Buying Clothes For Your Significant Other

Friday, July 14th

How do you keep the wife happy on the road? Well, for Tampa Bay Lightning star Ryan Callahan, gifts aren't the answer..


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Rock native and have it ladies are right Cahill and Jonas has more on. To be here. I'd been at Charlotte I know you're coming. Oh break out of jail right Kelly that's yeah talk about that Brian Gionta Andrew Peters before and to our surprise both of them while in the room. Talked about these guys travel the time and Bryant started off they say what you know to make my speech what does he get upset with me I will go shopping for on the road in particular. By her clothing and we laughed at him and we made fun of him and he got really angry like Italy that he does and whatever its moments from. Scott a look at that we have. It appears on. You know age you Peters former enforcer big tough guy I would thought he'd be the opposite he said this week he is quite close while he was on the road. So I wanted to look at hockey players and or those guys are just like super sensitive will guys. Super sensitive little guys are pre my wife was not listening to this radio international gonna start up you're like why have you bought me clothes on but it's the same time. Well they should Hitler. My exactly what I 2226000. Has the fashion sense and the balls. To blot and buy your wife about it is that we have a prettier about a rod signed AQ. Thank you disaster for quite a patent and can you can attest to that different sizes were all different brands. Yes that does very a lot and my boyfriend and I. We don't exactly share the same taste in things and I think keeping that I would like things that I don't and Bullock doing skippy you're right what you would want to see broadly. Sexually suggestive things ball. He and only he said Tammy and I guess I don't know legislate kilt think that this is Connie your style and it's like not a Dolly. Maybe lingerie. Even know I'd be scared of size exercises summit in the sizes like maybe I see something laundry lines and I think it's really awesome. I bring it on my wife if she's offended that I think it should he win one way that. You know percent higher ranked NHT danger it's a land mine field I walked through yet job day in Japan. Toward you have to do. Let's IG was looking at me like I was the idiot for not doing this with my. There's no way to keep what I with teammates to they would buy clothes for the wives together which is almost as weird is going to Disney World. I'm ourself right. That it that is very rare TV got a girlfriend now I do despite all the odds against that happening correct have you ever bought clothing beer girl absolutely not. The only thing ever consider would like just giving her my old church has. A major war veteran that throw that that's. I'm gonna go give it oh this gift that's just like KG you know it definitely on a different mind. But I. I don't wanna make the mistake of going Indus them. Female clothing store and public are around trying to figure with a home and apply the. Yet there's. There's other things you can you can get your wife or girlfriend I'm sure on the road that. Says just as much as clothing you do is just a little less risky. Like flowers or something like that flowers are operating in those that play exactly like. Getting off the plea do you have a go to those that we've all those. Those moments where not because Betty we've done our wives are stressed and you know something's wrong eighty got to make it better do you have a coach and they need to make it better. It's become all the tabs on the yeah. And I keep your debut here another. I have all bed. Last year I get blindsided ver W it's like there's no go too we know what's gonna work give nothing no. Then I mean up a buyer flowers on it all have them delivered the house but. Overly coached me feel bad. Do their. Daily at. The normal thing. Social and urged him to close is two sizes too small they think it'll give the guy looked at small short and looked at smaller bites you big. If that guy looked at big like. You write a recluse you're actually right but you those relationships could start to go this way where like there's no gift exchange pretty much at all anymore. We I want to agree while we usually talk about for a team that's no Fun League why even do forget it's holly I'm gonna book you all know what to buy just. Christmas comes up like hey let's. Etc. for Christmas we did talk the house did this who initiates the alleged not buy anything conversation you were your thoughts that the if I ask your wife could just like set a other ports are okay I just like you don't you very unique lifestyle where there aren't they supported do you like older people don't get so. I I understand it I get it. Like that would fly your world we're Christmas shows up and there are no gifts exchanged. And get it unless we had agreed to do something together like a vacation or something and Alec and I would assume that he would get me give tigris. I have been agreed to plea deal have lived it. Price limiting your head can be like a basement if it's not over you know X amount of dollars pissed no I don't come no I really don't at it's it's just depends on if it's something that I think you put effort in to you so it's about the effort yet. Three woman says he's not trying to do and only an IQ I don't. Q. A fifteen dollar gift called volatile the effort put into it like why we debates of the authority. That's a candidate. I would I might argue that the it's nice that you try it and did something out of the box. Major League page picture of you. Okay we cannot put