Break Room Hate Mail - Angry Grandma

Wednesday, April 19th

If you drop your kids off with their grandparents for the day, how much of a say do you have in how they babysit?


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You raised your kit yeah so why is your kid telling you how to take care of their kids. No new way new style that you think you know better remain well let me and they are they're cute little hill went you know what that what you've taken to bear out what because grandparents want to see dare grant park combined as it becomes a little touchy. When. The years passively that we raise kids are we doing more. And may be your parents' view this the show don't subscribe to way you do it now or maybe if you grandparent listen to the show would you go well you surprised. What else but it Sox begin you're gonna watch your kid. But you wanna handcuff Maine and how to do it. But it's there kit okay. You you Richard leaving them and who might respond responsibly some rabbit out of trouble brand to Richard tell me how to do it but I got her except older responsibility. If it goes wrong I yeah the breaker box classic rock many 65 to BC meditate now the week we. Actual fist in the letters every week dozens of them telling us how much weeks and letters with stamps written. And people put so much work and these things we get them from our management ticket out of our mailboxes we bring them to you and we did a story about two weeks ago conglomerate that woman out the sticks. Her grandson was over he walked outside only way buddies house lost long story short she was charged with child neglect dish called cups of vitamins she gets busted you got it and we had made fun of this moment and then. And one listen to the show and him got really upset. Instead it got. Out there in you don't know how could you OK I give deal this week's hate mail of the week. WC a Mac as a young grandmother of three I guess the idea you guys believed that I can be told what to do with my daughter's children by my daughter. As it comes to how I'm going to take care of them when their in night how knows this is just another example of the liberal media trying to take the power away from hard working Americans like myself. And that these kids who have been T how to raise their children in this country I've got news for you. They haven't yet and my daughter my grand children's father give me rules for their kids when they're at my house. With eighteen eats when they go to bed with they're allowed to do. Here's some news for you I raised my kids they just I handled yours for a few hours without any problems doing it my way. I've told them that do and that piece of father of my grand kids tried to keep my babies away I eat fat chance. I get an eighty like him that understanding. And breakthrough and ashamed. I listen to you are all these years an alleged outlandish and now I'm doing. Graham parents know what they're doing. This world hasn't changed the young people just think they know platter and and they're being told they know better and that's the problem with the world today. Lady. Tells us about the problem the world and it also you called not your son in law and your daughters. Yes and your your your grandparents father got a piece of ground yet but Mueller and my ears of you as a parent Nam have every right to give instructions to your parents how your kids should be taking care of when he dropped off. I know you don't. I know that it's not a situation and most people won't do what. But it came down to it yes you have a right. As a parent when he drove up credit to a point where is the point and I don't know I give me like if I was gonna watcher it will would you tell him on. Ago Amir a Meagher a new father a man and you're not my real father rarity today. It would be something along the disease of the mind are you eat please give each yes I feel like they're diet plague this is what they can't eat errors but the candy good idea when they see eyes of 5 o'clock it's going to be nice out yet as you sit up back. And a former silver cartel to smoke or cigar out and met not met and how centrally capabilities at outback. In effect it would do is I had called my wife you're rearing your mother will be watching and so can I so. Grandma's gonna watch it kids raise you sit up back around 5 o'clock pour myself one light the cigars and a summer day I don't wanna enjoy that that. This you really know us. How's it doubled smoke face is he watching them that's cool but you'll see me smoking debts and you'll see me ingesting alcohol that's just out and that's armies medicine it just me out such. Just yeah I'll find I don't want my kids to see my grandparents smear anybody with a smoked. Oca aren't smoking don't chocolate to bed by eight educated editors verify some of it provided new radio father. That's that's that I do feel bad for the grandparents visit the biggest thing about this. They're doing US solid. It's free babysitting in daycare and it cause it's costing them money out of pocket the watcher kid right. But then you have like this list of rules like it's a public swimming pool but do's and don'ts. How many grandparents a look at it is doing a favor or spending time degree I think it's the second one depends on how many times you yet. I come over with decay the other precious for awhile but then. You know your chase him around a four year old was 67. Year old knees and back on it at that much fun April or split each one of those stages we forget how parties every time where the sexy teachers are excited like eight hours later you from go home cyber I remember this at my sister. Which hit the three little ones and who drove off my parents Condo in my father hated it but he loved it at first. It can do. Above and a five shot although much Nadal how. Alienated and that he would pitch about the money because they you know those little ones and he had any knowledge subsite to violate. But my mother got bush issue an oasis officer and you know. The one day my sister was very born against came in and out the religion. And my mom is a big cap program. So one gave him my sister who uses every anybody she could as stake are working two jobs. My new little niece comes market and gains my mother goes command and Grammy on instances. I came hard Q you're Catholic electrician and you. 000. It's bitch again but yes but she admitted she'd heard from a sister yes but my sister's related jumper kid off a neck spewed out of her little mouth. So when it can't take it out on the little one. She just had to eat crow yeah but man my mother never