Annoying Neighbor Habits

Friday, June 16th

It doesn't matter how nice of a guy he is, if he does THIS, he's a bad neighbor.


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I guess accident what pierce is a complete accident happened and you don't theirs was a Republican for you build up. Equity out there with a neighbor Aaron. You take care of people and they take care view there are a couple years he teacher arrested someone and finally you guys are neighbors and hang out talk at liberty school bring some potter and Matt. And that can all change instead and that's what happened object so role victors and a Syria they're in the breaker boxes classic rack but it's not the BC MF Joshua Leggett tell. Crock eased terms year old did see our Dick prompt. Seven years older Victor Amy seems like he's gonna. Aren't you was cleaning out his Glock handgun the proposal yet when he failed to check to change. Flew in. Realize there is a bullet there and the bullet left the gun yet old trick it and articulating. These bullet fired through the house of Leggett tell o'clock according to their team owner. Needing to his neighbor's home armored god neighbors were home on injured. And a guy got an appearance ticket for. And that is the moment you lose all trust in you were gonna kill me exactly Kitna complete accident still low and I. Complete accident but all. Equity may have had built them all of those barbecues an exchange of Beers Ayers hot doll whatever it is completely gone. There is no way you'll ever trust that man ever again every got us into the show has the moment he lost faith in his neighbor for ever maybe it was a gun going off maybe it was a dog treatment at or maybe you did it. Great to your neighbor 2226 miles is it. Weird about that the littlest things will sit too often someone for the rest of them. Soul when. Our neighbors through dim and I would do what serve. Black family moved him and the direct talks doubles here and in buttoned up well. She's I'm just trying to paint a picture for you here and can sell IE allow water in a line and I'm pretty wasted. It's an evening of may I got to cartel ago clothes and water at all on to its stuff. So I see the guy Kevin downs it's gone so touch until studies looking at me weird as a tie game but I and and they realize of pursing a lot. K but LA is the only guy cursed you know I you say right chip and and then look at him and he's wearing his Jesus teacher with a crosses some. Retreat did he did so like I a right out of the gate. Discussion points nothing to do with C openly drunk mercy tool and it released its Samantha she's right I mean they go to church I two times weeks like they were dealt with the right out of the gate bullet and I am on trying to do a little ebony and I everything over here. And a tank gave. First up put that. Yet but yeah you'd have a chance now after that not to say even that once seemed like something else would have happened no. Quiet night in new debt today. Right right to your tech I will never to Stew ever again for a you have no chance to make it good with that guy. And I flushed and hardest thing to do you sleep next to someone who who don't like living next to brutally good neighbors or were to win gold. You don't realize it to you lose your creditors and read some jerk. It's funny that you easy example you do something wrong but. You sit in his room and tell you have five different stories of neighbors and pissed you off isn't what you write them off the beaten grant idea I think everybody does so years like they don't really do anything wrong eased only know it was like. If you don't maintain your house is rated or are if you do something major opus of the appear yard I don't like you paint your coat your cows. House and Kuroda this league. Where you would be so I don't appeals does with their style and I don't but that's ridiculous way to live. Reason not to like somebody just because they've different taste than you. Assets a great reason not to elect somebody and you don't feel like I do. If you're cursing at my kid's life okay fine I get that if you put it through my house action area were done by your house is a different color that I likes. Could see you ever again replied it's like you're that guy really. Your orange house skyward Ream Puerto Rico. He's got to the worst of all of us she rents one she split these people on top of each other daddy is on top view while yelling yeah. Yeah we just got the lake new neighbors above us and apparently like they don't sleep ever took the wind of one girl's a nurse so they're up all night doing stuff in my guide. DJ get matted onto their schedules just different but you have to tell us and you. They get into their point of view they can pay your homeboy for its knuckles drug dealers around all day and that's a deal costly moving furniture and at house. We the people below those. Of the ruler to. Tick tick 6000 at the moment I lost faith in my eight years of equity years of talking during the kind. I shared Beers bought fired whatever and you put it looked at their house. Does it it's all done it all comes up the story that happened some big imprint according to police in Webster ones are a Victor. And I remember at the exploding as the story and my whenever almost burned down the house like the first day we live there. Really yes she she had like. Baskets under stored underneath the stove and she's just po but I guess they broke a guy blame him man. And we came home from just being a ran an an errand and there's a fire truck outside her house everybody's out the house luckily they caught it but now applicable we got to live of this. This girl almost turned down the house. Are you aware of what. You do that tried your neighbors crazy. Now and others is that right thinks this is normal rent had to bat every mortal when we that we get up and on a rail right so start my car from into the house. And it does little haunt in in the car starts up you could hear I second floor to all of my neighbors here at which he's probably waking everybody up at 3:30 in the morning every single. Yeah but no one would ever balls he stopped but it's a. On and done I it's a hockey go to the bad one is. And we have a neighbor now. Get the yet been dog eat this and times to collect more in the open dollars outside to collect