Ask Joe - March 14th

Tuesday, March 14th



And we're back with Jo Stanley of Stanley law offices or ask GO WC a mass death count we have a few questions about car accidents. If you get into a minor accident with no injuries he took all the police and wait for them to file reports for is okay to exchange insurance information. And get back to your day when should you consider contacting an attorney. Well person bought your car accident miners is one of those things that I actually had several of these calls the last few months where people didn't think towards a problem there there was no damage to their car and to the other car and the stories change so. If you're gonna make a decision that has some minor incidents initiated. Usually cellphones and take down recordings. Of submissions by the other party that it was their fault that it was your fault whatever and take pictures and document as much you can. And I'm always in argued never quite sure what's gonna happen in those situations. By yes you can do that hey you know it's if there's if nothing happens you don't have to reported to your insurance company but. As soon as a claim is or you have an idea that a claim is going to be made you have an obligation and so that's a tricky situation never really recommend people started to exchanges and Lester really sure there's not one that's gonna happen. John is wondering about a situation with a neighbor and damage to his vehicle there are some high winds recently and a tree that is on a neighbor's property L under his car. Now he doesn't want to file a claim and has insurance and after speaking that is auto insurance they suggested pursuing a claim against his neighbors homeowner's insurance. Now the neighbors not cooperating and says it's not his fault and that John should not of park so close to the property line. What's the best course of action he can take and who is responsible. Well I guess. It's eject comprehensive coverage on your car that's covered with a deductible to have that. Complicate may not happen I don't know. The other issue is on liability entries doesn't really haven't had put into that dictator to George park close to the property line poll. Your Sri owner is responsible on this this comes up all the time trees and neighbors apparently don't get along very well there's trees it's your neighbor knew or should have known industry where is in the condition that it was gonna blow over all over. And that he didn't have corrected that he is responsible when the wind causes damage. But he doesn't have noticed some leadership to have notice of it. Up to wind comes up and it's just an extraordinary winter whatever then there is no legal liability that's what the comprehensive insurance would be. Under car so. It's one of those situations if you have a neighbor in need you know that history is kept batteries that taking care that you should put him on notice. If you own your country you should do the same thing. So that is what the legal liability is perhaps the know or should note that the trees. Needed to be taking care of and restricted. There's no legal responsibility. Thank you very much jumbled talking next time. If you have any questions for Joseph Stanley of Stanley losses for ask Joseph let's take a look at the page here and there's an entry for sending your questions and we'll see if we get an answer for it thanks for joining us.