Heads Up, Guys. Your Wife Is Quitting THIS

Friday, May 19th

Yikes.. Please tell us this isn't going to be a thing, ladies....


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I. Matt ploy consumer had a bad eight grey group that's classic Iraq many 65 WC IMF one. Yeah what are they now Russian they're no longer she'd be there and that's why. That's cat has settled you'll live with deserve. Health benefit I don't know wanna be European all the sudden they Communists you study only three quarters of women are shaving on it's it's not older no we need we need to Pitt police it's not all the women getting lazy mean older women at a stop its but the majority under twenty says look good thanks cut it. Wait did it the first executed does look at it really be eight woman. That deal breaker for that it's likely more today and said Tommy I'm polish in my pockets you divorce. I would say honey. It's your body you do what you want you should do is asleep. Injuries are you shave its hum we got to amid on the police. And shaven up. Yeah I mean I could I would really be it would be. And off putting it grows beyond a particular receive it woman with hairy armpits on I have no oh really yeah where in Florida morning. It's a you're saying oh it's unclear. Now that we have got to grow up around the sixties. And I was a good bit that thing for awhile in the late sixties early seventies with. Cheeks were gone all natural right to they were shaving their legs and stuff. It's gross is what this is by the way and why was it health reasons I wonder at what spark to this movement to save a lot of shady is that few scant. Would that yes there are also so there are also let their beef go if you like your pits go you're also what you know because you can do waxing down there's not as dangerous as the shape and I'm talented are gonna get lazy. And you'll like that shape and a pit. So then there of their baby pits at the next thing yeah if you're gonna let your pets gum assuming yours and let everything go at that at times and it's a way the world works. You long. Jimmie saying these things is making me unbelievable. Any help desk and said that the in my off the legs. There and I would not a legs would come first because that's like the most where it is the globe Roos is they newseum broad. With the leg here it's freaks me out I she's like a hat she's like. Cave woman so let's do this that. Let's say. You have to have won your life is gonna have one hairy armpit Terry legs carried downstairs area. You have to pick one which one is not that they're all okay did you not see the question. Want you have to pick one which are great boon or legs pit road oh yeah public. I guess that go to the leg and I think armpits are. A big difference to seal the time like it's. I let. You feel like it's you don't see I don't want to I don't wanna hairy giant Hernando one. Her legs. I get married I think it hadn't you know I've never been with a bullets ago thirty years old never been with a woman that was completely old down there. The NS's and I mean that's your normal I mean I remember back in the day when you had you know get a month downer. It's. Well are figures are up 25 cents. Egypt and that's good decode onto it and I I don't know early and often I remember the first time I actually was. With that I trimmed to one. Okay what you mean I use that communities to be like you know it was you know. Paired downstairs but them and even to trim job. Was it while that's nice then bare floor came gad damn tee like you your life addresses she's. Yeah I don't want any of it be to put it god in my head. A when I'm serious what quarter of women American women no longer sheep there aren't too so all I'm feminine but there's YA. Say it hurts like a hole and it doesn't hurt. Get your arm takes arm pits wax to donate that sounds like. My aunt my friend actually get attention that it. It does not heard at all but Milligan IC any here I guess facial era broader glee some bracket that they can now. Late site burning things on non. What you can tell you likely to shave one to your knowledge you know and and I don't head I can be so if you can't you can your victory I am for it and that's how I wanted to let's say honey I can't stand your body it's disgusting lie cheat sheet year back. I hands. Arias and have to ruin would you lately I would you shave your legs and exchange for achieving on its. Why shouldn't I. Lots to switch whenever I am an Italian cyclist and written. This price I got to search. There ain't no love it to the barely get together and it's like I think it's like to do things like editing TV telephone maybe she speaks more to dynamo we'd take out OK I got may have legs and that's when we set these standards up. That at any rate. I got their hair because the smooth groove to stay and god gambling don't match shape in my labels of Hillary and I don't think that the regional minority Olympic swimmer on his. We do what he'd be careless I would look like a harbor seals. France and the. All your noises on the same note to say that's exactly what he's eloquent newspaper wanna win and seal act. Video balls later those all the time. As our brazile take dictator and 6000 what did you borrow it and a lot of shame their it's at its Gary helplessly as is Terri gear you know in regards to its. Leader really there aren't that many certainly teach over there you can basically go topless and whatnot then. And I'll be old lady bird beefed up recently in an accident you don't wanna look. That's. What do you lasers used earlier victories forty what dangers. In warming at a fresh set of breasts in planes and I guess she was more out which sees hairy arm. You know right. Vinatieri lions she's in red carpet in my sight and view and out of palpable there where it should be. The other area that Saddam Hussein bridge which are wreaking arms down and trying to eat here. Hi Lisa flies up your food. Outlook that. I am a lot more why hallmark signal lecture. What I am doing this sudden go to jail. I'd WW. Your skill and a great every day. Yeah I love you'd call it tell you what to suck Gary thank you so much at a resident I don't know what's great betterment that story and breast implants with. Apparently our principle the fact he hangs out with a gun he refers to as the of the I think I yellows out yeah. Haven't a little the other dairy and I was just gonna get really bury them.