more and amenity yep rate that would judged just because. Thank you go Banco kitchen god damn dog. 2 o'clock in the morning his star is gonna take it dump with DC shift workers they get a best. Stray dogs that wars that the yet the second dog at night will drive you crazy police say seven about it. Here's here's the here's the ass grabber of the whole situation IC Greta asked. Before he had it done before I moved in. You waddle over one time goose Cody was yak and in the end in them in the morning on a Sunday morning and in you know at that time my wife said Diane I'm sorry branded dog house you know but it was like Sunday morning at 8 o'clock. Now this guy's got a dog is 2 o'clock in a Mori's outside. Screaming his lungs out. Seat. I don't want to be that guy okay nobody wants to be that guy. At least some people wanna be that guy there are people that no problem seconds of the goes wrong guy for example coming over it's I take your dogs barking at a Sunday morning so you just sit there hate this guy silently. But the most people do it you have to let it build up yeah we see today we even have a go hello. Yeah and I am I I don't give via hi you bang I'm out I'm like you need to have the way you pass a minute. You think he'd shows that leads. I mean right now I get the chicken issues back. All yet if you ever tallied in chickens wander around her neighborhood. And back. That's fun. Nobody Turkey yard goal I didn't know that at first at that there were cute that are found at the repeat yard apart on amendments to TD 6009 or go to and talk to chicken guy. You do it. So I do this thing and again in the yard with a dog in particular does not. Chill pill addiction and yet have a real awkward conversation out he decoding difference about a yard he's good catches one. He's got I don't think you I think you just have to play when I don't eight as an author might mean the end. And I really think that it's food and I think it was a poor little K but around us. Did you do six not that kind Jai keeps. I had Victor puts a full dues neighbor's house by accident in the moment you lost trust in your neighbors it's never coming back Gypsy at the break room. I'd see about hey Jenny a white body. And went on on guy. All my neighbor called me we got we knew they are behind us and my neighbor not legal or not an oblique but as I turned to kill on top of most every thirty seconds here. Yes well you know you are right Laura turned around and back it up shut it off the chop up the blade so yesterday I'm out there Dorian looking to see an appetite. And I hear this guy is yardage maybe thirty by 48 earned and more on and off like it in times in 25 minutes. A huge arguments. It was absolutely insane I care and gallantly in my neighbor actually with a goal and I would dispute. He calls poured earns a law that all the way up what it back up he'd want legal or illegal in the circle. White people's problems BJP Acela it gossipy thirteen year old you wouldn't want to do. So how. Well this elite who would have beaten auto attribute last night I think you made for each yeah I got a navigator. The day you know it's funny tears your neighbor to be like the nicest human most kind human being in the world but if they do one annoying thing like that it will just it sits in your head and you just keep that and you hate their existence. There are stroke. We'll do some more than others. What do you mean U a W yeah I hope that I get that good chaps who plans. I don't we had a guy down the street when allude to Webster he was hot right guys aren't so hot right guy you know he's got all the parts of sub as soon as bringing its. He's got the whole car disassembled on under front steps strip. And then the worst powerless to get divorced. Anyway so now hot right guy. He's got the crap all over us is Dodgers haven't always yell out of anymore so it was more also Greg got in junkyard and which the headers and then they came shipped over here in. All the stuff and I think he ever put this car together and enjoy it. That's his property author house to a trillion dollar a look at dec wrapped. It's meant stuff I don't put any here's an idea what to put that to Camaro togethers like a look at it that would impress me. I Cabrera completely disassembled in your front yard but that cool you know particularly angry neighbor stories we think of men now I never think of when. Well again this isn't a break human CNN face aria. I'm doing well I'm driving electric now when I heard like on and we wanna move because I'd made an entry. Well we I'd and they have a doctor and everytime our door opens their green door opens and Al Sheikh. Eat a lot of the late date might Malvern and it always the same matter. Ali I'm over all it. We'll Sarah Sarah hold and how old's your daughter. He's a couple years older than my. Chronologically. I think emotionally. Around the same age. OK so but what's what's wrong when your kid while he was kind of become instant baby sitter. Is that what this. Well now it did here I'm volleying. Yeah I'm sorry about children but. I can't when I don't know why. He would not as well we know there. There are some cases like as a dictator and knowing cannon accurate can deal with daycare I like it's a completely make our people that the problem than you think that this probably issues that because she's daylight the kids may be emotionally weird. Loud you know I'm that the bad equipment compassionate and I you know it might not let me begin to actually move. The ball and it it began in our backyard. And it's not the brain and think owes him. The parent and them and not let them. Eat. You know he did not like I'm removing what did you. A scare would have been begun the issue acumen we have Popper and about a couple died while I got so let's go Jesus Christ figure for the call I appreciate it. It's very compassionate date with the it gives you believe they call that let everybody put her to my house bid the parents the other guys. Scenario but it does suck what he wanna go watch sex and at that seasons so short rate hey you wanna gods I know you hate outside but they both went and fiance and I joined today. And we get some did Jim Oakes and Joseph jerk is gonna ruin today it does suck so its oats. As I mean oh totally it totally go to Emily thirteen year old browser to goat's blood.