My kid caught me smoking pot

Monday, March 12th


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If you can't watch it remember back to mull what did you execute slightly to order right that you picked up their child or son or daughter and looked at them and you thought to yourself this kid. Is going to be just like OK I yelled at her. They're like pigs I'd like I hate hippies I hate it when we grow up they're gonna have all of this stuff that we do want to do together. And then you can go is up you realize that maybe that's skeptic magazine don't like you so much. It is like he always has a personality is all right you're right because that you hide from your children at one day you think you're exposed and everything will be great and that's what a father who was its initial thought. If he was terribly. Terribly. Wrong. So we get Zito attendees here at it and also big illegals want to make sure this guy was cool and we went back and forth and low end the Lee you still could ruin a guy's got a business job. Encampment I'm so here's how goes this father writes as we know. He said he's been smoking pot is hold America. He's been hiding it from his kids since his first son was born fifteen years. And I will reduce the Dave finally came were my son on my pot stash in a locker that we keep the grouch we're pleased to monitor but that's. And he could try to be with that. I'd always been excited for this day. Because I kind of fantasized about bonding with my son over smoking pot comedy night at five days this guy over the drink this is howling and wind and I wanted to teach my son the right way to do it when he was ready. I assumed I would catch him and it would start that way not the other way around. You could imagine my shock. Would my fifteen year old stunt son started chastising me for smoking pot. Then telling me how unhealthy ones that help only losers that he knew got high. And how he's even Djibouti had changed. That he was disappointed. At risk it's a little nor. A stupid little narc. Father goes on here. He's been on leave for the last month to quit getting hot and I think I might have to. And he wraps it up like it is Dade this kid. Is gonna tell me had a live and how's that I'm paying for checked his Smart see wraps it up like this pot smoke in diets and I quote I'm pretty sure my son is most parents dreamed. But I can't believe I'm gonna have to quit smoking pot because my son as an architect Richardson. I feel almost disappointed in him for being so close minded. I'm at a loss for feelings right now on any directions for anyone nick LB 2226 out to be to help the stat out. How do you be decent enough drilling advocates of the level of. Not respect my heart today in my own house is Kayla and thought it was illegal and it got Tim this is what I'm doing in his house. Getting your house brand. You've raced him to have these. Morals right I mean that you brought up hot says you're up this you're doing yeah I mean you. You raised a good kid which is a good thing or it's cluttered justice. Well I disconnect kid doesn't get Hyde does it make him a great kid he could be doing editing to make him a little huge break like number one. Still putt around and and Arkin on what kids not to the cries let me ask them dead. He downloaded about anything does need is looking for the pot specifically says he just kicked across locker in the yeah. Day ago. Stupid Karbala a night good let me do as they do. He got them this is part of my weed. As tame and socially acceptable as pot is not like I. It's still legal in new York and crooner but you do Coppola police had just called the weeks. Is illegal you do have to be eighteen to bide its time. You don't really have to worry about is keep giving each in any trouble. His father has a problem with a which is that we. Before the EC good guy and I genuinely touch feel back for him because exactly what he thought was gonna happen with his son didn't. He's cute didn't turn out to be like no you know what he won and he wanted his kid and have been his best friend. And it's just not always the case for two kids. Kids get their conference in her own life rain so why was this great. I'm of some of the different reasons. But to let this can be you know this case for an showing your house. Saving your value when it wouldn't just give the kid now runs the show Kidd makes valid points I don't care I don't care what kids points or. Guys are there valid points man. You're glowing on the totem pole. This father wants his kid to do is he says and not what he does so yeah like but it's one that's why he Chet. To really have get to know what your mother today I thank you mom rang if you like elected to truly believe in what you're telling him to do that yes this is exactly how he should act to keep behind you doing. If you find out your hypocrite tight turtles. Most parents think that when their kids are born they produced another version of themselves and yes it's going to be an awesome thing yes I. I don't thus far so why would I Q not wanna be exactly like meat and your kid comes of age doesn't like that the jewel like always not succeeding in the places you've succeeded. Kind of makes you question how successful you are yourself. Like this debt for example. I would guess based email go back and forth with them. That he thought smoking pot still lead a cool regardless sure he would grow up to sneak around due to client and get lost the fastball right having little. So to see the smaller version of yourself. Chastising you for something that you thought they would find cool it's not only disappointing. It could kind of make you feel like a loser analytic it does he minorities talking about he's just mimicking with these days. They caught him in school he recently apparently but that would reduce school system if these kids are smoking pot with his dad would be the exact same thing on not import get in Ohio which -- kids. I'm not I don't understand what you want from this kid dammit you don't want him to smoke but you also don't wanna saying even though I needed to get. It's a snake around his smoke pot but ever. Rain but don't you know my business that's that's from my biggest pet peeve is now all of a sudden this kid. Is Macon up house rules in the house and I'm paying for like. I'm input room the food in the heat. Which are gonna tell me how to go into these were running your mind right about his dad's health I don't care as such or jobs or about my hell OCR the parent I worry about EU you do as I say so when your parents are sick. Getting older you never encourage your mom or dad to do something change in lifestyle or stopped and don't think yeah. As much why he's not okay you're telling cutting his venturing Ginn and Dylan for sixty years on this planet as an adult. Hey you better not he knows what he's doing what I want disappointed telling a guy in his eighties. He's already wrecked his body Hebrew lift a burden the good Ager. Like you that you battle to roll man there is getting health issues array and you know they get scared for awhile but you know. Rock creatures have we go back to the things that give discomfort were only here for a short while. Enjoying a man now but I don't think it's a common free child with a