The Jersey Jinx Update

Friday, March 17th

Kimmy's boyfriend has the power to jinx sports teams and players simply by wearing one of their uniforms!


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It is the second day the NCAA tournament a lot of guys back four in ten listeners according opal were sneaking out of work today Amber's going to be back so come on out with us we're going to be at the distillery amount poke through the break room bracket break out. Good BC NASDAQ opera not the permission slip raising money for the Red Cross folks still need help after the most. And the snowstorms and got to pay for the shelters that came through. Weren't so. I'd like coming out it's cool enough to donate any think the Red Cross will be there they're taking fifteen dollar donations in exchange rate BC MF break room. Break a racquet break out teacher. A new detail the distillery amount up to BC left that got to grab that permission slip to give your boss you're welcome. We'll see at the distillery that you. Your friends to recruit and see a map so La. Yesterday near one. The first round of gay is happening as I'm watching this tournament yesterday and all like to think about the jerseys that your boyfriend. On the he's trying GX these teams upper guys went out well. He's ports and if you missed it. Every time he puts jurors the player either gets injured for the team fails it's happened the last couple years people don't wanna Khamese starts. I think he did this and that's what I've had here. But I would say he's beat Syracuse fan yeah. You would West Virginia and the tournaments are accused didn't he started gloating either put West Virginia Jersey yes which I trust them got to tragic so. Yesterday three teams whose jerseys he wore late with prayer and Notre Dame the five seat late Princeton. And he barely squeaked out wow. West Virginia. As a QB school they played Bucknell. Way to close. This guy. When he gets really now the only team that won pretty handily was Purdue and Purdue Jesse. And they would pretty easily but today since any Oregon Michigan and Kansas go be the jerseys on double hosting the sewer and rapid I'll watch that Notre Dame game yesterday at all like it to Connecticut point for it in the outer danger that was of for cameras get there you know I've heard up I think is a lot of Anwar Al football jerseys. So that might have something to do with the jinx won't normally put on the sport of the player that's playing this at all the teams that he tried on it's it's an organ Michigan Notre Dame Purdue Kansas and West Virginia and they're really good team. So if they lose. In the first or second game the chicks celts. Yeah it should make it farther if they make it as far as they (%expletive) idea that promise where you want thinking about it much at Notre Dame game yesterday likable the forgot about our great thanks. Picture anticipating now I could remember what Jersey's he had you had for him so he had steel had a pile of laundry yet threaten you took pictures of all the jerseys we put those up on FaceBook at some point do you follow on today Nancy. On our FaceBook page if kidneys boyfriends Jersey jinx holds America. How many guys are gonna be doing that kind of thing when we go to the bar at the still Ramapo. Today put in the same thing as a team lines daddy daddy again today got it. Yeah it's gonna be marked pro teams and against teams that that's the kind of logic would make you crazy does I gotta but I don't it. I got a has sweet potato Fries they won yesterday was sweet potato product gonna have McCain today. It that sup like abduction Nazis makes fun. It's up but it's insane it's like your president but it makes you think like these things exist as six sorcery in wizard makes you feel part of your wizard. Yes I think I'm a ticket to code and Emeka talk every day. I in my weird head haven't outcome on the and this kid. I am deciding who's winning at least eighty was its it's it's like I don't guys that I can't look. As a violent they're gonna lose yeah yeah. Zia of I watched this field goal he's gonna miss it. That's all. I get that you can't hobby you don't need it some people don't enjoy it but they just can't help themselves that make him a miserable yes we got to admit I. Each professional athletes who do this I don't know the most police against him in the game eight. I can't get the rally cap bookings are actually on the team but at home. The most superstitious at their cellular rush Henrietta number of my added insight. This'll work it would if it works and it can we get into it. I mean every hockey right now as he puts on his pads professional hockey player and 'cause he puts on a different way he's gonna have a terrible grade. That's like a lot of extra pressure put runners over or replace a keynote to thank. Yet. What it's on you equity funds. Who so it's ought to be apart from make it a month on. He rose one. In the punt as of good times man. Your soul regiment I would pick anyone could understand something like this EG if any little thing you're just off it ruins his that they know of I can't actually see it. I don't believe I don't vessel have always been. Let everything love souls. We care about to happen it's. When I mean it's something it's not like Tommy doesn't get its coffee or something that. That's kind of like two year. Ray and you're thing that throws Saturday. Boss. Is coffee once a week seized three times this week I know do diners. It's mom time he's brought to copy every Thursday and my accident because he knows that if he doesn't throw you off us but eventually they're in no way. I trust my legs theater daily and he brought recovered by. Bio across violate you'll bring McConnell that's the theory bold you wonder though what you did what you when I. Like heavy doesn't show up to he wondered your hat like what you did wrong where he didn't bring it I guess yeah. Men you have but I mean I don't think I could jinx that. I don't think I can do something here that he's not aware of but subconsciously. He connected with a like that ever believe this twin crap. Done studies. From don't ever duplicate Giuliani do twins they separate them but they do the exact same thing is next in this crap. You can do that with you and I OK you know anyway anybody I don't buy it appears civil certainly adds yeah. We didn't. Yesterday I got to encrypt his garbage they also like a plan I have a stunning gate near Andy O'Brien is a separate Cisco through that quality gets them and they don't it doesn't work that way we think it's like to connect telegraph between these two there's been several studies done work twins separated. Twins they find themselves they've seen jobs the same kind of lives they do the same day on a daily basis okay air yet. Saved the same study that that said Donald Trump was going to be president was unlikely even close to the series is stupid studies they do and they are crap talk twins don't know what's going on the at a 13000 miles away lesser god damn Skype I just you just have to understand there are things you cannot X in right so let it go. It I don't you Richard attorney explain everything based sorcery magic. Talk mckinny's boyfriends Jersey jinx he's convinced that we put on a Jersey team tapped in for years that player either guitar didn't seem completely craps about progress we put on the jerseys what 234 projects and eighteens in the tournament so today. Would you watch it turn it either with us at the distillery up on open noon or at home like Cincinnati Oregon Michigan or cans. I think about this if you really had that power to actually put on a Jersey. To cause. Five guys on a pass civil court to fail yeah. That's an amazing amount of power that yes this just in your or operate so you should take god damn or it down to the lottery office. And by a particular and puts a money does that raise rates lottery office we're gonna get too damn moderate breed Arabs say hi candidates. And it's not logic like. Yourself powerful just as a human being. That these men that don't even know you're around you can change the outcome of the game now you can abuse the power of the let's go to you only get so much right to edit you try to do it too much it doesn't count and you know guys selling both tunes into them so it's a Smart room room to remember that.