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RITCHIE BLACKMORE's Rainbow Has Recorded NEW Music!

But...will fans get to HEAR it?

April 18, 2017

RITCHIE BLACKMORE, the talented, reclusive, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Guitarist, has recorded some new music with the latest incarnation of RAINBOW. This is an unexpected development, since for the past bunch of years, Blackmore's artistic focus has been on creating "Renaissance" music with his band, Ritchie Blackmore's Night...and it comes on the heels of his 'surprise' return to Rock music in 2016, when he performed a trio of concerts, including an appearance at the Monsters of Rock Festival in St. Goarshausen, Germany, and one show in England. After those shows, Blackmore ruled out any further shows, but he has apparently changed his mind with the recent announcement of 4 more live dates in the United Kingdom. (Show info here--> Even more surprising, Blackmore has been recording new music, with at least one song already completed! In a recent interview, Blackmore said, “We were recording until yesterday in the studio at our home. “We recorded some songs for Blackmore’s Night and two songs with the new singer for Rainbow.” The new RAINBOW singer is RONNIE ROMERO, of whom Blackmore exclaims, “When I heard him, he seemed like the right guy to sing the Dio-era songs of Rainbow.” Hiring a new singer instead of re-hiring former Rainbow singer, JOE LYNN TURNER, seems to have come from his revelation that, “I thought European fans wanted to hear the Dio lineup. I was very surprised that tickets sold out in 15 minutes. It was nice to know so many people wanted to hear Rainbow at this time.” The BIG question though, is whether or not Rainbow/Blackmore Fans will get to hear the new music, as Blackmore hasn't given any indication of what his plans are for the new songs, commenting that, “Rather than make an album, we may release (the songs) as singles.” Rock On!