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Duffy's Happy Place is About To Be Destroyed

Here's a mantra Duffy should try: Video of I like my mother in law Related Show/Host: The Break Room He's going to need it after finding out his once sacred ground is about to be bombarded by the one person Duffy can't stand the most... Duffy's Ruined Happy Place (function ($) { Drupal...
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Break ROom Hate Mail - Kimmy Sucks

Our Break Room Hate Mail this week comes in from a woman upset with Kimmy for not standing up for females everywhere. She says she's doing a poor job representing her gender... Do you agree? We present Wednesday's Hate Mail of the Week: Break Room Hate Mail OTW- Kimmy Sucks (function ($) { Drupal...
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Father/Son Smack Down

The relationship between a father and son becomes a delicate thing as your child grows up. As your son becomes a young adult, the fight to become the alpha dog of the house can get heated. It's a normal thing for men to go through. The problem gets worse, however, when that tension becomes physical...
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Break Room Hate Mail - The Narc

This week's Break Room Hate Mail comes in from a guy who says we don't take our jobs seriously enough.. Like that's something we didn't already know... Break Room Hate Mail OTW - The Narc.mp3 (function ($) { Drupal.behaviors.media_displays.loadRampAudio($('[data-media-loading]')); })(jQuery);
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If I Only Had a Brain

Dateline, Cumberland Pennsylvania - Friday, July 15th, 2016. Meet today's Rock Life Subject and the reason I think Zombies will soon be a real thing - 26 year old Joshua Lee Long. Josh has a problem. Like a lot of people, he's an addict. And like a lot of addicts he'll go to great lengths to get...
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An Inside Look at Tommy Mule's 'Girl Hands'

If there's one thing the Break Room isn't fabricating, it's the fact that Tommy Mule has the tiniest little 13 year old girl hands we've ever seen on a man... Like an alien reaching out for human contact, Tommy 'Girl Hands' Mule proves his hands are no bigger than Kimmy's...
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