in the bathroom. The pitch like to be honest with a what did you think that's nights and he probably put a lot of effort into it that's okay. Jimmy what's the basement for gifts for your girlfriend the bottom you get to spend to shoot the deepest. At least one in five. That too low and yes we too low final imports is different scenario. And get for point five but I look who's talking I don't have a be ready. I think dinner as a gift. You thought your old T shirt where people always get the second ago when an hour now I've. The league but this was look this up last night right. Seven in ten women say they expect to give a minimum 100 dollars for every holiday birthday anniversary so that's been a hundred bucks 70% of women are telling you you're not spending enough. Access that's latter girlfriend. We cheaper. You have to Pinehurst mess you up for what I thought well about a hundred no. She's not happy with the 25 college making mistakes telling you like to put up the for a little while because you lost puppy dog to know what else she's she's. For this update that she enjoys about Cuba after awhile that goes a way to meet meet its relationship. Doing the best I can't look at it for you thanks Doug about the basement price for a gift for your lady can he says there has not been proceeds make 120 dollar. Based at the tibia. It is a different scenario. What about Brian coming back towards you. Like if your life is very bottom price that your wife has suspended she's getting some things and like you can. I say no what I mean I guess. It's probably is somewhere. By the throat and armor but she was but it went box if that twenty dollars. Us. It raises my eyebrows the little that. All we really to like you should go to figure something she teach you something involved in this league calls you have in golf amend two but. At the same time elect really like which buys me golfing to chew bars and clubs okay. And now I want to rail clubs are okay it on I started doing a polish or to make it look adorable. Since same thing I'm kinda like to pick mail things out so it's tough what I wanna collection Bobby drone. Or I'll that's what you really cool right so we live out we live amendments or get some land and fly that thing around which are really light which is really cool. Nothing like that was was awesome. But that brings a whole other can of worms voicing or right Kelly can't sit in the timing relay this morning it went back together Monday morning show. She buys you is something that you could break easily. Varies greatly as a guy you want to do it cat with a hydraulic you have to be super careful with that gift you've got to be break it she's gonna be pissed. I think she knows me well enough by now though that. There's a good chance at things get. That happened is a buddy of mine his girlfriend got in the drone and need to get out of the box. And the first thing he did it this was inside by the way I think he has pushed on but it went straight up with a behind. Came out and I got her color I was gonna get. You need to get to enjoy it. It's complicated buying things the old ladies it's complicated receiving gifts but the most complication comes when the kid show. Because I'll be honest with the I got a little offended that I like he's about the awesome gifts like thoughtful really cool things that I loved I didn't know why would. And then the kid showed up and all of the effort went into buying the kids those gifts and don't know for Christmas ends up like that go all out for the kid and now I'm not get stuff. But I like I likes things to read and I'm still a person. Let them travel with us to I think it's rich kids that's or started saying as a door neighbor Christmas this year. It's all about the kids now. Yeah outlaw OK that sounds great when you say it aloud but secretly I would still like cool stuff what. Do you buy yourself schools have sort of beastly there's that element of surprise to me back me up on this but there's nothing better they've wrapped present on what'd it. I might hate it but for ten seconds among rapids at us it's true but benefits this appointment it hurts lay more than. The benefit of something cool kind. So what are you what are you get to alike. Smile probably be below from my wife I take it and I use a little disappointing when route that soaks I'd like I know because my wife has returned every gift I've ever gotten her leg seriously so it instantly told you get. Shoes are telling us a boutique shoe store pits for one time. Ages of the issues and other too expensive I know portion size she's fawning over he shoots a three months later Christmas time comes along I go to this place I don't fit in always looking to be weird about issues jumped in my. Well. Raise questions. These things. When you go out at town especially hurt you right in the beginning did she expect you to like bring back like a souvenir from city or something. No matter. What I do another Auburn it's normal guy and I'd be honest with each of the kids listen they are terrible parent. If you have to bring kids home stuff how much of it is in the airport leaving. Not because beat we charter high yeah well X optical accidentally go fight I. A little girl's rights super hockey fans yet all they can't get like a Parker had a very don't know which a lot of guys do. Lot of guys a pox and hats from the other team just collectibles the sheer yeah that when I was a kid. Stroman on our team actually every arena we went to that your a pox from its. Latest free lately easily to the other your revolution. Updated and gets hectic but it's like it's as this is the easiest cheapest they take grip like it sure if you look at the hour.