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Rock Life 11-23-11 Baby Got BACK!

Dateline - Friday November 19th, Miami Gardens, Florida. I want to introduce you to 30-year-old Oneal Ron Morris - Oneal fancied herself somewhat of a self improvement Spokeswoman for her own product. The product she was selling was supposed to help put more junk in women's trunk. For those women who want a bigger ass. By the way, who are those women? All the women I know want less ass, not more of it.
Anyway, so police picked up Oneal on Friday night after she had "helped" a woman who would up in the hospital with a serious, undisclosed medical issue. As it turns out, the "product" that Oneal was injecting into people's asses, was an insane mix - literally of cement, that fix a flat stuff for your tires and super glue. Yeah, this bitch was injecting that crap into people's asses.
And apparently she used that stuff or something else on her own ass, because you have to see this chick...the badonka donk she's sporting is HUGE! Judging by her full-body mugshot, which you can see on my facebook page, her measurements probably check in around 38-30-95. I'm not kidding...her ass is that big. Damn!
Oh, and you know there was going to be another twist - as it turns out, Oneal is also a transgender woman who used to be a man. So she's got the ta ta's but she's also got the junk - full twig and berries in the underbrush.
Oneal is now in jail and being held on $7500 dollars cash bail.
That's your Rock Life for today, Wednesday November 23rd 2011

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11/23/2011 12:50PM
Rock Life 11-23-11 Baby Got BACK!
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