Former Buffalo Bill Donald Jones Talks NFL Journey

Thursday, February 16th


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There are some guys that have. Great job so yeah. Get one like greed of the guys if you have a great job to get one great cool job in certain you play the NFL it's edited your greed you play Major League Baseball that's certain to be broadcast or do your radio show that it. There's a guy lied it was at like the three greatest jobs the history really of Mick and I think he might not even be a light right now headed not meant three chance encounter with an NFL team. Died on the field seasons at the the break months yet met you can hear him every day and a sister station netted 57 ESPN John Murphy show cohost is a fantastic job. Buffalo Bills alumni former wide receiver and if I'm not mistaken oh I forgot to add New York Times best selling our Donald Jones is with a say dot light nobody. I'm good man yeah don't. So when they say bestselling author New York Times best selling. Number one but how many books yet to sellers at some Linux base of people big picture you know good writer. Man you know little isn't here on the tarmac in Amazon so but you gotta tell you thousand book and one day to you that aren't. Awesome Italy Reid's team and nobody read an illustrated. I don't know what all of in the world. McDonnell I love you I do I still love you but I'm a little less impressed with Amazon best Amazon's huge. Good answer the New York. That brought you luck to you why because not so I'm actually sold the vehicle and so on this model and so when you're so what would you can't. The army and that I'm that you can't hear that your time. Graham okay cost Chicago and worked our doll so I mean bill's fans remember it couldn't bills are you back in the 12 July sees it buffalo not mistaken right. 2012 would yet but I see them. I'd say you're a raging you have this great season buffalo we end up signing up with the patriots and all of a sudden. When you're training camp things are feeling right for you was that correct. Well they started not directly in my lap season which blows my best season. And so you know Garnett he's not lose. Oh there's that girl bone and kidney failure but I don't electronics all of that any time. The ball leaving enough about it. And volley kitty Iraqi news whereas when he returned artillery round I was in kidney failure and the problem was out. It out practice now playing every delicate and a lot of patent but I really couldn't see anything. Play when he gets here kitty just generally lose news site. Well because the market outlook Ursula and it. This and how easily the bank he's just couldn't take a good school work. Lautner who love conflict than. Now let's get that big of like kidneys and scored and I definitely ducked and I listen I don't feel like I got to. I'm already here and got a good score out of it back in time I. I. Can be you can it died for Christ's thinks it's time square that's a great Donald the patriots duties Stuart is a word is we're all over to police might. Apple. Had got unit which of physical and before you can like what happened during a physical with the Indianapolis Colts. They have known that on it on the tribal units that. And I'm running on the treadmill and Butler procedures at the war and I released look at it like. You still okay and I'm like bill. Good enough. Team lightly blood pressure is it was something like 200 look over. 100. You know so I was about amateur and turned them down Jesus and at that point it looked like listen he. Is a done deal. So you get what they tell you can't play what they told you could it died on the field headed in the right conditions. Yet if this fight I would attempt on line up probably could've gotten duplicate that in the right conditions and by. Hadn't done the right thing that sparked an influence and all of them after the that I was pretty down below here. Does it out just a tablet to be here every day ready by seven ESPN our sister station outpost the drummer joke so we are doing. Think of the two guys doing that John Murphy show. John Murphy would hit the what was health problem. I just say I've seen all the years. Leggett somewhere with a kidney problems have to be the guy that's a little bit on having these events like yeah Hitler could manipulate you don't really need. I guy has seen a plate of Fries even pass that I. They tell you Merck Merck eat oatmeal for breakfast every day mental health. And I. Jay-Z base he's one of those guys I want to be fat. We did like I like that jovial people. Georgia although I understand it Merck. Law late you wouldn't you wouldn't Morgan Stanley will. I can't represent because he represents like every guy and it's stadium. Had they gotten that would love to do their job at a big chubby guy he's excited bidders but it's a because these state of excesses like he represents the regular guy. In the Booth OK I am saying it down it's all slim down looking good now he's general Lambert gaining bang an object accumulated. I spoke recently authorized your goal is your goal might not bat and be in the blue. And added to any doubt. Ever be every guy street Joseph what if that beautiful O'Donnell is that they McAllister he he he was a big effect guy growers and he did go to several booms that involves the adult film season but he lost about two late eats like celery and settle for breakfast everyday. Yet little girl. But I doubt that giving him thirteen year old. Yeah. He's a year and key interest like you kidney transplant you got to get on the list did not want you follow somebody this is really funny you say it you're blocked your steps up view by the naturally it's gonna donate his kidney to you right. But I dig in on the first I got on actually down on five different are the SP. And me I'm bothering the one step well luckily the match because. Guys like me and as is needed that aren't usually I don't look at doctor Tom and so I'd like to be healthy and help is not even do. So I guess this question honestly don't just us talking you know we deal with an agent cultural tramples what receiver goes Jimmer joke if your dad needed decade. Eight you were a match are you automatically say yeah I could have my kidney dead. Automatically when I. We got its big deal to see anybody get to your role as a whole move. Not let up this album will let the paint on them off while they're apparently that's when we don't miss out to be at my. Ahead but these duties some amount and and it is he needed without a big thank you pretend that this issue was I that never goes to the docket. 