Break Room Hate Mail - I Don't Dress For Kimmy

Wednesday, September 13th

Rarely does Kimmy from the Break Room get hate mail directed at her... but there's one dude that wanted her to know she's not as important as she thinks she is!


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Yeah the breaker it's classical only cut about this seat and amp B shall we remember two weeks gotten giddy afterward fantasy football draft I could not go but can he was there you were the only girl. It's a media and you relate them plays up what you're I only made one comment that at that. Set people off you basically insulted every guy's manhood at a bar so it's candy and a bunch of fifty year old guys aren't Andy or where would you call him Jimmy that hat so can't be made a joke pointed out how they were all wearing. Like debt that's very warning baseball caps usually have some kind of. What does that all mean logo on an estate debt had went what is the what do you mean music dead had to Google had a black because he's one. And IQ you've driven calling them. You're you you don't have a shot in your lame that you're calling them old man now that's what that data I'd ever say they're old lame I just it's pointed out that there are weighing ticker at the code where she uses. Chuckling tell those kids did note the ref is a. Is solve the debt freak out it got so bad. Even elsewhere exchange got to stop speaking to can be accused of cheating the bad electorate had. And it's hump I hate listening got very answer because she struck a nerve apparently with some dad says. We could. Every week actual physical sweater set with stamps in envelopes that the only way we read and we get does it every week 'cause everyone is eighty hasn't. We give you two days kid hey. The other week. This letters for Jamie and her bitchy attitude about what it is and is OK for men to Wear pretty secure Lar you know the fashion police of men. Possible the care what you think about what I'm putting on every day you and what you think old man all the news. I'm not here to impress you warrior airhead friends. What intrigued you about or have sex with a girl like you if you paid me I dress for me and most adult men dressed for themselves to. I give up trying to impress women along time ago because it goes nowhere. If you want me you lobby for my personality but you are a pitched Cammie and I'm sure blood to memo out and bought new clothes after what you said yesterday and they did that figure that it might have a shot with you. When reality you know and girls your age are a bunch of teases. Tell men what they should do and never give them an opportunity. Well Cammie this is one man you'll never get an opportunity list. Any insight is that okay nights at 66 guys gets deep seed reserve our right. It's here towards women none of QBC securities at a world generally just like. But he says of the first of all you've got a shot with me. He says that yeah yeah does know you don't. Does appoint a manager and a very very generous angry letter to her brilliant chip that uses foul language too I mean you are that upset the -- letter like you're writing Thelma generates and your level. But the other thing he says a lot of I don't dress for women anymore. No man on the planet. Can say he doesn't dress for. Well every seat even if you could add even if you slave would you put those close you think you look good that you think we provide to track there and you can get. Right and if we didn't dress for women. We would all sweat pants tank tops 24/7 to open. Rory does via budgetary naked men walk. That would be your fantasy not what happened in the atomic dresses for women IP addresses firms I'll tell said he interest. But the reason you where which is as ridiculous. A while to get out of your wife has said she didn't like certain things where and you still continue to Wear them because I didn't like them best approach to host presents combat that much. Says that in the Bible he looks he picks is excluded us that he looks attractive which is tres look at it. Residents snazzy like human. Snazzy. Good lord that now there is snazzy like snazzy. The nicest do you separate said that besides world. Changing the way you look for a woman can be brought it up and Tommy will change the way he looks with the exception of our money's the cross here and we've all done Russia follow. What stuck at chick we were hiding was into it just went for it changed the way we look trying to get laid there. What you just an amicable regulated just she. Picks that we done dangerous but potentially life. Bank account antique at this change your outfit just an attack that claim will do whatever Texas and be anchored at this guy has changed at. Because she called them lame she basically said you don't have when she says that had she saying. You heard have a shot at anybody my age in the way I look which is probably right right but he does want to hear that this heat things in his mind every guy thinks he can get laid. I Healy looks at the guy is that chick knows yet. I get that about a married I you know like. I'm I'm happily merit but if I wanted to I was single Abiola. But the Whaley this is so sensitive like I just said to me about a hat and she starts talking about revamping an entire wardrobe well I did a lot of men bird. What you were actually trying to set did you use dad had its code word for you're old and lame and. He has you down and am not interested in new unit average shot in you have to anyways if you basically pull them all their parents and and we. Regretful no but that's exactly how they felt though. There's all those guys playing fantasy that you're playing fantasy football at a bar you think you just the coolest guy married. I