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Doctor Bag Discoveries

Duffy did a little snooping to find out what his wife REALLY keeps in her important super-secret doctor bag... Video Categories: All WCMF Videos The Break Room Videos WCMF Streaming Video
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Duffy's Long Lost Sibling

After News10WHEC released THIS story, Duffy's phone started ringing off the hook. A sword-wielding man in Canandaigua was tased and arrested on Wednesday & his mugshot had everyone doing a double-take. What did Duffy think when he saw the side-by-side comparison? Well, let's just say it had him...
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A Young Pat Duffy Makes Love To The Camera

I think we spotted young Pat Duffy at the college baseball finals over the weekend. You can judge for yourself.. Video of Kid Trolls ESPN Broadcast During TCU vs Coastal Carolina College World Series Game 6 25 2016
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Following Duffy's Disney Vacation

We haven't heard much from Duffy since he decided to venture down to Florida for the week - but we WERE able to follow Duffy's Disney vacation in tweets! Bout' to get in on some serious Dad bod'ing by the pool. Seriously. It's #DadBod fest here. — Duffy on WCMF (@...
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Road Rage Leads to 'Yo Mom' Insults

A video taken by a motorcyclist recently went viral after a confrontation he had with another driver in a parking lot. What sounded like a joke, quickly took a turn for the worst. Not sure if we've ever heard this many back to back "yo momma" insults, but all of them combined don't live up to ONE...
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Tommy Makes Excuses for Having No Friends

After Tommy told Duffy and Kimmy they will probably die alone and unloved, he too came to the realization that he may not have as many friends as he thinks.. According to him, there is a reason for it... Tommy Has No Friends (function ($) { Drupal.behaviors.media_displays.loadRampAudio($('[data-...
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