88 needle and so we had the whole process and on even. Site in into. Going in didn't it all worked up to be on Saturday outlook. It looked at this game and did like needles. But now he's getting operated on to have a organ removal you want from that they did that ucits psyched out W are you telling us that she tricked your father giving kids yet. I'm. Happy I had to do a patent right I didn't. Do. So lucky you know it you know. Yeah I'm a soccer but I have to go through all this right you play the NFL you successfully almost die at a treadmill in Indianapolis. Had a stroke is played professional baseball for some. Well. I know out there on the what my. It's. So how to tackle down properly independently damage your Padilla and the patriots. And I and outplayed and actually to get relief at a port to home run around us all the ought to be did. Made a couple of well you greatly doubt now that at least in a deal is an antenna which romance can do it is this is what moment in artwork now. Five lead that much I. So is now back to normal kind of well and quickly. So for every stat that you for every base used gold plated baseball for BW bit teacher dad get credit stat box because technically wasn't telling us that. Get some momentum Boone good man he should buy today get credit for allot option credit or a lot. Dow Jones buffalo bill's legacy of former receiver in and out with a seed here every day at the John Murphy show and a sister stage at night if I seven ESPN two of the three right offers about what what's in your book where we find it we want to read it. The name of my book is. Would have been in my book. Always going to Donald Trump not Donald please colts were. Who scored. And they in my book is well on the net. Quarter predicted that didn't ask your department and. I don't I don't know. I wanna talk to you about something that developed yesterday to your guys that went through all the pre draft stuff you were undrafted and excited to create with the bills Jim Kelly's nephew. Ole miss quarterback Chad Kelly whose ads off the field issues in the past. Is it any arrests to be in my didn't miss a rest. I don't know if. I assure you that the Iraq but you know any time in this day and age any time you have anything off the field they're looking at it. Site news. So the NFL announced yesterday that Chet Kelly is one of a couple players that will not be invited to the NFL compiler because off the field issues problem is Donald according to check tallied his agent he had already been invited yet felt told him to book a flight I heard you would Merv talked about yesterday it you should you have a problem keeping these guys with off the field issues out of become minded Indianapolis. Yeah and the biggest problem. That the carbine is the place or. Happy to be able to tell their side or bird coaches Indians and everybody to talk that it is so it doesn't really make sense reader not a but I mean that it doesn't Clinton. At the best laid the best did it for you to copy it. Annika did damning him by the way like you simply give a guy shot. But he handled it well he's he's he's got a cubs' I don't. What are you gonna move by saw it on my doesn't mean that kid is gonna be tracking. So that we saw this in addition obviously to well. I've but there are those who argue Dolly you know and I did not to kill to Kelly but he's the he's released from Clemson there's an exit at a bar outside of Bob let's press OK were you was arrested because he allegedly told the bartender after kicked out he was gonna sprayed a place with a ticket not the smartest thing to do you really want to Munich kid you did here he did I start. I did not know that at a milieu threatened however I do. Something happened and are huge. That's he had been hesitant to have a right dollar. There are those who would argue that you're giving this kid who has had chance after chance after chance and opportunity to make millions of dollars when there are others who live their lives the right way that deserve it to those people you would say what. Two of those people I would say. You need to have a certain skills that you play in the NFL he has they'll. Yes I did like it got a housing guys would it debtor in line for his gig. So he's only one of a few premiere college quarterbacks in the country that can play at that level why would you. Has a way that opportunity and that's his deal is the kid and took. To get access high note on that but I read. I forget console on the week you're invited to come on right we've their. Yeah that come in and again it would be if it delete it would be. Are doing now I'm not quite acute for up to this you might have been when Luke knew that didn't get invited them back at. One issue when I was proud and so I'm out there want it to sort of backed that now there stripping him that opportunity is so. In the University of Miami could never put anybody on I got the infield. The elderly great athletes that came and turner lies or other other like Michael Irvin hole like Taylor is a great example of a wise ass kid he had some issues in now is that we're the most buttoned up on guys and now he's on the NFL network but like I would have never gotten that opportunity for every Michael Irvin and there is five era grenade diseases are don't you got no one Aaron Hernandez. And. Out what that's actor and you got one little guy. I kinda got him OK okay to take those two out of the mix. Everybody else's five I. It's just Kelly couldn't have gotten into the lead was good with this antics when he was a young guy he partied and drank and he skirts and had a good time you can carry two different areas there was a Twitter for Jim Kelly what are predict buck is there's no Twitter for mark Fastenal write these. Lights out there as check out original lose all these great athletes only troopers now as it helps sell. Just Chip Kelly you can attest that this is like Chip Kelly is this don't prospect anyway he's not gonna be drafted in the first round to be drafted at all even think. Because the there was that many good quarterback. I mean you're Latvian lat parties didn't write it as at all he might not even a the Eagles to Cromartie might not be crappy so what's the point of not particularly karma did bring him out there the day he can talk you. He's a Spartan shirt. Aren't it's a jealous of his two functioning kidneys is that what it is the clintons conclusion. I'm kind of bury them. McDonald Douglas know. Every single day average Greek debt with Jon Murphy of the John Murphy showed sister station 95 ESP NN passivity is PM actually tied down there recently got a heavy backlog during the season meant what I haven't thank you. I am and I look to get back on unedited factory output into an edge because the opposite order stadium. They only look to players who did you know we don't. That a lot of the VA Whitley but the guys that are over there they won't cook some for. Mentions that not even there anymore. All going. You sound a little spoiled them to think it could I just kind of they're Toyota. I doubt everybody takes the time we appreciated. And have a good is the date Donald Jones buffalo bill's former wide receiver beat him every week day on the job to show or Greg had these awesome by governor personality.