How To Achieve 'Sexy Monday' (Part 1)

Tuesday, September 12th

Duffy and his wife have achieved a "kid milestone"... but will his special day live up to his expectations?


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Why is apparent. You have these weird emotional swing not a threat. Five year olds are kindergarten last shoot and it was like it was sad to see my little baby star like a machine head out to screw screw. And she's excited about it everyone's happy with with deep sadness than kids growing up comes this new three. Aaliyah and one of the waste freedom well but that's just like yesterday for the first time incentive years allow the jet and trying to figure this out and Stratton. My wife and I were a little house without a tip on a Monday my wife is off on Mondays and both my kids at school so I got to work around ten could be home by 1130 and from 113230. The house was owned all rights rights. I'm not out of my mind to think that something was gonna pass button. Man should upon yesterday yeah. Google nervous or have a break much classic rock many 65 to be seat at Methodist situation like that. I bring you up to my wife over the week near rightly hey you know to be alone and hey who error. After Logan but yeah I kind of assume something's going to take place in my above and beyond its editor. And I brought this to Kenya before I left yesterday just immediately get a temperature feel Dennis and as a woman what do you beat. Do we free your boyfriend if you were in the situation. And you sit at my expectations were far too well she didn't. I was like that we are talking about the chief hinted at some of these things. But seeing exactly give you anything to go on what is it too much to assume that for the first time in seven years with the kids on the houses under celebrate rightly I. OK so I thought the head I don't know why they got really excited. Bentley media they're revealing I come home in the candle Roy maybe outfitted rule you know and tan and Tuesday RA and I got home button. Man. What's in the kitchen learn the islanders don't want none she is she's dressed up. Dress up Walid and slacks like but pitcher and this year meeting for once scheduled a meeting with somebody. We'll we'll we'll we'll we'll. Thirty. Say don't let thirty you know. He's walking out the majority actually we need to be diligent all I got to meet probable I tell me an idea off in big you'd used yet to meet don't know now why is it to go somewhere right. I thought it was later that it wise and I and I it said you if you get home and she's in her workload it's over. Have not had a YouTube dot Nokia used argued with me really no nope nope still gonna have been done as a downed it what she's ready to go up adored. Yet yet digitally motion itself militarily. You know like you know. It'll touchy fees and then it was a disfigured anger. You go out there analyst anyway there's only been deceived him that in other notion I gotta go scene. Of sit in my Boehner. Am 45 and did you get a rabbit out empty house we did at that side story I don't want to put it beat by elements did you. To it in the kitchen. Didn't know it's at it would have missed. I know. Man. Wen tang Caesar salad there giddy here. It's bigger the year for me just getting late yesterday. Years and I like let's let it that's when things are going to sell the seven year it yet it yet and there's going grapple. I started eating buttons and get you some miles on each all placed it says 365 mice long. Then it was pulled back because the children have pulls back for a myriad of reasons to kicked catering. You with the way you look at what is now you smile again as straight talk like we have found a feel. Good kids become a quick and really don't have much of a honeymoon stage. And argued time but I assume it went we are free again and it just kick back. And it became apparent yesterday not we've got to get things going making can't go from zero to 6810. You know give the guys heard it on a Selig. Women are like a slow cooker when it comes to sex and men are like a microwave oven right like we get there and half the second and abroad need some time so lake. That moved you get at them put in a little more effort as you gonna have more opportunities so you gotta start. He not that pot okay. Did you 6000. As a man who is still went through this for the first met at Atlanta kids kids house it's time away from whatever. I'm Spartacus. No no no no you just got to re light on what do you gotta you like I said you got to start making an effort more than just hockey talk. And dumb joke just want to go ahead sabres look great. Well you got clean up a little bit. And you had said that you attacks that are before. You were on your way home yes actually giving her like a play by play yeah it was she'd be ready yet the outfit that I hit and miss Michigan Russia along get at a house and. This is why a new living and have for you because you said. She didn't respond right like not even like a wink face or something Billy give you some kind of hit that you know to get home quakes of that happening. Know how to get how did you present yourself them and I was sure yesterday thank. With Allie and I don't you read your dress like this with a key hang in on the belt and everything else like yours superintendent and high school. Like keys and nobody keeps her keys they're well she she plays like she placed in late August. Garrett all kind of goes to the the overall it was what you're trying to sell or the product packaging I am worried that spark is gone I'm worried that the kids have taken with a spark