Documentary About BOWIE's Rochester Arrest Yields Surprise Interview

Woman arrested w/ Bowie speaks for 1st time about '76 incident...

January 23, 2017

It's my guess that most cities have had their share of memorable occurences with the Famous & Fabulous, some good, and some...not so much. Rochester N.Y. has many great memories (especially) associated with music: LOU GRAMM, CHUCK MANGIONE, & Drummer STEVE GADD are from Rochester. METALLICA recorded some of their early material here. Many more instances of that sort of musical connection exist here. DAVID BOWIE was arrested here in 1976 for having (gasp!) "a quantity of marijuana." The charges were eventually dismissed, yet it remains a "legendary" tale of our town. The 40th Anniversary of the arrest received some attention last year, & local filmmaker, MATT EHLERS has been working on a documentary about the 1976 incident. In the course his research, he was able to coax the tightly-held story from the Rochester woman who was with the British singer. For the first time in 40 years, she told her story...

Here's MORE about Chi Wah Soo, the woman arrested w/ DAVID BOWIE (in Rochester).