Mud Blogs

Just Another Brick in The Wall!

Roger Waters is stopping by The KeyBank Center for a visit on Zeptember 9th! Are you in? You gotta go, great show! All the Floyd Classics (with his sick screams!) , Roger Waters solo stuff, crazy props. Good times! Get into win now and thank WCMF later... Read More

Sing With King Mac!

The awesome Paul McCartney is going to pick a ticket holder to sing "Get Back" with him at his Barclays Center performance on Zeptember 10th in Brooklyn. Maybe you? You get to meet him, sing with him and hang with the Beatle! Very cool. Remember the line: "Wearing her high heel shoes and her low... Read More

The Yardbirds Are Back!

Great news to report: The legendary Yardbirds have a new double set coming out called "Studio Sketches"-Yardbirds '68 with live recordings from New York City's Anderson Theater. The man,- Guitar God, Jimmy Page produced it. 18 tracks of Yardbird Greatness! Video of The Yardbirds - Heart Full of... Read More

The Home Run King-Can he do it?

The Great Giancarlo Stanton of The Miami Marlins is going for the record books! Right now he has 46 Home Runs with one month left in the season. Can he break The Maris record of 61 from 1961? Probably! Will he break that Bonds record or whatever that was of 73 Home Runs in 2001? Hopefully!... Read More


Led Zeppelin-A Band so BIG...We gave them an Entire month- ZEPTEMBER! Hear Zep Zets and Win Zep Zwag all month! That's a Whole Lotta Led! Happy Zeptember from Rochester's Classic Rock...965 WCMF! Video of Led Zeppelin - Kashmir (Live Video) Read More

Happy Birthday Wise Ass!

Wise Ass, TV Star, Movie Star, SNL Alum, Sports Host and Executive Producer Jay Mohr turns 47 today. Did I say Wise ASS? That's Jay hanging around with me at the studios in Miami Florida. I say Wise ASS because in front of our Miami team and in front of the ladies, he farted quite loudly and placed... Read More

School's In!

You can run but you can't hide... There is a school situation happening somewhere in your life. It's Back to school! Scary days from Elementary through College. Sweating it out the night before- what will be? Wearing those new outfits, those new educators, new people. Maybe there's cool kids? Hot... Read More

Up in the sky!

Today is the day America! The Great American Eclipse-The Total Solar Eclipse. This afternoon should be an interesting one filled with drinking, crazy glasses and Ice Cream consumption! Whatever you do....Don't look up even with your ZZ Top Cheap Sunglasses. Just check out some of the darkness out... Read More

Total Solar Eclipse!

Monday is the day of the "Great American Eclipse" or the Total Solar Eclipse. The Moon will cover the Sun for almost 3 hours! You might think, how is that possible since the Moon is 400 times smaller than the Sun? That's because the Sun is 400 times further away from The Moon- therfore, it will... Read More

Hey Coach-Pat's or Geno's?

The Bills are in Philadelphia-The City of Brotherly Cheesesteaks. The only question is....Which way do you go...Pat's or Geno's? There is only one way to go- Pat's! Hey coach, choose your steak and Let's Go Pat's and Bills! Video of BEST CHEESESTEAK IN PHILLY? (Pat's VS Geno's) Read More