Calling An Expert VS Doing It Yourself

Thursday, July 13th

When it comes to taking care of problems around the house, are you the type of guy to attempt to fix it yourself?

Sometimes it's okay to admit you're in over your head... Unfortunately, Kimmy's boyfriend doesn't feel that way.


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Whether it's saving money whether it's stubborn this whether it's pride men who love to do with themselves call an expert costly too much much Eddie as I can do all this on my you know. Tell you that's not true. A cause bigger problem in your boyfriend Jimmy could die. Daddy's taking a big risk by doing that himself ever talk like electrocuted himself fall off a roof I'm talking like in a hospital bed with a infection and daughter. Yeah taken on more than you can handle today have a break get that just dissect makes X five ABC MF can be the big chair today dummy in the day off yet. Terrible time to be on the board for this thing now right. And ever special guest house from our sister station WGR 550 buffalo you can hear it today also. Cause in the John Murphy show on our sister station ready by seven ESPN the rock star from two of the three airmen. Monday post game monitor the football season here the great group sap a pot GO. I heard you told me I guess that some more different cohosts of run through I thought it was special this week no no you're just I'm not special I'm like one of many in the fill in co host gas you'll go pour your horse today if you money's on the Dresser and merry. I don't get paid more than offset. How are way better maybe a rough spot via because your boyfriend he's trying to do something that he should not beat her act. He so. We did an apartment building where there's a couple apartments and I hop in an older house. And done. Right now where we're dealing with directions on our roof and we've had this problem last summer but our landlord took care of it like he called him like a guy who came in and took them away far far away but I guess we can make their way back. Could know how to get back to where they wanna have a lot of this. There aren't accurate. Starting this is according to the resurgent my boyfriend has been doing lately because. Instead of like. He doesn't trust our landlord to handle it now now he wants to handle it himself he want to take care of the reckoned on the quick question what experience does your boyfriend have extol and zero okay. So we heard it we heard the other night it's B Celtics almost like screeching weasel and they were outside on our fire escape cell. Don't be afraid get up at like 4:30 AM he wakes me up to tell me that there's recommends on the fires skate. And to restrict banging on the window and they're not moving so he's looking up things to do it grabs a room. And he's like their response do you like an a goat cheese and with a broom off byers gave you by the way he's a big person in he has to climb out the window. To get to the fire escape which didn't really work out to buses city start opening of the window the recommends got a scurried off but now he's determined to keep them from coming back. It's it has a couple of things I could be disaster here reports that one. Undefeated Spitzer scratched by a good idea begin rabies or like some kind of infection and on the sister too low he could fall off the guy did fire escape on a die cast three. Like poison a raccoon it's against the law no he's. I don't think he's in a poison number ulyetza he's looking at a cottage wrapped them right and then do what. Who knows that I'll actually get hurt I think it is all right he's come to that conclusion but he also looked up I guess like there. He's trying to finally they're predators. Seat. I guess to spread around its Q a for coming isn't there or someone you could call it takes care of these I don't gather as buddy keep things that. You you have to go to man landlord and he doesn't think he's gonna do rate they're gonna come back he handled mostly an area that's the other part of this is a rented place your do in this. You've got a call somebody that I mean that's even worse because if you if you take it on yourself and you're really SO well yeah and happened yep. What are the elements what do you read him whether eroding most men will make this mistake at least once in life not a he said he did I know what I do don't handle on my own it's real no matter. What you are trying to do at home whether it's put up drywall or fix a roof forget rhetoric codes unless you like an electrician accord general contractor or exterminator. Where the job your attempting is what you do for living you're going to screw it up in some way and why do I get the impression except by GO that you are I'm gonna try to do. Myself god Oracle's. Totally wrong. I'm the complete opposite in fact. I basically. Know nothing about anything when it comes to building put except together. I I always have the sing okay. I can tell you off the top my head pretty much the last thirty Heisman Trophy winners NCAA basketball champions or champions you know where would I know about a car. Where to stick a key and a I have no idea even how its regional oil hedging oil nothing nice to change it oils. I have no idea what I'm looking at one opener I take everything. To someone who knows what they're doing now with that comes people taking advantage of me so I have to make sure that that's not happening. But I look at it is a it is a common joke in my house. It's not really a joke it's true. That basically I just don't do and I will call somebody to basically do. Anything now the last few years I've tried it a few things here that put together a stare at the bottom my deck were actually had to put some wood on net make sure and it was right now you know I would ever take the stairs of whomever in my right exactly I. But when it comes no way now that is a little different at there's something going on in my house out of my building things and fixing things like that. But this raccoon thing I know maybe I might be. I record I don't I wouldn't do it for raccoon but that was another situation like that I did try to put in a the third former house eleven and olds old house in the city built in 1901 the third floor and attic right we converted into Lincoln office space basically. But had a really old window yet that was used as an. I had to replace the window in the