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The Break Room

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Leaked Sabres Jerseys



Leaked Sabres Jerseys

Miss the golden squirrel yet?


The Break Room High School Fantasy Football League

The Coach Muley Cup continues!

The Break Room has decided to test its knowledge (or lack thereof) of YOUR favorite high school football players by having them compete in The Break Room High School Fantasy Football League (or TBRHSFFL for short).

Here are the players:

Bill Moran
Tom Mule
Christian Dan
Coach Muley
Racin' Randy
Pat Duffy
City Councilman Adam McFadden
...and YOU?

Yes, one lucky listener will be included! Pitch yourself: 719-2659 by Thursday, September 16 at 12:00 AM EDT.

The winner takes home the 2010 Coach Muley Cup.

The loser? That'll be up to YOU as well...

Thank you for listening to Rochester most interactive local morning show, The Break Room, 96.5 WCMF.

Here are the athletes YOU nominated to play on our behalf:

Breal Cappels Quarterback West Irondequoit
Ashotn Broyld Quarterback Rush Henrietta
Parrish McKnight Quarterback Webster Schroeder
Grant Heyman Quarterback Pittsford Mendon
Kevin Backer Quarterback Palmyra
Kyle Fenton Quarterback Clyde Savanah
Malcolm Fraser Quarterback Gates/Chili
DJ Lagorey Quarterback Hilton
Trevor Sanders Quarterback Red Jacket 
Collin Dotterer Quarterback E.R./Gananda
Corey Benneditto Quarterback Aquinas 
Chad Benheight Quarterback Holley
Taylor Comer Quarterback Chrichville Chili
Matt Hartford Quarterback Cal-Mum
Greg Marion Quarterback East High
Greg LaForce Quarterback Wilson
Richard Head Quarterback Wayland-Cohocton
Ethan Mazzalin Quarrterback Midlakes
Brian Owen Quarterback Letchworth
QB Newark (Randy???) Quarterback  Newark
Cam Austin Runningback Midlakes
Johnny Cappotelli Runningback Cal-Mum
Nick Carroll Runningback Bath
Brad Clark Runningback Attica
Nick Cominski Runningback Gates/Chili
Lance Dutton Runningback York
Elijah Eubanks Runningback Newark
John Faffone Runningback Clyde Savannah
Quinton Gause Runningback Bishop Kearney
Trevor Haut Runningback Cal-Mum
Torrin Hudson Runningback E.R./Gananda
Tyler Laufer Runningback Cal-Mum
Billy Lombardi Runningback Aquinas
Jevontay Mack Runningback West Irondequoit
Brian Mackin Runningback Aquinas
Mike Manley Runningback C.J. Finney
Keyshawn Nelson Runningback Newark
Chris Nevenger Runningback Letchworth
Damian Pollittio Runningback West Irondequoit 
Andrew Ravoff Runningback Fairport
Zack Smith Runningback Webster Thomas 
Casey Sour Runningback Holley
Sam Stonerock Runningback Hornell
Micahel Truax Runningback York
Jacob Wims Runningback Marshall
Tommy McQuillen Running Back LeRoy
Matt Bailey Wide Receiver Letchworth
Brandon Fuentes Wide Receiver Avon
Cody Henry Wide Receiver Webster Schroeder
Matt Koval Wide Receiver Victor
Tyler Hickson Wide Recei ver Red Jacket
Michael Collichio Wide Receiver Webster Schroeder
Jordan Schwartz Wide Receiver Hornell
Mason Underhill Wide Receiver Victor
Tom Traver Wide Receiver East High
Ryan Gibbs Wide Receiver Wayland-Cohocton
Antonio VanKobering Wide Receiver Newark
Ben Langdon Wide Receiver Oakfield-Alabama
Matt Mayle Wide Reciever Letchworth
Loren Caples Wide Receiver Irondequoit
Danny Vice Wide Receiver  Wayne
Alex Spitale Wide Receiver Greece Athena
Joel Miller Wide Receiver Irondequoit
Brendan Jones Wide Receiver Webster Schroeder
Jon Penna Wide Receiver Holley
Dundee Defense Dundee
Aquinas Defense Aquinas
East High Defense East High
Elba/Byron Defense Elba/Bryon
Gates/Chili Defense Gartes/Chili
Greece Olympia Defense Greece Olympia
Holley Defense Holley
Irondequoit Defense Irondequoit
Leroy Defense Leroy
Letchworth Defense Letchworth
Newark Defense Newark
Red Jacket Defense Red Jacket
Webster Schroeder Defense Wesbter Schroeder
Victor Defense Victor
Marshall Defense Marshall



More Leakage

In blue, too...
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Leaked Sabres Jerseys

Miss the golden squirrel yet?


My new fetish

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I am OUTRAGED over the East Side Flasher

Is this not the year 2010? Can I not go to the internet and see video of things happening around the world? So how is it that a man is able to “flash” women at 4 different locations on the “East Side” of Rochester, maybe even 5 locations and there is not one picture, video or anything? Yes, there is a picture from a security camera on the Nazareth College campus, but this picture is only slightly better than any Big Foot picture I have ever seen! I am outraged that citizens on the East Side are not ambidextrous enough to endure both the shock of being flashed and catching the event on a cell phone! How is it that right now I can watch video of a guy falling on a city street, someone one slipping illegally through a red light or peeing in the company coffee pot, but not of the East Side Flasher! I am sure I am not alone in my outrage. For crying out loud people we have the technology, let’s use it! Let’s use the technology to not only try to catch this pervert, but at the very least to entertain our fellow suburbanites. Imagine the flasher video in slow motion, whipping open his coat, the slow gurgled scream of a shocked citizen, the slow motion turn and run of the flasher with his lily white backside gleaming in the sun! You know you would watch it over and over. Yes, we are missing quality internet entertainment from our own backyard. It’s an outrage!
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Awkward moment with Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood stopped by the radio stations before her concert at the Blue Cross Arena. I decided to become a "star stalker" and go back to the station to try and meet Ms. Underwood. I had a plan to not appear like just another "middle age creepy guy." I would bring my wife, Jennae, and our new born son, Jameson! The result? Still awkward. Check it out.
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Cast Off!

About three weeks ago I punched a wall in my basement. A cinder block wall. It broke my knuckle and a fractured other bones. Good times. First I was splinted and after the swelling went down, I was fitted with a blue cast. ( I never took a picture of the cast!) Look how swollen my un broken fingers are! Today the cast was removed. Cast-less hand.  Looks like an old man's hand...I guess it really is! It was recommended I have brace put on, I declined. However, I do have my pinky "buddy bandaged" to my ring finger. Buddy bandage We all have been told 'it's what is on the inside that counts.' I guess that's true 'cause when the insides are broken...it HURTS! Here's a look at some of my insides. X-Ray Best
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Black Licorice

Our son Jordan had another test today at Strong. It was not painful, just time consuming and he really wanted to go to school! Really wanted to go to school? Today was gym and he wanted to show off his new kicks, makes sense. He went to Strong and despite wanting to be somewhere else, he did the test without complaint. That deserved a treat. He chose...black licorice?!
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