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Chuck Berry performs live

Another New Chuck Berry Single is Here: Lady B. Goode

Another new single from Chuck Berry —hot off the press! This one’s called “Lady B. Goode,” a nice complement to the classic “Johnny B. Goode.” The third single off the forthcoming album, Chuck , “Lady B. Goode” follows “Big Boys” and “Wonderful Woman.” The track was just shared by Chuck Berry’s... Read More

Another Week Of Double Creep!

There are some days when there's just too much creepin' to dig through.. Poor Kimmy digs through all of Tommy's most disgusting moments of the week, cuts them all up and creates the masterpiece we call the "Creep Cap" (function ($) { Drupal.behaviors.media_displays.loadRampAudio($('[data-media-... Read More

The Drunk Russian Bear Has A Name!

We finally have an official name for the Break Room's infamous Drunk Russian Bear! There were so many creative entries (some we can't say without being arrested), but one stood out among the rest.. We present to you: IVANA BANGPATSMOMANOV THE DRUNK RUSSIAN BEAR! This weekend may be your one and... Read More

Will The "REAL" YES Band Please Stand Up?

Well, THAT didn't take long...a mere (almost) 2 months after their long-overdue induction to The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame , there's some 'squabbling' and confusion surrounding the 2 separate tours this summer operating under the " YES " was only 3 days after the band's induction... Read More

RITCHIE BLACKMORE "I Would Play w/ Deep Purple Again..."

I can't imagine there's a DEEP PURPLE Fan anywhere that wouldn't wanna see a reunion of RITCHIE BLACKMORE with the heritage, legendary band he founded back in 1968, and then famously left. Twice . (1975 & 1993) And to be honest, it's not something that Mr. Blackmore himself ever imagined, but... Read More

Eating Lunch Alone In Your Car Makes You A Weirdo.

Does eating alone in your car make you a creep? Because Tommy says leaving the office to eat alone means you have some issues. He clearly hasn't taken a good look in the mirror in a while.. (function ($) { Drupal.behaviors.media_displays.loadRampAudio($('[data-media-loading]')); })(jQuery); Read More

Things I Didn't Know Men Did Differently

There are daily tasks you perform that you ASSUME everyone does the same way.. But when you find out that someone you know does something a litttttle differently, or not at all, it’ll make you look at them weird... especially when this is a thing no man has done since he was 5 years old. (function... Read More
Paul Simon onstage

Watch Paul Simon Perform Song for the First Time on Colbert

Last night (5/24) on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert , Paul Simon performed his song “Questions For The Angels” alongside jazz and folk guitarist Bill Frisell. The song, featured on Simon’s 2011 album So Beautiful Or So What , is slow and beautiful, and you can hear it played for the first time... Read More
Bob Dylan performs live

Listen to These 14 Incredible Bob Dylan Covers

Bob Dylan is one of the most covered artists of our time. Not only does he have an absolutely massive catalog to choose from, but, to put it simply, he’s one of the greatest singer-songwriters—if not the greatest—of all time. But how can one use a simple statement like that to reference Bob Dylan?... Read More