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You found it WHERE?

Dateline Friday January 13th, 2012 - Onslow, North Carolina - Meet 22-year-old Michael Leon Ward. Michael was pulled over for speeding. Police very shortly found out that Michael had an outstanding warrant out for his arrest...for Murder in Atlanta. So they arrested him.
Michael goes to jail, he goes through the normal process - fingerprints, mug shot...pat down, and then he's put in jail. Well, it's while he's in jail that police at the jail find...a gun. In his cell!
But they searched him...he didn't have a gun. So how did one wind up in his cell? Investigators think they know they believe that Ward smuggled the TEN-INCH, .38-CALIBER REVOLVER into the jail by hiding it in his most unsearchable place. Yes, they believe he jammed the TEN-INCH GUN in the Anaheim right before he was arrested. At least he was smart enough to make sure the gun was unloaded.
Michael was taken to the hospital so he could be examined to see if he suffered any sphinctal injuries. That's a quote - sphinctal injuries. Prosecutors in Georgia are now examining the gun to see if it was potentially Ward's murder weapon. 
That is your Rock Life Story for today, Wednesday January 18th 2012

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01/18/2012 1:52PM
You found it WHERE?
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02/14/2014 1:09PM
songs for rock life 2/13/2014
What were the songs that were played for rock life about the woman who got denied on the mile high club? on 2/13/14?
09/07/2015 10:36AM
Great Website!
last post 3 years ago.. way to stay current!
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