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After growing up in Alaska, and moving around the country for 15 years, WCMF came calling in 2010 and I’ve been annoying people here in Rochester ever since. Outside of work I like to keep active, playing racquetball, running, biking and golfing in the summer. I need to do all of that with all the great craft beer ROC has to offer. And yes, I like wine too…I don’t care if Tommy calls me gay over it or not. When I’m not working or drinking (sometimes they happen at the same time…ok, more than sometimes)…wait, there’s more to life than that? Oh yeah…video games. The bane of my girlfriend’s existence. Yup, I’m a video game junkie…so I de-stress and relax by violence and bloodshed. Virtually, of course. If you play Halo at all, or Star Wars Battlefront, chances are I’ve played you a few…thousand…times.

No, before you ask, it’s not dark in Alaska (everywhere) 24 hours a day or light for that long. You have to be above the arctic circle for that. I grew up in Anchorage, well south of that. Yes, I saw all sorts of wildlife hanging out in my backyard, from moose, to bears and bald eagles. No, I have no desire to ever go back.

I believe Ohio is the 7th Ring of Hell, and everything evil or bad that happens in the world, I can pretty much trace back to that hell hole within three steps/degrees. And I have a set of “rules” to life. The first two are the most important and are anyone. Even me. Rule #1 – Everyone’s an Idiot. Rule #2 – See Rule #1.

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