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Tommy's Latest VLOG

Tommy's Latest VLOG.

07/07/2008 6:48AM
Tommy's Latest VLOG
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07/07/2008 4:03PM
Patti Rank
hey Tom...nice meeting you at Nola's....I agree...Crocs tell me "My mommy dressed me today....and tightened the strap on my helmet too!" I am not totally opposed to sandal wearing...but whether a man or a woman...TAKE CARE OF YOUR FEET! ... or cover them up!
07/09/2008 5:04PM
Nice Shoes! Love cigar better!
07/10/2008 10:36PM
The Master Killa
I agree with Tommy, clogs are not worthy footwear. People who wear clogs present themselves as lazy, I mean lazy like they don't buy toilet paper, they just put newspaper on the carpet and shit on their floor lazy.
07/13/2008 9:12AM
those crocs make your ass look big
07/16/2008 11:59PM
wow, tommy's actually 100% correct!
07/22/2008 6:27PM
Love you Tommy, love everything about you!!! Work for Rochester Colon and Rectal Surgeons, stop by!!! Nancy
08/12/2008 9:20AM
Boston Scott
Tommy Bro you is such a fuckin FAG!!! That white shoe was too much but the point is that you actually ranted almost 3 minutes on feet and shoes - and Meant it!! It reminds me recently I had a pic in my head about you for some reason - I can imagine you havin a kid, I can see it now - the kids got 30 pairs of baby shoes, 50 lil belts and color coordinated diapers! Not for nuthin I actually agree on the Crocs man they are thee Ugliest damn things I evah seen!!! CYA
09/16/2008 9:40AM
How could there be NO commentary on this!!!!??? You're so RIGHT! As a women, I can definitely tell you that the shoe you where is gonna get you blown. And the Crock...not so much. But you're not quite hitting the "why" appropriately. The shoe you where cost a few bucks. And shows some sense of style, even if it's not my own. The Crock, as you stated, is lazy and gross. It's too easy and doesn't require any thought or coordination of a "look"...unless that look is "I'm lazy and gross". Right on, as usual, Tommy!
09/18/2008 2:27AM
Hi Where did you get words for this paper? From your head???
09/24/2008 10:44PM
I actually agree. I hate sandals. I wear boat shoes and now wear american living canvass shoes. Tell Tommy sorry to hear the bad news. I hope he is alright.
10/16/2008 7:27AM
Tommy, do you think you could do a little geography and try to understand that Thailand is not Vietman any more then you live in West Virginia. Gary Glitter had his problems in Vietnam, not Thailand. They are two very different countries with very different histories. Everytime you say Thailand instead of correctly saying Vietnam, you sound like an idiot. Sally, could you please help him with a map? Thanks.
11/11/2008 2:47PM
Larry petrosky
HMMM seems funny Tommy Mule who's first wife had the most beauiful feet. WHICH OF COUSE HE WORSHIPPED AT FOR 10 MISERABLE YEARS. You now have such a phobia? With your Jared like weight loss I'm thinking you and Lorraine are never seen at the same time. Iwould call in but the mere sound of my voice would have Sally hydroplaning in her seat.
11/15/2008 9:48AM
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11/24/2008 6:22AM
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