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Happy Birthday Classic Rock Great!

Happy Birthday to The Great Steven Van Zandt-Little Steven-Miami Steve, Soprano guy-Silvio and Bruce Springsteen's guy...He hits 67 today! Steven is one hell of a guitar God, songwriter and Classic Rock expert. Steven, you're the best! Keep Rocking! Here's one of my favorite tunes from Little... Read More

Album Anniversary Day!

47 years ago today in Classic Rock and Roll History....The Great Elton John performed his album "11/17/70" from the studios of WABC FM in New York City. He recorded this legendary album in front of a crowd of 125 people. The show was hosted by the late Dave Herman. Check it-This LP is truly an... Read More

Fall Back!

This Weekend, make sure you turn your clocks back-"Fall Back." It's one hour you will get back into your life. Yes, An additional hour of sleep! So, before you hit the sack on Saturday Night-Go back an hour and think Floyd-"Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day!" Video of Pink Floyd -... Read More

Name That Meat!

What is in this meat? I was supposed to be eating a Gyro platter but Not so much! It's like a hybrid meat. Unknown to mankind , a UFO of a meal- alien to a Foodie! So bad, I may never go Greek again! BTW/ it's pronounced "Yearo" Not "Gyro"- Gyro this below. Now that's Meat! Video of Gyro City -... Read More

Spooky Cereal Time!

The Spooky Cereals are out! What's your favorite? I always go with the Count. Yes, healthy Chocolate first thing in the morning-Bring it on! Munch healthy and live long! Check out this vintage cereal commercial. Video of A Kellogg's Good Morning Read More

Happy Birthday David Lee Roth!

Happy 63rd Birthday to the great David Lee Roth. David always catches a bunch of negative raps, but actually he's a super nice solid dude and one hell of an entertainer! Keep Rockin' DLR- and don't take any crap from the peeps! Rock on... Video of Van Halen - Panama Read More

John Lennon from The Rock and Roll Heaven!

Hard to believe that John Lennon would have been 77 years old today, he was killed at 40! Imagine John Lennon today. We all miss him, here's John with his solo Classic "Imagine" from the Rock and Roll Heaven-R.I.P John... Video of John Lennon - Imagine Read More

Thank You Tom Petty!

So sad to hear the passing of the legendary Tom Petty. Tom was one of the greatest Classic Rockers. His unique blend of The Byrds, Beatles and Bob Dylan influence made him so special. Tom was revered by his fans and the entire music community. Thank you Tom Petty for all the great music and... Read More

Piano God Turns 82!

Happy Birthday to the Ultimate Piano God Jerry Lee Lewis. Yes...Those fingers can still move! Check out his Classic below. Rock on Jerry... . Video of Jerry Lee Lewis - Great Balls Of Fire - ( Alta Calidad ) HD Read More