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Imagine...John Lennon's 2nd Solo LP turns 45....

September 9, 2016

When I realized that it's now been 45 years since the release of John Lennon's 'Imagine' album, it made me sad to think that his highly-regarded 2nd solo album from 1971 is now older than John ever got to be...

Regardless of whether or not one enjoyed John's solo output, I would think that many Beatles' fans would agree that 'Imagine' is an album of unique, finely crafted songs that accurately mirrored the many moods of John Lennon: from acerbic & angst-ridden, to introspective, scarcastic, poignant, and happy. The songs on 'Imagine' are personal, soul-baring, and confessional, wrapped up in a dizzying variety of melodies and vocals. There's also quite the variety of topics that are addressed: war, personal relationships (his own), love for Yoko, and a pair of bitter, nasty songs aimed at his former Beatle-mate, Paul McCartney.

And of course the "centerpiece" of the 'Imagine' album remains the title track...still as poignant, wistful, and compelling as when it was first written and recorded in 1971, expressing John's hope and ideal for the world: A world with no gods, possessions, or classes, and all are equal.