Bailing Your Kid Out of Jail

Wednesday, February 15th

How quick are you to help out your kid after they screw up?


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This side is going to rise this is going to set love it you're gonna have to pay your taxes can't edit some point yore Q is going to get into trouble. Yeah they're all other boys yet unavoidable facts of life. But when Katie yours gets into some trouble in serious trouble learn how much are you willing to help get them back on the right true. You gotta do it Julia. Nick is gonna caught shooed away multiplied. Where's the better lesson for the little. Yet the break the NFI it's what he's grandparents scams that showed up again I don't ever so contacted a couple of court thirteen whenever they were Brady's. Say it graves have been arrested eight needed 4000 dollars in bail out there now that convinced this couple to set bail money in the form of best buy gift card did this is this camel so they did or did not long story short couple became suspicious of gang up. After the cards were bought it said they were able to freeze up to the what you ripped off Erica. So but it wasn't actually trouble ray. What I was surprised. It how quickly. This couple in their eighties was really did help out their grade kid that they had bought got in trouble. And I don't question that really well I think grandparents are more out to help the graying kid out. Then named aided back today with their own kid I would've thought the opposite it will get on it's it's so funny how parent to play hard ass parents. What's become Graham parents become the slacker love being. But you let him do at a rewind just I'd love view that beat them diaper stuff to really hasn't seen it a million times Taylor they were hard as parents. And exercise of parents of those kids get pissed off lake. I could Deborah Disco and tickets at that refrigerator without asking you just let him do it always so used to get this at all. He gets off but it's not his as far as grabbing grip and built the key to something so bad he city you're just kick it out. I think personally via. What I was a kid would have David before grant to get out of it did happen even if they had my parents are the same way. Why don't we stop these kids famous quote right. He rested you stay that sell as long as you came here because when you get home it's gonna be ten times whatever tournament I ever be bailed out to a total that was. I did a day that was back in a day I think now everybody wants you know given everybody wants to protect around now. And they Arabs are overprotective in there at the paranoid. Either way and the fact of the matter is this viewer teenage kid is arrested. He'd better parent to move is to leave them wherever they are at least for a little regular lifeless you got Erica. You're parents out there listening all you folks there that it had to go to how to pick indicate to jail or bail your kids out what's it what I do think their 2226000. Right. You have to go back and do it over again the longer you leave them there aren't they keep the. See no mother is gonna let their baby sit in jail so I can see dads do and and overnight. It but mama's gonna rule and URS is gonna go down or bail money am pulled junior out of that so there are some hard ass mothers out there. And I have its ebitda is writing a tough talk. But when your kids sitting in a jail cell overnight. And had in his room. That mother is Kenneth dad dad mother bear instincts gonna kick in and she's gonna want precious home she might light them up what she wants to do it night. You know Kazaa have all these crazy fantasies of what a night in jail is yelled from television. Addict that's differences that the first time offense she might be a little quicker to get them out but if it's like it'll career criminal on your hand that probably gonna double to expectant it's like OK well maybe wasn't in as much dangers at Augusta. I normal household first time offense. Even if Dan was to be a hard as the mother's gonna step NA and kibosh an overrule as you know that's gonna avenue of what are your daughters went to jail for a night. Eight year old ladies polish shall we shall drive deck cars through that two or not totally sure allies dive would disagree dissed me. Eating your wife don't how she is what he does she really over protective of those children I guarantee you she is very high expectations of your daughter's there right when they violate that she's gonna be more pissed now and scared she it's a reflection on her and her mothering skills and I want to I went to his home. I don't control it not accounting. Kid's gonna push. Let it stick shift away it's supposed to do it do what they can't Italy and etiquette if your kid gets in trouble and should immediately with cash to get them out of the gym while. It can be installed and go to war you Wear the more fear that's there the better shot you have of the realize what a big deal this trouble or incinerate regularly about a roller roller suffered and learn. If they tell you want to be checked for an. Lot to do to correct this those troubled police girls by the way even more for girl you knocked Italy and daughter sit and in jail so you should let you only daughter sit there or that your son Miller a little tip today. Be in there with these hard core bullet she asked. Career criminals not mortgages and slanted take a shower and there. Girl has mean women girls getting in trouble. Next up the wrong crowd is way more dangerous that your son and you're so I can't Celtic hero and write your daughter is just along for the ride so you have to do everything you can't too cheap George daughters pattern as early as you can insert. It would just. This is a problem it will be tolerated villages sixteen year old daughter. Sit in jail so. Yes New York UA what he's done well I think you have to make this decision but I Dick Irving did just look at how parents at the art arguably the best example our sports. And parents if anything happens to their kid it there's a blown call somebody looks out of the wrong way at the coach. Even like other tries at this of these parents go ballistic you've seen at any time in the sonic games right. They now pictured little tip that he is now in jail. Why do so why did she probably deserve to be Ella but it coached super sucking but they don't wanna tolerated life lesson. Yes I would I would it be the jailer. And as CNET