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Break Room Hate Mail: How Dare YOU!?

It's not fair to tell someone how they should or shouldn't feel in a situation. Yet apparently, people want to let Duffy know that they don't approve of the way he handled his Dad's recent health scare...
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Men Have "Failed Up"

Seems like men have been so bad at this for so long, that it has actually benefitted them in the long run... Sorry, Ladies. It's not good news for you!
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A man timed out his little blue pill wrong, and it caused an awkward football celebration


The Overtime Boner

Apparently, unexpended boners are still common in adulthood- & unfortunately, one man learned the HARD way...
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Showing THIS Type Of Affection Is Not As Creepy As You Think!

It's okay to admit you're in a happy, healthy relationship! There are signs that point to that type of bond between a man and a woman... Turns out one of those "signs" is creeping out the Creep Master himself
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A Day Without Women

Though he's a woman himself, Tommy thinks that women in the office don't make make a diffence in his day... Well, let's put it to the test! Video Categories: All WCMF Videos Related Show/Host: The Break Room
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As An Adult, I Still Can't Tell My Parents _______

As you age, your relationship with your parents usually changes, but there are some things that remain the same.. Especially when it comes to the things you hid from them as a kid. How open and honest can you be with your parents when you hit adulthood?
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