes actually sat down this ice up his sack because she tore up so bad. Again Natalie Allen now did you take your head phones on the juggernaut that and I just I can't get it and excited about the way I that's a guy geyser. You would what's your brother did Tara some exciting topics they give nearest you but it is but it's it's I step out book problem. A girl I am but it became on Tibet or that. I could talk about that stuff of him but she's an appointment. That he viewed TV does wanted that from her bra burning. It's the machine as you know you guys are raised machine and that's what it is not to have some your sexual attraction your sister have a secular hear all about it. I but switched to. The it's good to shoot. Can dig bright that it didn't. Look what I suppose and Tuesday's event.