when a pain in everything. So instead of calling someone we know people I try to do myself of course I dropped the window that I bought. And outside it shattered all over the roof underneath me. At your window in that I had to call people and I wanna paying 200 bucks to make sure that. The problem is now on even like this is what my boyfriend going after his. Everything's on YouTube. Like every doing yourself writings on YouTube so he thinks in his might well look easy on this you know three minute video I'm sure I can figured out myself. And I think that's a lot of that it did Tommy you lay tried to get rid of the moles on his yard by himself to me all of the zarrella. It is so it was it was harder for him accurate and what does this shame as a man. In admitting you can't do something to did you 6000 I tried to do it and I it was disaster to jump in why after everything about everything because it's impossible to know I just. Well he admitted I I don't I'm fine I would do I I I am. I have no idea about a car I. I will take it to an expert a person every time they could you know that commercial where the car person is talking to someone and in making up all these everything's wrong with the car yet it's not. You could I would probably believe that person I have no idea about a car felt pat is so bad that he can't think kid to come over to change his people know he does. Reject always a really highlight Bob and finally I really high is different than I did I did Jed late yeah. All right it a basketball player and as I I don't got a letter on a lad I went up three rings I can't do heights freaks me out I didn't and screw you guys. Bush here it's at the budget cuts it did posted this voted Tom DeLay coming back Monday morning but aren't even worse and do it yourself and tell me how many guys listen to try this. You buddy comes over and sees what's going on god. Hope you will save X about a dollars it's amazing how many men will just take their buddies word for I don't do that. Figured out pretty well out like buddy who had never seen bill but he take goes a query that I would've. Taken have a right it friendship of mine. Odd is a guy who worked here and another radio show that five years ago he was on the air and I was gonna finish my basement becomes all Italian and having Beers ago. It's basically the people's labeled as they so it's as far as we're Home Depot together. And it comes out during this trip to not only has he never finished basement. But he was buying all of the wrong materials. For the basement according to a guy who worked at Home Depot quote didn't know much about British base midst. But I don't is that what you're supposed to do so I had to tell him like a trip like he was an idol exit good idea. And he got super (%expletive) cousy thought it was cold media. And we haven't spoken since that date on the five years well he got really but heard about how good for once I mean he was at my house so that's. You do the right thing they're that is he took it way too far to the next level I think when you question men's integrity in what they know how to do. But it's not really easy buttered him. And it would have only gotten worse hagee let it go line is let's say he you know finish the basement and you find out like. There's like some toxic thing and something that he bought music at a herald down redo it I mean you stopped it before it started at least what you did we play is glimmer your life. And a. Could he went to my wife and my white naive we would have been. She was like a quite. He said he does I didn't notice how it's such agreement she said you know which she wants hold off a little while she's gonna look and a so you know get if you can't do that he's you could Lubavitch. It has to win and on her I don't I don't academics should look like a little bit you know it doesn't because no one know what I call this deter and if you're a little bit we'd interpret what did you say you. It. In another all the aren't ticket and 6000 spoke about coming and keep his boyfriend's trying to determine if it's. It's Timmy boy it is tried to audience zone eliminate ready there apartment instead of calling a professional Y two men feel the need to do things other. We had no experience doing his stuff Susan the breaker on CNN played it would sue. I got okay I can't own and I looked up remedy is that the that that violate our water. And guy. How to buy it at the end of boil our water there. I. Piled out and I very. Are. Wait so you're boiling hot water into an ant hill he carried it from the kids move to the back yard. Yeah. I thought I doubt that Al and I get retreat Aaron I'm Aaron in at second degree earn on my lag and I'll allow our. Is there a scar soup. All because of ants won't be but that's a lesson you're gonna have for the rest your life right leg every tidy big budget he's going to erode future our. Sula site. I appreciate the policy thank you. Due respect to DD 6000 what is your read a wreck and you just got to tipsy just about anybody. Just can't oh god what's up man. We had a fire dog eared. They are wrecked who has one yards and like dollar time what you got there was it yourself like crap and it indeed issue an atlas there's. I bet are brought there forever. Tells me that won't fly in downtown Rochester to throw the rip. It. I know. I. Series is a killer reckon we just. I'm back into jets were heard on an adjusted so it was fines bonafide. Road and right. To catch another motion. And. Palestinian and metabolic ear or whatever you want to go. I can't wait to give he's going to address you I just clearly stated I was bloody shoot dutifully but here's the problem for someone like I mean even many that these were problems. I can't kill anything I guide I would feel there's no way am I killed a raccoon. Amin no way I feel that I hate dealing out kills eight spiders like heel splitter right. But I I did not. Killing anything you add that that would be down maybe for just in the who does this mean he's a hunter whatever I have no problem with people who do that out you go kill and eat it you know he's the American non record. I'm not I'm not sure enough iMac kill enough I'm just not that person out to grab electric doing. It's just basic nobody appreciated. Evident is that it I would have you bush from the two. Weeks I agree acting so I don't don't take just adored again. Thanks in your basement I.