needed a spark and wait. Oh great what it's spark back once. Lose a good thing she could lead to the middle of the day OK he take it to drunk. Can have a glass of wine. 12 o'clock Monday then he'll be you know does that in Italy. Yet look at her you tell it all turned out everyday greats. We ruled this'll god damn planet to want to. A little alcohol. May be easel something like you letter to do everything and you just wouldn't come bubbling. Makes a big fat man plow. And big the heavens we're gonna open up and there's sunshine is gonna manage unity you know what. Plans meant that every Monday I don't get your plans were on her plans sexy Monday's every Monday sixty Monday right you're all kids are gone upcoming album. Since about eight times protest in a sexy Monday was the opposite sex eggs meat alone. She should an excuse. You know he's should've done it was that and I'm neck and at this but it you may be better. Sure dropped her little note free elect all morning Q and but it you know looking forward to bub about Bada bing Bada boom but can give it a style that. Are sick of that stuff to Tyson here we are the same like. That is broad it's crazy when you drop a little notes. Right they give one little posted note would it changer would rock you'll world would have helped put them all I think it would rocked his world. Icy look guys on hold guillotine second ladies and Ager in 26000. My wife is off on Mondays first time yesterday and seven years with my little one off to kindergarten full day. There we had house all the ourselves no children I was expecting sexy Monday I got seat pat nap time. He got. So you're restore machine. The separate story yet so I don't problems occurred 2226000 eligible regular sir I ignorant of Conseco that they LO YE a brother. Dead man bag placed orient you shall next Monday is walking in like she's not there. Go take a shower just are rotten one on the couch who works every time. It is dumbest idea I've ever run Jeremy works this goes on March children get us off. Do you. It's a vehicle and I your house. Kid is that we run as a legitimate suggestion I think Ron it was general say. Now they go as little well okay. Hope this next one's better break CNN taping eighty away but he. What's up Dave are you put yourself in the mirror naked. You're lucky you're lucky your hand in don't know. Oh let's not say this I ate a big drag him. It looked pretty decent with clothes off but not to try to make it all. And I. Okay the pretty pictures well. Just like they're okay I'm not. Keep in shape but like OK even I can't you know not you can't say I'm not in snow. I know this may notice I have to equal sat. All your. Your credit. It easily display yes it does firstly the entire bot like threat is evenly distributed so it doesn't look back at peak. Victoria. Got taken a break group. IQ do you view cars compete basically it it is Tuesday. Whistle so what's the last romantic thing move Hugh polled. Then I don't mean birthdays or anniversaries is like at the blue crew remains the move. Jobs. He went okay as he had nothing what. She's issued his audience. Shooters. Org icing his widget here to project a two week and you get back to us. Before next Monday. Before Friday. You've got to pull one quick romantic move. Getter in the mood for Monday to set the tone from Monday romance that's your project for a week and and Europe very own page you know you're waiting you know you best you gotta pull a move. Picket sets the tone. That the and is he gonna have to do that every Monday it was this expectation you perhaps chick. I don't I bet they don't like that don't alert and he's not we're not. I the settlement ever. I'd say when Hillary go to bed still want more see I didn't say it wouldn't work we have one I listened and I think the public to get to happen the next time. Way did you show up again maybe you don't worry about next or what's have a first time. Did you 6000 dot your daily Don McDonald street doctor romantic got to listen to. You young armoire. It's always talk about it. So I picture you or to Hitler and I wondered if she argues he's every night to thank the group lowered. Look at I'm guessing well why didn't read access lying yeah. He's a bench. Sean hope play well actually recorders you. Are you know look out. Two and thought about it. What is its what you what you start circuit and it. Here's the other guy I was getting. Hillary don't want to. You know people to salute her lawyer Warner cable actually moratorium and the whole time. Todd takes the colors are daily done the break artsy folks I'm old Oakland where it is there a solution. Recite pulling a romantic move yes I it's a solution Andy's most men try I wanna know it's actually legit. Ruth and valuing the drug my wife I'm disabled list is a bad idea is let's idea is there's really donating brainstorming and terrible idea. Just asking. That their work what could be tried. The it ever tried just. Ask you know what are you mean like the answer that eyeball let's say it's getting yesterday I got nothing elvis' like directly at straight up at. Asking what I want for all of you zoom loom real well. That I want like fantasy day on Monday XXX eight and wait you haven't even had six that went fed. I made it to say this he says we sex is special sex sex date anybody it's having sex with you is live in an affair this Idaho. I'll horrible horrible fans. You got to raise the C guys although one phone line open I would like the bullet and all these guys play the budget you did you ever over. Seduce ice like what total. That race I could sit tight in a brick group's.