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What a Useless "Holiday"

Columbus Day.  That's the holiday where you get a good buy on a new sofa, right?  Or is it a great deal on a new car?  Or possibly, some savings on a new set of clothes...I forget which.  Lookit, I learned in school that Columbus "discovered" America in 1492.  I get it that Italian Americans celebrate their heritage with this day, and I certainly would never demean anyone's right to observe or celebrate.  But here's what I say:  Columbus was lost.  He got here by accident, and when he did, he found that the land was inhabited by Native Americans, who had pretty much settled throughout the country.  In the name of "European Colonization," he disrespected, slaughtered, and displaced the rightful inhabitants of our land.  And we "celebrate" this?  From an economic standpoint, it's a huge waste of people's productivity.  You think anyone really gives a s**t about who discovered America or whatever?  Nah, people like a day off from work though...

10/12/2009 6:57AM
What a Useless "Holiday"
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10/12/2009 10:44AM
I am sooo sorry for the loss of your beautiful dog. Your blog sounds EXACTLY how I have described my Rottie that was stricken with Cirrohis, which took him over very quickly. I had to make one of the most impossible decisions when I decided to let him go. He was my world!!! Very sweet breed. I always described him as my 130lb lap dog. It took some time, but we finally got another Rottweiler...ironic enough, we named him Rosko.
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