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Thrill's Big Brown Blog Goes Back in Time

Hola, When I actually say 'hello' to people, I follow that up by saying, "did you know that 'hello' is English for 'hola'?" That's just something that I do. So, hola...did you know that 'hola' is Spanish for 'bon jour'? There's a lot of sh*t happening here in the Men's Room. I think that's as...
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Ted's Blog: Baseball Fights

Over the weekend, people had cook outs and watch baseball because it is Memorial Day weekend and that is what Americans do. My buddy even mentioned to me how listening to baseball on the radio feels super American. I bring all this up because I do feel Memorial Day weekend everyone is into baseball...
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Ted's Blog: Cascadia

If you are a American soccer fan, then you know about the intense rivalry between the Seattle Sounders FC and the Portland Timbers. This Saturday, this great rivalry is renewed as the Timbers travel from their fun little town to the big city to take on the current MLS Champions Seattle Sounders FC...
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Thrill's Big Brown Blog Rocks and Rolls

Hola, Ryan Castle covered this on his blog (yesterday?), but I feel compelled to share my perspective of the New Originals' set this past Saturday night at the Crocodile. First, if you didn't know, the New Originals played a gig this past Saturday night at the Crocodile...which is why I said that...
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Ted's Blog: Still Watching the NHL Playoffs

I am a Washington Capitals fan, as I have blogged about in the past, but with them out of the playoffs I am still watching (and now cheering for) the Nashville Predators. I have decided to start to cheer for them for a few reasons, but number one would have to be: PK Subban. I saw a story on him a...
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This Week in TV Time with Ted

Welcome to the Best of TV Time with Ted! Week of: 5/15-5/19/17 Spicey and Trump kissed and made up! This cat is about to serenade you in baratone. Video of Cat has a...
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