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GUNS N' ROSES Will Pair w/ THE WHO For South American Show!

October 1st Show in Argentina Might Lead To More...

May 8, 2017

The GUNS N' ROSES "Not In This Lifetime" Tour has been on the road since April 2016 and they still have plenty of shows to play, with the 2nd leg of their North American Tour slated to resume in late July... After that set of dates is completed,, The Gunners will head to South America, where it's just been confirmed that they will team up with THE WHO for at least one show together in Buenos Aires, Argentina on October 1st! While no other dates for the 2 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame bands has been announced, speculation is that there might very well be more dates to come in the South American countries of Brazil, Peru, and Chile. THE WHO are currently on their North American Tour with 14 scheduled dates (July 16th at CMAC in Canandaigua) including a 6-night 'Residency' in Las Vegas... Incidentally, on the current tour, GUNS N' ROSES have been performing THE WHO's rockin' 60's Classic, "The Seeker," which leads to even more speculation about a possible on-stage collaboration of the 2 bands...

P.S.-BEFORE any kind of tandem performance is even considered though, The WHO's ROGER DALTREY might want to "walk back" some of the less-than-flattering comments he made about AXL ROSE's stint as front-man for AC/DC, when the English singer referred to Axl's participation as "Karaoke..." Rock On!