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Ruff Day

Hola Bitcholas, Not gonna lie to you...just found out that I'm gonna have to put my dog down after 9 years of being a fantastically loyal and sweet dog. Bad day. Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL! Read More

The WHO To Set Up 'Residency' In Las Vegas?

British Rock Legends The WHO , have been saying 'Farewell' since the early 1990's...and, they are about to say 'Hello' to a lengthy 'residency' in Las Vegas! That's a good thing , considering that this past Summer's tour by the venerable rockers was a blockbuster critical and financial success!... Read More

Beware The New Holiday Tradition

Think of the worst thing your wife or girlfriend ever made you do for the holidays... bet it doesn't top this... Beware The New Holiday Tradition (function ($) { Drupal.behaviors.media_displays.loadRampAudio($('[data-media-loading]')); })(jQuery); Read More

SKID ROW To Reunite w/ Singer Sabastian Bach?

If past Rock & Roll history has taught us anything, it's that when a band breaks up, there's ALWAYS a chance for a 'Reunion.' Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it's for a BIG payday, and sometimes it's for the fans. And sometimes, the bands we'd really like to see get back... Read More

The Kind Gesture That's Slightly Creepy

A woman at work did the nicest thing ever for Duffy's daughters when they came to visit, but from an outsiders perspective, it looks really weird.. A misunderstood kind gesture can give you a bad reputation if you're not careful! The Kind Gesture That's Slightly Creepy (function ($) { Drupal... Read More
Lord of the Rings

Amazon is Making a Lord of the Rings TV Show

The rumors are true. Lord of the Rings is being made into an Amazon-produced TV show after the big Bezos confirmed a deal had been reached to bring the franchise to the small screen. RELATED: ‘Star Wars’ is getting three more movies Amazon Prime heads to Middle Earth. pic... Read More

Cat Man? Do It.

Hola Bitcholas, G'day, bitches. Today might not seem terribly exciting to you and I'm not gonna tell you anything to change that...BUT, I do feel compelled to share the fact that today is my daughter's 7th birthday. See, you don't care...and why would you...but I do. She's the kid who created... Read More

IRON MAIDEN Sets Dates for 2018-19 'Legacy of the Beast' Tour!

IRON MAIDEN , having just released their 'Book of Souls' live recordings (CD and free-streaming video) are already setting their sights on their next project--getting back on the road in 2018 for what they are calling the 'Legacy of the Beast' European Tour . (see tour dates below) Tickets for the... Read More