definitely don't wanna win this set of a bit I know football. Undress random at the bar. And I regulator about two. It's up it's how we how we roll out and sees. The date but they all think that they got a shot. But everybody talks to chimera a when he stock tender they see Russia. Any avail wasn't married wasn't tied down obviously and that they ain't she be Alan Mena second. To see if any of the guys who insult to change the interest. It's tough to see them a lot outside of work so we don't know. Know some guys govern that. Ought to shooters this weekend you're out and maybe get rid all like our brochure do you feed IC which it did bill and you guys laugh the main guests who pitched. Dividend payers should load orchards and usually people. To duplicate it. It's gorgeous yeah. I feel like it's wrong but only you make but at the same things that I was making fun of people for that room. You would be cut debt to debt hat she's right. Gamba idols because they don't make hats they get a cover for these they do you would get yelled look on his forehead to keep them geeks but I say it and sell out of bounds you know what it where did daily. Aces failures in regulation it's. It's it's a sexual thing with when you saved him saying. It's a battle of the sexes when you say OK so they're thinking like those guys staying that if they were single baker walked down here and get a day. K but that's it that's a bad thing that's a neat thing that I'm saying the same thing that you would say give it day but they wanna bang you're. On every guy in general wanted to have a judge took you know they don't see and you're wrong like I have to work with these people certainly not say that's no microphone. That's the truth. And if you're really gonna have a conversation here relative says yeah. Brass tax breaks text your sit in her Republican shared credit and you and you go man. Things are different. I can nail that lie she would want I'd happily married have stimulants. I hope I check it you sit there you're thinking oh man like you know I can't speak English or two to queer. I'm a little Sissy boy I can't tell you gave the girl her own movement to make military men and submit. Obviously you guys like that please the cut out the according to European. How we got a race can be pissed that she made but the data adds two weeks ago big part of their man who would but he says it eat it in a letter that he writes this I'm not gonna draw I don't dress for women which is I everyday addresses for wouldn't even be bigger idiot but it also kind of at fault here would do well like you don't. But I can get laid at forty years old wearing a man bond and skinny she raised. Why would he not do. Can you where does its work there and we see it make fun of that guy here do we stay so just that it can't be true. I was I know I'm terrible but why why is Skype lady can be with the state guy if he saw a which. He got there I think it cuts deeper one and it's their female doing especially our young girl. Crews still got a whole life ahead avert these guys are in her mid forties or at a different stage of life and your basically laughing at. If you just with a girl all right then I think that's what that's why the anger comes out for us this here you go. You know it is terrible thing when you have some fun of a Abercrombie Hollister shirts or backpacks. It was a pleasant balls. Spinning I was in new QB you have to have all got the plaza hall is a bad break Pete's in the breaker CMA PDI nobody. Patent that. They're people brought it up until all Boston anyway. Then answered utilities to have some fun to you know play with. Six I need to not be in a cabbie would make more fun than. Think in the east. This is sure why actually there was a big scandal last year semi fun of a guy get really mad makes it. Good giggle a little bit just did not like glad to be under fantasy game anyway as I can't believe how. Insecurity due to our. Ali bunny. Our aren't you still Jesse wife. Now the crap piece I think it. You know what I meant right now a minute OP sure you can see through an apparent short that the what he'd do. And I'm sitting around my apartment calling Dell met. This could just call got really sad really. Is hanging out or. I I am on the downside dude I understand and I didn't. Can I ask a question got to be honest. You look at. I don't know I don't like IP face the call but he won't take but see if Pete Randy Cammie. He thinks he's got a shot. In his mind and that did editing too boy you're lucky you are an enemy twenty years ago. His son the right I think I guess Sony music get into a battle Marie. And getting seat images called the duration admitted as your three HC their teacher probably isn't concerned with the way I think of about it is also inside his apartment leases I don't get it is pretty out there you get beat you just talk about ball blessings that I don't think every guises that is as sensitive as you said and I will say this that you know time and I've gospels and like let's say it BC reporters all the time yeah. If there was an attractive female reporter it's at the CD to meet that you said those guys. Even as a ball buster. Yeah but that's somebody don't know very well and I know all these people well I work with them cracked. I guess it can be so gross league it's hard for us to understand why that would. Why Phil bankers say Kenny is the hottest looking chick they know one marketing group which is set to a stove that only goes to today. Everything is kind of warm you know he wickets that finishes you wake up if you water heater the light blue like that Youkilis circle or owner really hope he ran into one of their lives and they hit us what's. Which seat. McKinney sorry Britney break.