angry mother coming through that door. The easier thing to do is to Richard and teachers. But a smarter Erica did you instantly there that you have to realize this right to introduce a thousand phone calls a coveted. What quite how long do you let Circuit City jail to be dealt picked up like we you how bad etiquette where you Mike. I mentioned I would arms. Our early. And Hannity. I would now while the other Delgado at first and and act at that point where at number I would in jail and at that you love that about a purist or story about bad L lies. And yeah strike in the bail me out and I'm sure you wouldn't you know I shall lie. And it's such slept better at night knowing where one. And I'm not child and it outlet everywhere realize you know what that really like that well. I've but I think it took that ultimately it is OK I have consequences there's people of very that are being affected by the. Are you out. Courage moment actually. So safe for employee 72 hours incidentally it's pretty long term that's a maximum of it difficult to really appreciate. Daughter you gotta get around right away and got away and what what if what if OK so let's say what this is her second offense you're back quick to get her out still. They got a so. And I toilet she's not scared of it anymore I scared dog sixty. Fives debated plan Dexter for what you did this at your butt. I can I say your daughter goes to jail you letters that there. That little traumatized. The world a better overall and oh my god she's going to be nuts. She's gonna be insane like six year old girls are already probably. Mentally deficient that she's gonna be insane giving out got the drama that's gonna come home you know I don't want it. I guess are very drama with a sixteen year old girl Arabia to serve jail time on top of that OK thank assuming bond is gonna come back home. I think that you have to letter you get a letter. You know kind of be afraid of that and that that you do not have a lot of those problems you want to get a real batters which has been up like. Officials you're out every bad scenarios like partly with the Puerto Rican girls run for a little bit Michelle Q nothing lever their for daisy just you know you letter babysit a couple of to justify the Puerto Rican girl I was just. I feel better than may have. To tick up at an enemy. It's a Puerto Rican I don't know. I just have like these soap de Puerto Rican girls coming after. Tiffany. You can has arrested the better parent who recently there is another question. At what. Siege are you telling your child it's not my responsibility to value out of it. 0% eighteen to rule 18208. She makes an adult I do your legacy. But no college could go on until twenties or so what they're bureau adult in relative their broke they have more opportunities to get arrested sort of the year out there all night team man out there is ice flipped a switch and a team all. All really means that you leave your college kid in jail yes and. You make them rely on their friends at that point. I knew a cup up look at that that attitude it was beta and baiting call mom and dad first they called anybody possible what are teachers to big time. Let's say you eat cows Gatti jalla there's no bail money he's gonna stay there for one company's ads basic classes and it affects how is degree goes daddy drops out of school. Just ridiculous little bit too but hey. Your home. So to go to tore it up pipeline. But the president. Good job out though culture go to her house I hear there are now one person. You have more responsibility particularly college kgo that you do your high school kit. 25 to thirty years oh. Jesus Christ I Iran now I don't game may be you're still get off their feet they have a job they can lose if you help them out they might have to move back cult if you don't step particularly. English is moved back home. We're well that would home become everybody's home my home. I you're on your arms over there really stepped it idea and if they both fought hard times they go to your wife and say hey I've dealt with atomic. I'm fortunate don't have bloated that hi. You would have to sit there and deal with it. It should be happy to have them I so what do you say room. Inaudible what I think about the plate that's a horrible thought the old York kids get. 20/20 five so why have I can't ask you could well while I have I can't if it's always gonna caution Heidi. When you get to enjoy eighth the golden years when you get to enjoy your retirement are just a couple that you get to enjoy an empty nest. Where I gotta think like every two minutes somebody tipped their hand in my wallet you have somehow become so selfish. You want to and it is time. Britain jurors saying wal patch children's life. Did you always know what we're sit benefit in this scenario. There's areas that worst case area kick Jeff but every one of those scenarios ends up at mile wallet it's got. Hands up in my now it's. It's a lot talent in my I never had that option. I never had that option my and you'd have to have that option. For those specific about just because your fifties or sixties is apparent and doesn't meet your views and getting arrested going to jail. True if you don't help your kid out there two weeks in you've light that off the list of people you can call if you heated DWY or something like that. You want that first call to your side. Not sure what you let your son to be it shows up with bail money not year old lady think about that you Richard had to bail me out. Yeah it did some people might look back on it and think their parents for teaching analyst for a little failed a drugs assailed her right eye and now Myers hasn't. Jail middleman. IE I screwed and I called a kid and and it's is I'll indicates that judge Philip recent you don't get a look at. You know your inheritance they knew you well goodbye. Chariots justices you have you have you have property. You have furniture you have you have life insurance policies you have for a one case that people have assets sometime Lonny does have a lot of other lawn furniture that. That just take it out just take your house like you journalists perceive paid off your house in average for Europe Asia bouncer NASA assays were 150000 dollars. He's discovers he's gonna sound like we your drug could call it media bella. Shoot I just eat you. Of the world Josh yeah. It. Did all those collectibles you want in on what Buffalo Bills stuff again that it.