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The Moose Meets the Break Room

The Break Room is a proud sponsor of Cross Check Cancer this Sunday, March 5th at the Bill Grays Regional Iceplex! Get tickets and more information at Video of Cross Check Cancer 2017! Video Categories: All WCMF Videos The Break Room Videos Related Show/Host: The Break Room Read More

What's In Store For Amerks Future in Rochester?

Mike Danger and Gene Bataglia of The Sports Bar joined the morning show to talk about what's in store for the Rochester Amerks & their future at the Blue Cross Arena... (function ($) { Drupal.behaviors.media_displays.loadRampAudio($('[data-media-loading]')); })(jQuery); Read More

AEROSMITH's Joey Kramer 'Throws Shade' at The Rolling Stones

For reasons that Yours Truly cannot figure out, AEROSMITH Drummer, Joey Kramer is 'dissing' The Rolling Stones . Here is (part of) what he said: “Everybody is always raving about the Rolling Stones, saying the Stones this and the Stones that. I’ve never cared for the Stones. They never had anything... Read More

My Kid Might Be A Creep

Should this 15-year-old kid get punished for being a bit of a perv?? According to Tommy he should get a pass! (function ($) { Drupal.behaviors.media_displays.loadRampAudio($('[data-media-loading]')); })(jQuery); Read More

ROBERT PLANT Appears On 'Austin City Limits!'

ROBERT PLANT . He's ALWAYS been my favorite Rock Singer. He's the 'Lion In Winter,' He's the 'Master.' He is the 'Prototype' for all other rock singers to follow. (IMO) I have always admired his 'artistic quest,' his ongoing ventures of making new music that incorporates different styles and... Read More

Smart Kids Have Their Drawbacks

True or False: I'm okay with my kid smoking pot, if he's doing well in school... (function ($) { Drupal.behaviors.media_displays.loadRampAudio($('[data-media-loading]')); })(jQuery); Read More

This Day in History: Zeppelin Performs Sydney Show

On Sunday, February 27, 1972, Led Zeppelin performed at Sydney Showground in Sydney, Australia. In this perfectly vintage clip, you can watch the band perform Elvis Presley’s “Let’s Have A Party,” before walking off stage amidst the crowd. At this show, the crowd was well over capacity with more... Read More

SOUNDGARDEN Is BACK & Hittin' The Road!

SOUNDGARDEN , the seminal Grunge band from Seattle, who had broken up back in the late 1990's,(and sort-of reunited in 2010) are back together and gearing up for a Spring tour! The 'Knights of the Soundtable' will headline a number of outdoor festivals from late April until the end of May..... Read More

Three Times Iron Maiden Blew Our Minds

Iron Maiden’s been in the game for quite some time now, and for good reason. They’ve put out some killer songs and performed with the kind of energy that only true rock and roll can bring. In honor of guitarist Adrian Smith’s birthday, we put together a list of our top three Iron Maiden... Read More

This Canadian Fan Really Loves METALLICA.

I have a lot of albums & live recordings from The Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, Springsteen , and many of my favorite bands/performers. That's what ya do when you really, really like a band and their music, right? Right! You try to get your hands on as much of their stuff as you can! Some... Read More