My Kid Is A Nerd, But At Least He's A National Champ

If your kid was a national champion at video games, would you brag? — Break Room 96.5 WCMF (@wcmfbreakroom) April 6, 2017 (function ($) { Drupal.behaviors.media_displays.loadRampAudio($('[data-media-loading>')); })(jQuery);...
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Wearing Your Name On Your Clothing- Cool?

Is it normal to put your name on an article of clothing? Duffy seems to think so... Wearing Your Name on you Jacket - Cool? (function ($) { Drupal.behaviors.media_displays.loadRampAudio($('[data-media-loading>')); })(jQuery); @wcmfbreakroom wearing a jacket like that will get you a free bowl of...
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I Feel The Best at Age _____!

I Feel My Best at Age ______! (function ($) { Drupal.behaviors.media_displays.loadRampAudio($('[data-media-loading]')); })(jQuery);
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It's that time of year again! Time for all things pumpkin spice, and girly. Turns out it's also the time when your wife will be the most upset with you. 

Get your Autumn gear on, fellas.. Because you're ass is getting on that wagon!


It's never a good thing when Rochester makes a top 10 list. Rarely is it for something positive. This list, however, may be a reflection of residents who help their broke family members out too often..


In the words of Tommy Mule, sometimes you need to "get off the nipple and hit...


Tech Talk - iPhone 7

If you're into the latest technology, then you know Apple is releasing their latest verion of the iPhone - iPhone 7. Maybe you heard there no more headphone jack either? Well, here are a few other things the phone has/doesn't have. The lastest offering is a lot like the 6S, BUT the phone is now...
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Police released a video of some dude crashing his car into a parked police cruiser. Dumbass of the Week so far in the Pokemon Go fad. Video of Departmental Accident
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A Young Pat Duffy Makes Love To The Camera

I think we spotted young Pat Duffy at the college baseball finals over the weekend. You can judge for yourself.. Video of Kid Trolls ESPN Broadcast During TCU vs Coastal Carolina College World Series Game 6 25 2016
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Like Mother, Like Daughter

Heather Locklear was one of the hottest women on the planet in the 80's. She's passing that torch on to her daughter with Richie Sambora, Ava. They could be clones. Just another beautiful California day or rather girl A photo posted by Heather Locklear (@heatherlocklear) on Mar 16, 2016 at 10:05am...
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