forgot that they have to justify an epidemic that happens. A you know and then. On top of that rules. To do do 6000 have you had to ask your parent the to stop doing something. With your kitten Eddie had to tell them this is it appropriate I don't raise my kid is way I would appreciate it if you would stop because there is no. More it awkward conversation they'd look at the people that raised you and I got you to this point essentially telling them you need to do a good job telling them. So. My A brother has a lead foot and. And he was response were taken at the little one from something. And they said hey can use did you drive to fans with. And the little one in the collar can you slowed down and he would like to. Yet that we've known as he does he think he tries says he thinks highly acting C tries perfectly five in my brother. Fool I I am and I've been an apartment brother and it's frightening how fast he drives it down like he's owned streets. He's Florida rate. And they say they got to lay out the lead Foley and he got he's his. Nose go wave band that shape I think anytime you think your kids and gauger it's okay it's it's by an exit go one but my brother to sell ice and now I don't main thing my brother picks the kid up anymore I think my sister lives to do it and that chaps business. Did you did 6008 now the weak woman writes a space of a story that applicable XTO about a grandmother getting in trouble were her grandson he would basically charge child neglect that. Children have no right when they drop off their kids and tell the parents how to treat aggregates I raced you you know to be rules get out of my face edited. So little arrogant ball and used I mean I'll and by the way I. Driving fans drinking in front of the kid cleaning your conference the Q I get it but this is nit picky crap. Yet the Dicky yeah I can't actually decayed balance all the walls at 10 o'clock at night to recognize soldiers. Any now you know Hershey kisses and gimme a break I know what I'm doing here. It's my debt but the first pitched the red wings game for trying to hit so I break my daughter and so my wife is working she could go so he would sickle Rocca Graham button buck up my daughters and beat my sister so. We eat my dad is in the back area there's like this place at all this pizza and hot dogs and so my dad Mike. She's really weird about the food like Erica. So my dance that's telling you don't like that. Knows that my wife is here AA we're not gonna tell mommy would not tell right Bobbie you at least ten opt out come that's but that's not a rapper has had no he's fine but I remember right I like he. Eight this statement. This is not your process right here you go. But it said but that's but that's the fun of Graham parry is like you and I have a little secret. And they give pilot ever amber the first time well good George gave me drink and the kid how old uneducated kid play. It just it looked eleven. Cheney gave me a little whiskey. On rocks were club soda and utility system among the region's real well because it's Lima's I was a little bit yeah joke shot he had had pleaded not to. It's quiet but I was a big guy now blanket peddle some of the big guy drink OK and it made me feel cool and I bought it was my uncle George like that was a cool thing like. But that's part of the fun a little hot dog by the way. OK okay. We only have a peaceful man. This is an intra beat kids haven't its gonna level but what's that what's it gonna hurt if your daughter has little piece of hot dog for a little a little something. It's different in your uncle's case and your dad's case can there watching them every day it's once in awhile when they get to be around. Those people's I think that's a bit but if they it would be it doubly be a problem with your daughters of your dad with baby sitting your daughters on a weekly date yet. Much pizzeria for four hours load up on slightly and take people to tell your mother. As an uncle you know I've this was always run a little ones you know and I was always sick guy it would let him do. And they love that never like I have you written did you do when you set a whole month share your siblings did love it some nights soul whether my nephew Jake thank. Some ties he was dying and how it may yet so there is no greater joy. In a man's life. Template known at thirty elbow and lead of thirteen year old kid here in thirty. He loved. She didn't wind would pick off from school begun taking you put that thing on the afford them needless that would mask and a we get a car when I would say. Don't tell you most strategic his brother's notices I'll tell him that so I don't know but now that down. Place dedicated. Ice FO to go so what did you do so this is the wanna punch reproach and head okay. The same thing you know I let him a dirty word answers you know. I did I didn't know ball game I ought to be literally want to bring I don't wanna be a parent is gonna hang out etiquette for a couple hours I don't see these kids that all these jails that worked great and yet I gave too hot dogs. Thirty years ago at Fenway Park eventually sought my brother and with no. What I like hot dog with an adult who's worked at two bucks. Get Sarah the last word on this let's see how bras are going to be bad but it seems like most support from FaceBook when MCI onto her vocals were getting is your okay to tell your parents went close with your kids are Sarah you get the last word other don't. I can't carry it and it might cool I think grandchild Bartlett. God congratulations. I only got out. On that may be careful. I let everything out I know regularly get it out at me because they know they're different federal without. They say they eat what they weren't I I don't think I heard like that kid moment. All. I'll bet that at a few months ago here at Belle. You know it can't really. A I'll I'll be right back and Mike are Smart enough now that they're different federal crib out and eating at home. Europe tell rolled up a funny point. Sarah. Said they give the call I appreciated a wonder how many grandparents did it pay back. January terrible kid. Underneath to kick it terrible kid for Yale I was terrible can't you please go wrong way I get I think as. Have parents again at Dyson just wanna be liked. Pay you wanna go this good memories 83 and a nice guy irate like I I've I mean I saw I've seen in you'll see it as you age. Can't parents over complete hard ass is on her kids. Turn into complete marshals is Graham Paris and then the kids that go way you know let me do that now house it was different back then sure you are terrible kit.