they're fifteen to 45 to go to the easier you know it alls say a union. Hey unique ultra this little bit I'm much around like I knew kids that because you know how that much that pushed the don't. Smoke tobacco thing and every station is it dead. And I remember kids going in hiding their parents cigarettes when they found out a pair at a time mine Mikey we have Mikey and I are going to feature snap them but you raise your kids saying don't smoke it's bad for you how can you blame your kid if they just wanna protect you like Beastie Boys said Dan. Because he spoke at least 608. Chris spokes to exit date it's the opposite of what the other of which Satan and our goal or less taken your rap music from a month to white kids from Long Island. Did you Divx 'cause I see guys that'll I'd get right to city now he's fifty sudden Bob is putts that cities could secretly smoking pot since his first son was board. Couldn't wait for the day. He could smoke pot we decided well his son is now chastising him for being a pot at asking that he quit and badgered him for a month that looks like the father is going to quit this might deal signed a father pot smoking injury in his garden. And he's gonna have to Alter his life because his son. It's great ago sounds pretty good yeah yeah ashtray yearn to tell you can make your own decisions in your own house anymore you have to judo to enter medicine you do once they hit a certain that when they're little I understand what they had a certain age kids to run her own cameras and break let's see NF. It. And an army. If you movement right yet O. You're told you're white you're gonna drink during the day she puts on camera you ought to do and and you were too low part sitting right. And BI and now I drink in the woods. I drink good natured. It's of the did you meet your favorite. I got my sit in stool out there yeah hey. Yeah they're good he does like group may may still sense you and you would back 'cause you want some my house according descent actually very true. It proves that such estimates drifter. Aren't so you're saying that this guy should encourages such small. But you say you should do what he wants when he wants it is yeah. Are there any message though for your kid and he's not even smoking around the camp lake. The kid had to go investigate and find some celebrities are apparent want to throw the kids say it's only 20 and billing is hiding there. Well though it took his father's credit you know consistent I thought that FaceBook he looks pretty six he would not. Yeah I don't stereotypical here yeah yep everybody smokes product it's across the board when it spots more soul. It's this kid didn't know it's been sixteen years old is debt was getting high targeting high at your house I mean it's pretty impressed you hide for a long right just for talks on wanting it exactly. The question. That I candidates weren't okay. Millions if not kid is not cool 'cause I'm assuming that these guys look he's fifty year old son and although he's respecting Stanton needs to take he's not cool. On the kids that are cooler than your own. Trio like duke does Wii Sports or does anything to do ticket taller just spoke pop the sudden the ticket down the street that you watched grow up. He's super cool a little start and eastern Oregon or your buddies Kate Gibson and I think it's natural you draw or thinks it's right. That happens all the time took it back parity so is it what did you Billick so and so NASA says a dork. Yes. A school bus it seventies that it. And again Alston did your presidency dealing you know only through delicate you and I both struggled in school church and what really excel and Celek. You know he's he's still really here and he hits the books you know. In this guy who never hit the books telling me they had a -- to be honest with you just personally I I did stuff like that likely sport isn't. I mean I did yield beef my grades like that also was during the school everything into. I would owe you you flotilla is tempered. Just I ever say why couldn't should be more like him. From my front never over I would think if any any dead whose kids play sports you gotta get that like bolts are the team will try to be more like this person or even somebody that was ahead of them little ways that they can look at data and you I'd love to but apparently got these press PH Jim Truman who my mother. I think every father and I'm stuck with this I think every parent doesn't even have that unintentional. Can't eat my dad did do this. There's kids across the street in this that was like ten years old it was like. As well sports but this guy he's big load up plead for all America to Hawaii when he graduated from high school did we would go to his high school football games it was my dad's buddies kitten and he would talk all the time but this cue was keep in mind. My dad was his thirties we raise kids ATM but even. I was ten I was and it's. All right it's NEC's say about. As I want for my kid he saw himself and his camera when he always wanted to do race so he like attached himself to cool it neighbor and I think I think a lot of dads do. I guess a man thing in general. I don't know I don't actually my dad was odd for. Out of my daddy's to click it like there were when I was I remember being like young and there's like a couple like. High school kids that could grow up like an a couple of houses down to them and my dad used to play like pickup basketball games with them. Not kidding I can't come home I got the bus CBI playing pick up basketball. They're like he did Beck he wanted to be part of the cool kids. Ray cyanide but. I saw a grown ass man playing a the guy he's touch him and them kids. I saw that Allen would I these torture I would June at the now but I was an Scarlett remember but now it everything into the media going raced to its did it is 6000 Roberts on CMF eight a body. I'm clear it'll look nice on one knee hurt the Olympic basketball. As friends in the he would like any of us now. You know other crap I had a look at Abraham our deck and I. That they had about you're right I mean it's your house you know it. Very cute routine judging you know I would data security. I got loaded and it would rebellious and exclude anybody you Hillary. I said he your buddies. I wouldn't I know when your camera lowered into. So the rubber in a bagging your mother my team Powell a ball but it I would you want to at the San. If elected by the. I think that's why. He's one of those weird aides it's is because again it's become socially it's a little trinket milled around and you think. Don't in this case there's a body good obviously uncomfortable with a spot are doing it's something he's technically legal right but what it's rather what it does bother. There was arrested for marijuana possession series second happen and it got your debts based I usually. Approach. I can't put any scenario you could be just spotted a judge don't darken until the dram. It would also be bad Robert I would go to it bothered got Detroit dry. A serious. Nadia it's just played bad thing at any scenario you know as odd as it's deplorable and of itself. The big it'll be. It's well you know we got very good point what if it is it public vote it. We get a little lost this.